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  1. I used to think this was a Steve Winwood tune, their vocals are so similar.
  2. I wonder if the Hooters and Patty Smyth ever found out where the children went.
  3. Rumor has it that Sacha Baron Cohen is planning a clandestine appearance at CPAC. He was there last year dressed as Trump.
  4. Harden My Heart is top 100 for the entire decade, let alone earning a ranking in the mid-80's in its release year.
  5. The #1 single of the entire 1980's was released in 1981. This year also had some epic one-hit wonders.
  6. The demeanor and body language of Cruz during his press conference was eerily similar to George Costanza when he met with his boss about the cleaning lady. Was that wrong? Should I have not done that?
  7. Cranston was great as always, but the material was stretched quite thin, with way too many coincidences and implausible actions. Even an actor as gifted as Cranston can only take a flimsy story so far. It makes you appreciate what Vince Gilligan/Matthew Weiner/David Chase bring to the table regarding plotline and structure. Another thing that stuck out (at least to me) was New Orleans and its characters long entwined history being an additional part of the storyline, and not just a story that happened to be set in New Orleans. They tried real hard to make it seem real, but it felt hollow
  8. The Jazz and ball movement: https://twitter.com/SLAMonline/status/1360805574833811457
  9. Is it McCarthy or Pence who is leaking the info about the phone call between Trump and McCarthy on January 6th?
  10. And that dude was from that bastion of the confederacy...... Delaware.
  11. His mugshot and info showed an unemployed, prematurely balding incel who still lives with his mother and can’t eat jailhouse grub.
  12. Paulie's pronunciation of Sun Tzu and his reference to him as the Chinese Prince Matchiabelli doesn't get near the accolades as "remember Pearl Harbor" and "the sixteen Czechoslovakians", but it's an under the radar great malapropism. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YonukB9yPAs
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