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  1. I’m so glad he’s gone. I’m reading from a few outlets that the Johnsons will stay out of the way and JD will be in charge of the coaching search. That brings me some relief.
  2. Well, may as well beat NE now and end on a high note. Will be interesting discussion on what the Jets do with the #2 pick.
  3. Some other honorable mentions James Hasty, Victor Green, Aaron Glenn, Mickey Schuler
  4. Can’t see Gase lasting much longer after 3 straight demolitions of the Jets. They are the worst team in football and I don’t think it’s close.
  5. You’ve given up on Darnold? I’m not sure where I stand on him. On one side he’s still younger than Burrow, and has shown some flashes of nice arm talent and mobility. On the other side he makes some pretty bad decisions reminiscent of things we saw from Sanchez and Geno. It’s really hard to evaluate him considering the circumstances of his coach and surrounding cast.
  6. I think Gase will be gone by week 5. It’s not just that they are losing, it’s the way they are losing. I don’t think ownership can tolerate the way the Jets are looking right now. In previous years where the Jets got off to a terrible start I mostly recall them being fairly competitive. Even under Kotite they were within 1 score in 7 games. This team doesn’t look like it could come close to beating anyone.
  7. Gase has to go. I don’t really get the point of starting a 37 year old RB. These might be the worst “weapons” on offense I’ve ever seen on a Jets team. It’s ugly
  8. This is a great haul for the Jets considering the circumstances
  9. Adams is a great player but I’m getting tired of his twitter rants. Yapping all the time over his contract and demanding a trade doesn’t help his trade value. I’m not even sure how much Salary cap I’d want the Jets to commit to a safety.
  10. Yeah one take away here is that it’s pretty clear Douglas wasn’t a big fan even at what I thought was a reasonable contract
  11. I get the frustration. We’ve both been fans of this team for many years. The long history of this team teasing their fans with some moderate amount of success followed by soul crushing defeats has been brutal. I doubt I’ll ever stop being a fan of them but I’ve definitely grown more apathetic to it over time.
  12. The stats were only part of my expectations. As you say game to game, the Jets were coming off a pretty solid showing against Dallas, and didn’t have Darnold the first time they played NE. Mosley was back and the defense looked outstanding when the Jets had him against the Bills. I think there was reason for optimism with the talent they have. It’s easy to attack this thought process in hindsight but my feeling is that most Jets fans were feeling optimistic that the game would be close
  13. You responded to my post where I said I was expecting a tight game , and you asked what gave me that impression
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