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  1. Reports are Lane is doing the same. Wondering if they are trying to get enough cap space to keep Ertz for the new league year and trade him, rather than releasing him prior to get under the cap.
  2. Was able to attend a “Meet The Coaching Staff” Zoom this morning for select Season Ticket Members, hosted by Dave Spadaro and I jotted down some notes, for anyone interested. Spadaro prefaced everything with the fact that NFL rules don’t allow staff to comment on “reported” trades, only official one. On March 17th, at 4pm (the official start of the new league year) there will be press conference with Nick Sirianni and Howie Roseman to talk about any official trades. On the Zoom were HC Nick Sirianni, OC Shane Steichen, DC Jonathan Gannon, and STC Michael Clay. Nick seemed way mo
  3. Right, but the confusing part is: The corresponding AFC division your opponent will come from is based on the division you played against 2 years prior to the season the game is being scheduled The corresponding team in that division that will be your opponent is based on both team's finish/records 1 year prior to the season the game is being scheduled
  4. So, scratch that. It would be the Jets. It's based on 2020 finish, but 2019 division of the opposite conference. We played the AFC East in 2019, so our 4th place finish in 2020 puts us against the 2020 4th place finisher of our 2019 out--of-conference division (the Jets.) Very convoluted
  5. Looks more and more like a 17th game is coming for 2021. For us, it would be against the Bengals, in Cincy. Formula is: Same place finisher in the division of the opposite conference you played in the previous year's schedule. For us, our 2020 AFC division was the AFC North. We were 4th in our division, Bengals were 4th in theirs. AFC teams hosts the 17th game in Year 1, NFC hosts in Year 2, AFC host in Year 3, etc. We haven't beaten Cincy in more than 20 years, including TWO ties in the last 4 games.
  6. I always carry my debit card, but never use it unless it's an emergency: either I need to withdraw cash (I only carry a single $20 bill in my phone case, plus driver's license, credit card, debit card) or as backup if my everyday rewards credit card doesn't work for some reason, gets lost, etc. BTW, as a fraud prevention expert working in financial services over 20 years, I can tell you that using your debit card at gas pumps is the LAST place you want to use/swipe it. Because pumps are still exempt from chip reader/EMV mandates they are the #1 place fraudsters insert skimmers. Fish in a
  7. The fact that we need a potential franchise player/stud at ANY position (except TE and RB), especially the core positions the Eagles value (QB, T, DE, CB) and the rare opportunity to be drafting 6th overall, I lean heavily toward using the pick. We could still luck our way into winning the NFC East next year because it's such a cesspool so might be awhile before drafting this high again. And then add in the fact that I have zero confidence that the current brain trust that's mostly responsible for a plethora of draft pick misses in recent years could actually net multiple good players ba
  8. Meanwhile, there's a sizable amount of Browns fans shouting from the top of their lungs today that this proves they won the 2016 #2/Wentz trade. Um, what?? The got 0 players directly from the trade that had any impact on the team, and indirectly (via many other convoluted trades and pick swaps) they wound up with Denzel Ward and OBJ while trading away the Deshaun Watson pick. And everyone behind that trade has since been fired. The Eagles got 2017/SB52 and whatever we get from the Indy picks.
  9. I would quote Winston Wolfe here, but this is a family message board. After how his career has played out there's nothing that makes me confident (e.g. more than 50/50) we get a 1. He could tear his ACL in training camp, he could continue to stink it up and get benched by Week 6, or he could miss the month of October with a semi-serious injury and the Colts still wind up locked in a playoff spot and rest their starters in Week 17 so he only plays 69% of the snaps and we get a late 2nd rounder. We sold our souls for SB52 and we're looking at a repeat of those first 51 years!
  10. Comparing this to what we got for trading other QBs: Wentz: 3rd (#85) & TBD (likely somewhere between #20 - #60) DV: 465 - 1015 Bradford: 1st (#14) & 4th (#139) DV: 1136.5 McNabb: 2nd (#37) & 4th (#104) DV: 781 Kolb: 2nd (#51) & Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie DV: 390 Feely: 2nd (#35) DV: 550 ETA: Draft Value Totals
  11. Eagles season ticket invoices arrived today and no increase for any of my seats (4 lower, 2 upper.) Would have REALLY been tone deaf to raise ticket prices during the pandemic AND after the season they just had. Same approach as last season: they are assuming full capacity for all home games so you have to pay in full by June. If things change, they will make any adjustments/refunds closer to the season.
  12. Right, he does not have a no-trade but if the Bears know Wentz doesn't want to be there, why would they trade for him? Why offer Philly "the most" just to take on a headache and potential problem?
  13. I'm the last person to try and dash anyone's hope. Hope is great. So keep holding out hope! But for this situation, I've depleted all mine
  14. And, he doesn't need to publicly say anything, like Watson. If he's made it clear to the team, and they are trying to trade him, why does he need to come out and state he want's to be traded? Stay quiet, let it play out, then post a generic "thanks for the memories Philadelphia" Instagram post once it's done.
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