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  1. 12 minutes ago, Lehigh98 said:

    Seriously?  Was hoping to go to the Vegas game but $600+ a little steep for tickets. 

    Eh, maybe go anyway and try and get some last minute tix or just go watch at Circa...

    Stub Hub will allow listings for all games as soon as the schedules are officially released tonight. You'll be able to get an idea soon, but keep in mind prices are always sky high the first day because there's not a lot of inventory yet, but they will usually settle down some in the next few weeks, but the post-COVID effect may throw things off. Best bet is to try to grab tickets when LV does their on-sale to the public release in the next month or so. If you strike out, then see what the market looks like. Or, check out travel packages from Green Legion or Phans of Philly, that include tickets. 

  2. New jersey numbers officially announced (in addition to Jalen Hurts moving to #1 earlier):

    2 - Darius Slay

    6 - DeVonta Smith

    14 - Kenny Gainwell

    17 - Khalil Tate

    24 - Jordan Howard

    27 - Zech McPhearson

    30 - JaCoby Stevens

    34 - Kerryon Johnson

    39 - Elijah Riley

    48 - Patrick Johnson

    51 - Landon Dickerson

    56 - Isaac Seumalo

    75 - Tarron Jackson

    90 - Marlon Tuipulotu

    93 - Milton Williams


  3. On 4/29/2021 at 1:54 PM, The Noid said:

    Official list of entries for the draft prediction contest:

    FBG    S/TU/TB    Player    Letters

    The Noid Trade Back Kwity Paye 12

    Insein Stay Jaycee Horn 27

    Lehigh98 Stay DeVonta Smith 14

    neal cassady Stay Jaylen Waddle 12

    Deamon Stay Jaylen Waddle 13

    DJackson10 Trade Up Jaylen Waddle 21

    Ash Stay DeVonta Smith 10

    JetMaxx Stay Kwity Paye 14

    Leroy Hoard Stay Micah Parsons 11

    rzrback77 Trade Back Elijah Moore 15

    Deranged Hermit Stay Rashawn Slater 11

    Bigboy10182000 Trade Up Ja'Marr Chase 13

    ProstheticRGK Trade Up Jaylen Waddle 14

    Tom Hagen Stay Patrick Surtain 12

    babydemon90 Trade Up Jaylen Waddle 13

    SayWhat? Stay DeVonta Smith 15

    tangfoot Trade Back Jaylen Waddle 8

    Good luck, gents. Can't wait for every single one of these to be wrong!

    Congrats to @Lehigh98 for being the closest correct predication by getting both the player (Smith) and the # of letters in the last pick's name (14, Patrick Johnson). PM your address to get your mystery Eagles swag. 

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  4. On 5/1/2021 at 5:48 PM, Deamon said:
    On 5/1/2021 at 5:32 PM, Insein said:

    Eagles trade a 6th and a 7th to Washington for a 5th rounder next year. 

    Hmmm I like it.

    Still some first round quality guys with major injury concerns on the board though.   A couple just went.

    I had to a do a double take and re-read it when I first saw this. Here is a great summary of this trade, from BGN:


    I do not want to overstate a day three trade, but as far as late-round trades go, the trade with WASTEAM was professional, Robert DeNiro movie robbery (the ones early in the movies, not the heists near the end where nearly everyone dies in the aftermath). The Eagles gave up picks 225 and 240 for a 5th next year. Giving up those picks has historically moved a team up to the early 200s. The Eagles got a pick that will be in the 150s to mid-170s in what is considered a deeper draft. If WASTEAM is really bad, it could be in the late 140s. Adding to the hilarity of the deal, WASTEAM used the first of the two picks on a long snapper, and as a cherry on top, his name is Cheeseman. WTF, WFT?


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  5. Zech is already 23, since he spent 3 years at PSU before transferring to Texas Tech for 2, and some project him more as a Nickel due to size and burst being better than speed. I guess given who was still on the board, worth a shot. 

    NFL Network showed the Eagles draft room reaction to the pick and it was all smiles and fist pumps, with Tom Donahoe conveniently nowhere in sight 😆

    And Eagles social media team posted audio and video from last night’s Milton Williams pick and concentrated on the left side of the room and cut it off as Howie was walking to the side with Tom Donahoe for the now infamous interaction. Spin control!!

  6. 2 minutes ago, The Noid said:

    Howie, Jeff, and Alec Halaby (Head of Analytics) sure looked excited about the pick :oldunsure:

    This getting analyzed by Eagles Twitter like the Zapruder film. Andy Weidl also identified as one of the “not happy” camp. Perhaps a riff between the :nerd: and the :football:?

    This will be an all-time Eagles meme and poor Williams’ career will be at the center of it. Always something with this team! 

  7. 26 minutes ago, Bigboy10182000 said:

    Him tearing an ACL isn’t gonna sit well with people either and I get that. This isn’t a skill guy like Sidney Jones though. If he can play at a high level at both guard spots and center that’s a good get at 37 given Kelce and Brooks’ age. 

    Not a skill guy but his injuries (both ACLs and tightrope surgery on both ankles) are to key body parts for a big OL. He’s basically a cyborg with the whole lower half of his body having been repaired :lmao:

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