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  1. He got Candelario from the Cubs for seventy crappy innings (and zero saves) for Justin Wilson. As a Cubs homer, that trade makes me wince.
  2. House of Cards I realize that I am eight years behind the show, but when it debuted I did not have a Netflix subscription and when I did get one, I was so far behind it seemed impossible to catch up, and then all the weirdo/skeevy/pervy stuff about Spacey came about. However, it seemed a show with a strong rep for substance, so I decided to try and plow through it. I am about fifty episodes in. I have a question for anyone who has seen the show through to the end. For the sake of spoilers (just in case there are others who have missed out), I will describe it as Underwood's hor
  3. I heard today someone use a word to describe the bullpens for the both the Cubs and the Reds. Beleaguered. That's an apt word. If things don't change for either team, both bullpens will be on fumes before the All Star break.
  4. Is anyone familiar with the term "cement mixer" to describe a pitch that gets hit for a homerun? In the Cubs/Braves game, Jake Marisnick hit a high pitch four hundred feet into the left field stands, and Jim Deshaies, the Cubs color commentator called the pitch an "ole cement mixer." On MLB Network, they showed the Marisnick HR, but using the Braves broadcast, and Jeff Francouer used the exact phrase as Deshaies. I am not familiar with the term.
  5. It's a testament to Edie's greatness as an actress that it took me almost the entire first season to see her only as Carm and not her character on "Oz". She has such an authenticity about her that I still saw the chain smoking, run-down-by-life, single mother, corrections officer.
  6. The Athletic did a long story on Eckersley. He claims that he did not know about the affair until he was traded to Boston, and she then told him that she was not going with him, and why she was not going. Eck says he forgives but doesn't forget. His ex-wife is named Denise which is kind of funny, at least to me. They also had a two-year old baby in the mix, which doesn't speak well for Denise or Rick.
  7. Daniel Theis might be the steal of the trade deadline. He is a large, angry man. In the game against Miami last night he bludgeoned their front court on both ends of the floor, like a bowling ball. He and Vucevic played seamlessly together.
  8. Has anyone seen this awful footage of LaPierre trying and failing to kill a wounded elephant? Out of respect to Joe I won't link to it, as it is graphic. How small of a man (small both morally and physically) must you be to trophy hunt one of God's majestic creatures, and be so inept that you pump three point blank shots into its body, and they are the wrong places to shoot.
  9. I can recall Iris on MTV being interviewed by Mark Goodman, and they talked about both having "Jew-fro's". That was the first time I ever heard that phrase.
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