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  1. Lowest % of accurate passes thrown from a clean pocket in 2020, per @PFF 29. Nick Mullens (58%) 30. Sam Darnold (56%) 31 Mitch Trubisky (53%) 32. Carson Wentz (52%) I kinda think they are planning on that (things getting super ugly) if Hurts goes down, or just doesn't have it as an NFL starter, because then they wind up with a high draft pick in a draft where they are loaded with picks. It's not quite tanking/"Trust the process" but it is literally a "Hurts or bust" strategy.
  2. Eagles waived Jamie Newman on Wednesday, which means they now only have 2 QBs on the roster. I would imagine 2 QB signings are coming for camp (unless they plan on throwing one of their coaches (Alex Tanney?) in there as the 4th QB to keep the camp sessions even) but at this point anyone they sign won't be more than a camp arm looking to get some game tape in the preseason games. I wouldn't be surprised if they have their eye on some potential development QBs and they will scoop one up off of waivers at final cutdowns if their current team tries to sneak them through to the practice squad.
  3. Not anything more risky among those options, as they are all legit and will stand behind their sale if something were to happen. But from an ease of use standpoint, Ticketmaster is the least hassle. They take care of the transfer right to your Ticketmaster account. That's because it's the original source for all NFL tickets so when someone lists tickets for sale there Ticketmaster immediately has the ticket in their possession and locked so when someone buys it, they can transfer it instantly to the buyer. For the others, the buyer pays for the tickets, then the vendor notifies the s
  4. Just finished Answers in the Form of Questions, easy weekend read and a lot of good anecdotes and Jeopardy history.
  5. We did sign some waiver when we got there and they gave us the field passes and other swag that was part of the prize so that probably included it in there.
  6. ::Stares at Wentz jersey in closet:: The biggest impact to me personally, with the whole Wentz thing going sour, is that the Eagles Kids Club commercial that's been in rotation around the tri-state area the last 4 years will be re-cut or replaced. It featured Wentz throwing my then 8 year-old a touchdown pass at The Linc during a public training camp. He had won a Kids Club contest drawing along with 3 other kids to "catch a TD from an Eagles QB" during that open practice. The 4 QBs at the time were Bradford, Chase Daniel, Wentz, and McLeod Bethel-Thompson. When it came time for
  7. Well, the description for this year is pretty vague (“special on-field experience”) but based on the $25 price it will probably be similar to what they offered in 2019 where it was described as $25 to get post-practice field access for 30 minutes to "make some Instagrammable memories." Even though it was after the players were done, and most already walked around the lower bowl to sign some stuff for the fans in the stands, some stayed out on the field to interact for pics and autos before going into the locker room. In 2018, it was $25 for post-practice field access, $50 for post-practic
  8. First 5 or 6 rows in 101, 102, 138 are probably best mix of game view and seeing the players up close. You're right behind the Eagles bench so you see all the players and watch them interact on the sidelines when they aren't on the field, etc. Also close enough for a player to see and acknowledge a sign or a fan giving them a shout out. Next would be these specific seats that are closest to the Eagles tunnel that offer potential high-fives or autographs, and the corner end zone is an underrated view, especially if you get lucky and a majority of red zone plays are on your end: 107,
  9. I kinda liked the dry and packaged goods samples they started eventually doing, instead. Seemed like a better "free" value than a piece of cheese or 1/4 of a cookie.
  10. Depends how you look at it. Yes, Row 1 in section 110 is the very first row of the section and nothing directly in front of your view of the field. But, on the field there is a single row of about 50 "Tunnel Club" premium seats. But for the purposes of sitting in Row 1 of 110, they are more under/below you, than in front of you. You're still essentially front row. They added a bunch of "field level" premium sections in the last couple of years (green and yellow rectangles on this chart) that put most of the lower level 1st rows in the same boat. Yes, there's technically seats closer
  11. If it weren't for Tebow and all that nonsense... Top selling NFL jerseys since the draft: 1 - Jacksonville Jaguars TE Tim Tebow (teal) 2 - Jacksonville Jaguars TE Tim Tebow (black) 3 - Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields (blue) 4 - Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields (orange) 5 - Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields (white) 6 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady (white) 7 - Pittsburgh Steelers RB Najee Harris 8 - Los Angeles Chargers QB Justin Herbert 9 - Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes 10 - Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers 11 - Philadelphia Eagles WR DeVonta Smith 12 - Ta
  12. Foles blocked Eagles as a possible trade destination Don't blame him, and it was the right call for all parties involved. Flacco, although overpaid, is a way less drama-inducing back-up for Hurts this year.
  13. Wait until next year when (hopefully) the team is better AND there's the extra home regular season game. Season Ticket Members that sell will have it made by having 9 regular games to make a profit from and only 1 preseason game dragging them down. Throw in a playoff game if they win the NFC East and it's
  14. Yeah, or even the Saints game if you're looking to predict the absolute least interest. No more Brees, fall weather will likely be gone, and it's the Sunday before Thanksgiving. And, we might even be mathematically eliminated by then! Chargers have Herbert who might be a slight draw, but still reasonable compared to the other 6 games on an overall attractive visitors schedule this year. SF is the home opener after hardly any fans were able to go last year, so that's going to be insane. Then the next two home games are Mahomes/Andy and Brady, both of the SB teams from last year. The last
  15. Um, no, $250 EACH for the Steelers game, $500 total for the pair! And $340 for the NE pair. They are great lower level seats so I have to imagine they were PIT and NE fans in the area or something that really wanted to see their team and sit in seats they probably wouldn't be able to if it were a regular season game.
  16. This is already happening. I sold both my preseason NE and PIT games for my extra set of seats for well over the "face value" of $68.25 each (but really my season ticket cost is $190 for each seat, across 10 games.) For PIT, they went for $250 each and for NE they went for $170 each.
  17. FYI, single game tickets go on sale June 2 as well as tickets for the open practices and on-filed VIP experiences:
  18. This doesn't make sense to me. He later clarified he's working more in the slot than last year (when he lined up there almost 25% of the time) and that all the WRs are working in all the spots because the new offense is designed to move them around to give them the best matchups: "Honestly, I think this is going to make the whole team better. It’s not necessarily me being in the slot, but every receiver being interchangeable." Sounds like the offense will be closer to what KC and SF do with their WRs, where there's no strict WR positions and players, it's more which WR fits best
  19. Seeing a lot of Julio Jones and the Eagles being linked and just not buying it. The Watson stuff, for sure. That's a very realistic situation we would be involved with considering our needs, our assets, and where we are as a team. But having any realistic involvement in a 32yo WR with an injury history and a huge contract that would cost a reasonably significant asset (2nd rounder, at least?) for a rebuilding team just doesn't make any sense. I think we get lumped in on these types of speculations mostly because the talking heads putting it out there know our fanbase will give them plenty
  20. I think there's a slight chance they do something at CB after June 1 when they cut Ertz and free up some cap (maybe try to get Nelson on a 1-year deal?), but I still think it's more likely we are at the "what you see is what you'll get" point for our 2021 DBs.
  21. I think this trade likely means that they have settled on Maddox as their outside/CB2 and hope Scott (or someone else on the roster) can emerge as their starting nickel. So, probably no more moves coming for CB until closer to the end of the preseason when they may see a roster cut-down they want to use a waiver claim on.
  22. @AdamSchefter Trade: Jaguars are dealing CB Josiah Scott to the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for CB Jameson Houston and a 2023 sixth-round pick, per sources. @DZangaroNBCS Scott was a 4th-rounder out of Michigan State last year. Played in six games with the Jags, just 80 defensive snaps. At 5-9, 185 probably a nickel option. NFL.com's Lance Zierlein listed Avonte Maddox as his comp in the pre-draft process.
  23. Even if the only thing he has left is the ability to consistently wreck us twice a year like he always has, putting him on our sidelines could be worth it alone!
  24. Former Eagle Corey Clement is getting a tryout with the Giants this weekend during their minicamp. Can't wait for all the Giants fans to act like "LoL, wE sToLe yOuR giRl!" if they sign him.
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