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  1. One of the greats. Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Creeper, Hawk and Dove, Mr. A, Question, Captain Atom. Responsible for some great characters.
  2. I think Tapper and Striker are impact seniors. Also Bond has been when healthy.
  3. On Texas' last sack, we had 3 guys on the right side blocking that tackle and he blew past all of them. If you can't block 3 on 1, you have no chance.
  4. Most def Hopefully he doesn't declare too. He's already said he'll be back but you never know. The problem as it had been for many years, is the secondary. I have no idea how it can be so bad. That said, Sanchez is definitely a pro too.Uh, no. He couldn't tackle me, and I'm 55.
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