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  1. i turned 60 two weeks ago.Still feel like the stupid 17 year old I was
  2. My town just reopened the gyms. 1 person per 200 feet of space. Most of my town, Logan Utah has never really seemed to take this very seriously. Hope it works out.
  3. Just got a notice from our health district that a Dr. In a small clinic went to work not feeling well. Ten of the patients he met with now have symptoms and 46 people are quarantined.
  4. No idea what Utah is doing. Stay safe stay home. Most of the state is just moving along. We reopened the golf courses in Salt Lake County. I think we are on our own.
  5. I'm in northern Utah. Our health district has 170,000 people. 7 positive for cv only one so far from community spread. I don't see very many people that have really changed their activities. I hope we are doing better than it looks like.
  6. I'm 60 diabetic and have had pneumonia 3 times in 10 years. You couldn't blast me out of the house. My family is bringing me supplies and leaving on porch. They are to worried to even talk to me in person. Lots of Skype. On top of that we just had an earthquake in Utah shook my right out of bed
  7. If the President just said I made an error in hiring her and let it go at that most people would have thought ok. We all make mistakes about people all the time.
  8. i think that if it makes her feel better or more confident thats good. I dont want to have it be a thing she thinks i need. i think the the plain white every day stuff is sexy.
  9. i called and canceled right on the spot.told them i was getting an antena . Never asked for a discount. Was very nice on the phone told them i would not pay more for tv than my car payment. Ordered an antena . they called the next day. Talked to a guy named Maliek he was super nice. gave me 60 off and a 10 off for 12 months and stopped the 7 dollar charge for the second box for the bedroom tv
  10. I canceled on saturday.They called me on sunday give me 77 dollars off per month and sunday ticket free. Now paying 25 dollars a month. Kept asking if he was kidding me.
  11. Jr. and Keith hard to care about either of them but that was a bad way to go about business.
  12. I wonder how old Fred Couples is they hardly ever bring it up on the broadcast
  13. Well the upside team USA players will be back with the MLB teams before any of them get hurt or throw too many pitches. Just like being a Cub fan there is always next time
  14. Lifelong cubs fan watching Pur. vs Ven. And got to see Carlos Zambrano's career in 2/3 of an inning. Brought a little tear to my eye.
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