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  1. I heard him talk about that driver selection on 17...he was going for the win with a birdie-birdie finish, just missed the shot. But i can't fault him for the club anyway. He looked quick, the pressure got him.
  2. Love how Rahm said ‘this was for Seve’.
  3. Rory is the best player but can’t make putts.
  4. He’s the only guy near the top hitting a draw in.
  5. If he was local maybe but otherwise he’s invisible. Rahm is more local with his memorable win here.
  6. Who is it though? The big Americans led by JT, Kopepka and Xander aren’t quite there...if they make a run it’s them. Everyone loves Rory buys he’s still a Euro like Rahm. It’s not Louie. The wild card is the guy everyone has loved to hate the last few years but is becoming a huge American star in BDC.
  7. Rahm should’ve worn white pants...
  8. JT, DJ, and Koepka will be adding extra pressure to the guys in front.
  9. Phil says the course is set up for a fun day...hard holes set up tough, but easy holes set up easy.
  10. I love Scottie too, but his game seems a little loose for an Open at least at this stage in his career.
  11. How does it compare to ‘08? 18 is the same but can’t recall otherwise.
  12. Would love to see Rory win too...but BDC will be hard to beat.
  13. Robert Karlsson - “I looked at my caddie and asked, ‘What have we just witnessed?’”.
  14. Holy crap how did I not know they knew Tigers leg was fractured BEFORE the ‘08 Open? Hearing other players talk about it is great...I recall people thinking he was faking it (where is that thread).
  15. I can’t believe I haven’t heard Guido Migliozzi’s name yet.
  16. He can’t drive it in the fairway it appears. Which is also why Spieth won’t make a run. Or JT unless he dials it up. On that note, pretty impressive driving accuracy from BDC this week...top 20.
  17. On Spieth...I think he’ll win another major some day...but he won’t sniff another US Open. They won’t play another crazy British style outlier again like Chambers.
  18. And how many long or mid irons are they hitting in? A lot...going to a tough weekend.
  19. Noticed that polite Casey smile off the last tee...When JS is not talking out loud, he talking to himself in his head...
  20. Almost every top player in the world within striking distance on Moving Day....
  21. Koepka and BDC are going to be tied here...
  22. Why would we not have any coverage of Wilco?
  23. Can’t ever pull against the anti-Spieth! Koepka and Xander ready for prime time...would love to see Wilco make a run.
  24. Every time you think he's poised to go on a dominant run, he does this.
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