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  1. I get it…everyone hates Saban, which he brings upon himself. Except his players and Bama fans really. When he really starts to fade it’ll be a feeding frenzy. But regarding development…Here’s one high school WR/Athlete that Saban moved and developed in a different position: “Honestly, I couldn’t see what Saban was trying to do at the time,” (Trevon) Diggs told Michael Irvin on the Hall of Famer’s podcast, acknowledging that he “reluctantly” made the switch from offense to defense. “I thought it was just [him] trying to switch my position. But he really believed in me, he really saw something in me, you know, and I had to see it in myself to make it happen.”
  2. There are, especially for 5 stars..who develop at a high rate (which we’ve posted here after many didn’t think recruiting rankings meant much). But compare his developmental success to someone like Les Miles at LSU, who recruited at almost the same level but didn’t have near the draft success.
  3. Compare that development to other coaches and programs…it’s clear what impact on that process he has. ETA: Miles at LSU is probably the best comp.
  4. The same thing is said about Bear, who didn’t innovate thru designing schemes as much as leading kids. Saban finds and developes talented kids better than any coach ever. Which is making a bigger impact on the game than any scheme would from him.
  5. He was worried about giving up more points…the DC won’t make it to January.
  6. Everything Bama fans have been worried about this year has come to a head tonight…Young won’t throw downfield, WRs aren’t hood, the DL is soft, and the LBs really suck.
  7. Showmanship from Jimbo (at least that’s what Bama fans are going with).
  8. Why are they going in to Victory Formation with this much time left?
  9. Chaos early…defense in general, kicking on 4th, or extra points be damned.
  10. Kiffin putting the go-for-it-on-4th-down strategy to the test the last few weeks.
  11. Friend posted the video on FB and tagged Randy…and ‘he’ responded that he was excited to see the video and loved the ‘happiness in all of you’.
  12. A friend has a video from just behind the 3rd base dugout of the whole play…the lead was 1/3 of the way to home before the pitcher even stepped on the rubber.
  13. Was this really before it happened? Senor Octubre is my fav nickname now.
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