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  1. Are they ever going to let Ty'Son eat when it comes to chances at the goal line?
  2. When I get stuck working late I listen to the late games on the MLB app. Tonight, I listened to the Rangers radio feed on the Louisiana Hot Sauce network. I didn't catch the names of the two announcers but they were entertaining. The game was out of hand, so they started talking about other things. First, they talked about the TNF game and how that would affect the Cowboys. Then they wondered if a tele-strator would work on a baseball telecast, and one of them did a not-so accurate impression of John Madden, dropping in a couple of bams. When Texas reliever Josh Sborz entered the game, one asked a trivia question of the other: Josh Sborz is the second player in major league history whose last name begins with the first two letters of S and B, who was the first. It was kind of a trick question because the answer was Josh's older brother Jay. It turns out that Jay's entire major league career comprised of 2/3 of an inning in a game in 2010 where he plunked the first two batters he ever faced and then proceeded to give up five earned runs, and ended with a career line of 67.50 ERA. The two announcers found that humorous. But what I recall most about the broadcast was during every half inning the singing commercial for Blue Bell Ice Cream. Every. Half. Inning. The song resembles the soft parts of Alanis Morrisette's "Ironic" where they list everything that Blue Bell represents. I can't get the song out of my head.
  3. The guy running this thing looks like Lex Luthor.
  4. It looks like it was a staged "hit" so his son could collect a 10 million dollar insurance claim. https://twitter.com/nytimes/status/1438015988499374082
  5. The Peacock network runs episodes of SNL. On the Twitters someone suggested they run a compilation of all the OJ jokes that got Norm fired.
  6. Drew Brees' "hair system" makes you appreciate even more Andy Dalton's luxurious coif.
  7. It is not a good look for Rob Gronkowski to be a multi-millionaire athlete trying to get a discount on insurance that is reserved specifically for veterans.
  8. Bill Lazor is making the calls because he worked with Dalton with the Bengals and they have a mind-meld or ESP or something.
  9. Arizona has burned two timeouts halfway through the 1st quarter?
  10. Lovie Smith is the new DC for Houston. His mantra has always been about the turnover battle, even at the expense of giving up huge plays. Houston is utterly devoid of talent, and can't go toe-to-toe with anyone. It wouldn't be surprising if Lovie blitzes like crazy, and has his guys going for the ball rather than the tackle. That will lead to some gashes on the field but also a decent amount of INT's and fumble recoveries.
  11. Warner, Marcus Robinson and Patrick Jeffers were all waiver wire guys that year, and they altered any league they were in.
  12. I read an analogy of what Lee did at Gettysburg: a Division III school trying to out muscle Alabama in Alabama.
  13. Cole Kmet. Dalton won't have any time for downfield throws against that ferocious Rams rush so he will be looking for Kmet all night long. Kmet is fast, strong and has a Kittle-ish knack for dragging dudes a couple extra yards after the catch.
  14. shuke sings a better version of Shine On You Crazy Diamond than Waters does.
  15. I'm not aware of too many things but I know what I know if you know what I mean.
  16. I remember him on Hard Knocks and his curious financial advice. And the DC Gregg Williams wondering how someone gets the name of Carl, like how do you look at the face of a baby and decide to name them "Carl".
  17. For all of Cliff's legacy of disinformation, he was quite astute when it came to his theory on the positives of consumption of alcohol:
  18. It is certain that Rittenhouse has never kissed a girl, so you picked a team name that is synonymous with not scoring.
  19. The subpoenas for everyone's phone records are about to land, so Jordan is trying to get out in front of the incoming avalanche of information. Jordan not only has admitted he talked to Trump but he claims he told Trump to get the National Guard to the Capital, and to call off his supporters. That's a very specific answer for a general question. Jordan could have just confirmed the conversations and left it that, but he seems to be establishing a viewpoint, and establishing it first before Trump throws him under the bus.
  20. I looked at the lineup for Kaline's last year. The left side of the infield . Brinkman and Rodriguez with over 1K plate appearances rocking BA in the .220's and OBP's in the mid-200's.
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