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  1. Have him in a bunch of dynasties. I agree he’s going to get fed at least until Thomas is back. He does have a tough week 1 match up
  2. I’m a believer. The talent and situation are too perfect for him not to be very productive. Looking forward to seeing what he can do.
  3. Do we dare get excited about Zach Wilson? This offense could be pretty good this year, especially with Elijah Moore back out there.
  4. Anyone play Demeo? Great game for multiplayer if you like those old dungeon crawler games or are a D&D fan
  5. I was very happy with their draft. I especially liked the fist four picks. I would’ve liked to see at least one more guard on day 3, maybe with the 2nd 4th they got from the Vikings in the trade up. I know they signed a couple of UDFA OL but still.... The important takeaway is that Douglas is making an effort to provide Wilson with protection and weapons. I’m not as concerned about the defense because I know this team has a lot of holes and it’s not a one year fix.
  6. Really like the Jets draft so far. Love the idea of drafting high end players on offense to grow with our rookie QB. JD seems hell bent on not repeating the same mistakes of previous GMs in not putting our rookie QB in a position to fail. drafting top shelf OL to protect the blind side is the absolute right call. getting rid of Gase was addition by subtraction
  7. I love the Lance pick by the 49ers. Nice system, very good young WRs, elite TE, the ability to sit and learn for a season behind JG. He reportedly has good intangibles. He has the physical tools. The only downside is how much they gave up but nobody will care if he works out. I like his chances in that environment.
  8. I’m hoping for Jenkins. Lock those two guard spots down and continue to build a wall for Wilson. The fact that both AVT and Jenkins have position versatility is a big plus as well
  9. I’m more optimistic than other Jets fans in here regarding his prospects . I think he’s going to be pretty good for Carolina. A 23 year old kid got overwhelmed by bad coaching and a terrible OL. PFF ranked the Jets OL as the 4th worst last year, and I think that was an improvement on 2019. His WR1 was Crowder. His starting RB was 37 year old Frank Gore. He will still throw interceptions but he flashes some really nice talent here and there, and now he has the right coaches and a talented group of skill players to throw to. He already has pretty good chemistry with Robbie Anderson. I think his range of outcomes is as wide as any non rookie QB in the league. He was a class act in NY. Wishing him success
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