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  1. Very similar to the urinal/stall restroom situations where there's 3 (or more) and you're using the left-most or right-most one with the rest free and someone decides to sidle up right next to you.
  2. Mr. Gambini, no self-respecting Philadelphian gets cheesesteaks from Geno's or Pat's. We take pride in our cheesesteaks.
  3. I think it's the ckicken/egg thing. I don't think MIA makes the trade unless they know that won't happen.
  4. An already unlikely scenario that might be even more unlikely with the reports that MIA and HOU could have a Watson deal done by the end of the week. MIA improving at QB isn't good for that draft pick.
  5. Gannon took a page out of the "Mike Groh gas lighting us about Mack Hollins grading out highly even though he had no catches" playbook: I understand not wanting to bad mouth a player, but you can still be honest without throwing him under the bus with something like "We think he needs to step up" or "Ryan will be the first to tell you he needs to get more involved."
  6. Nothing worse than cruising on a 50 MPH road and quickly approaching a driver up ahead that is waiting to turn right onto the same road who decides to pull out in front of you quickly causing you to hit the brakes and slow down to match their slowly accelerating speed and then you look in the rear view and it's clear to see not a single car was behind you for a mile. Just wait the extra 5 seconds for me go by!!!
  7. As an aside, the EFC calculation is a joke. We're divorced parents with everything financial and custody 50/50 so we filled out for the family with 1 income and 2 additional children for 2020 taxes, over the family with 2 incomes and 1 additional child and the EFC number was 1/3 of the family AGI. Granted, there's a 529 and some parent stocks and savings, but it seems like they're expecting almost 100% of that to be used, as well. We're fortunate enough that we don't need FA in order to send him to college, but believe colleges are so over-priced that we're trying everything we can to feel like we're paying what it's worth and not overpaying, as well as avoid him having to take out any loans. Can only imagine how bad it is for families not as fortunate that are expected to sell organs or something to meet their EFC.
  8. Completed the FAFSA for my HS senior and wondering what others have seen in regards to the Expected Family Contribution number and how much schools stick to it. Is it usually just a straight "Your EFC is $25k, our COA is $30k, so here's $5k in financial aid" or do schools use it more as a guide and base their FA on a combo of that plus how competitive they want to be for enrollment, etc.
  9. Yeah, given their schedule, and that division, I think it is WAY more likely Wentz gets hurt before playing Game 13 than the Colts being so far out of it by Game 13 that they bench him.
  10. Lane is back this week. Just tweeted he's ready to come back and has been dealing with mental health issues. 👍
  11. If it's clear again in Vegas that this team just doesn't have its act together, we may want to consider rooting for us to lose that DET game in a couple weeks to help our MIA pick (and also our own pick)
  12. $5MM cap savings, on top of the 5th rounder (which could be a high 5th based on AZ so far) and a young player to develop at a position of need makes this a no brainer for someone that was going to walk at the end of the year. The heroes from SB52 are all starting to fade away like that picture of Marty McFly's family.
  13. Seems like every valid criticism of this team boils down to things we can't do right or get out of our own way. I miss the days of going toe-to-toe with another team, each of us bringing our best, and just being outplayed or beaten. Much easier than the constant mistakes, dumb decisions, poor game plans, self-inflicted wounds, etc. that are the biggest contributors to our losses. Last night: FG attempt down 2 scores in the 4th that, even if the FG was good, you're still down 2 scores Hurts sliding down for a sack and loss of yards instead of throwing it away The Avery taunting penalty Calling a play on goal-to-go 18 inches from the goal line that puts Hurts in shotgun at the 5 Hurts going out of bounds to stop the clock on 3rd down when he was way short of the 1st and saved TB a timeout Slow developing WR screen that is 3 yards behind the LOS right in the middle of a drive where everything was working going up the field
  14. He also probably leads the team, and is near the top of the league, in missed tackles. And I'd bet at least half of his tackles involved positive yards-after-contact. Yeah, he's a got a motor and is always around the ball, but he's not a good LB.
  15. Bucs have only allowed 6 runs over 10 yards, through 5 games. This probably ain’t the game to run heavy, so be prepared for more screens and short passes to try and move the ball.
  16. Eagles are 6-0 in their last 6 TNF games, Brady is 6-0 all-time at the Linc. Something's gotta give.
  17. He decided to go the night he got benched in GB, regardless of whatever other things anyone might say led him to that point. He was having a (historically) bad season and showed zero interest in accepting it or that he needed to self-reflect and improve or work to be better (Ben Simmons parallel alert!) He took the benching as a personal affront that he never got over. He pouted, stopped talking to the coach, and set the wheels in motion for his exit. The front office may have done some questionable (but not fully unreasonable after he failed to finish the previous 3 seasons) things, but it was his hubris that prevented him from even considering any accountability or desire to challenge adversity that could have ever led to him playing for this team again.
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