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  1. Is there a streaming service that has all of these currently? I thought paramount plus advertised that it was going to have all of them but I do not see them on there.
  2. DM me if you need a rental car I can get you hooked up
  3. Taking a wild guess here but probably YouTube tv
  4. Has anyone with Sunday ticket tried to log into the app. Normally you can access it before the opening Sunday but every time I try to open it it says it’s not apart of your current programming. It’s on the bill and I have it already. Just wondering if this is a problem for anyone else.
  5. is there a way on the website to see how long is left in the contract. was trying to make sure last year they didn't put me into a 2 year deal
  6. When the ios14 update comes out you will be able to do that
  7. This is what I was hoping. I just want something that can stream video in the car on two or three iPads without being throttled. I have Verizon unlimited and they used to have the unlimited hotspot then they changed it to after 15 they throttle and when they throttle it becomes terrible.
  8. I can but after 15gb they throttle it a lot. That’s why I’m trying to figure out if on the day pass it’s truly unlimited or if it’s throttled.
  9. Can anyone tell me how reliable this is. I’m thinking of getting one just for kids to use in car during road trips. When you buy the day pass is it truly unlimited or do they throttle it down after a certain amount is used? Anything hidden to know?
  10. The same thing his ten page essay about his friend does
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