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  1. Not a skill guy but his injuries (both ACLs and tightrope surgery on both ankles) are to key body parts for a big OL. He’s basically a cyborg with the whole lower half of his body having been repaired
  2. Just got off a Zoom call with Devonta Smith for season ticket members: Doesn't play video games, stopped playing about 8 years ago Wants #6 but can't be decided until at least after the draft/UDFA's are settled (sorry Khalil Tate, that means you're a goner) Played and followed basketball his whole life, favorite team: Boston Celtics :puke: Favorite WR growing up: Julio Jones Spadaro asked him if Coach Nick played him in a Zoom game of Rock-Paper-Scissors and Devonta said yes but it wasn't clear if that was the exact game as it seemed like Devonta was about to corr
  3. These Giant fans sound like they're 15 years old. They're biggest beef is we threw the washington game which cost them the playoffs at 6-10. I will maintain hydration on nothing but the tears of Giants fans for the rest of Draft weekend.
  4. I definitely think they were sitting there at 12 and after seeing how the first 9 picks went they realized they were going to be down to, at best, their 11th or 12th ranked player if they stayed put. And if they had Smith in the 6-8 range of their rankings, the trade up 2 spots to get him instead of settling for the last "acceptable" guy on your top 12 list was the right call. That they were able to do it at a cost that still netted them a 1 next year made it even more of a no-brainer.
  5. And Kwity Paye going to Colts probably was what ended our night. They may have been monitoring how far he was dropping.
  6. No, mainly because we already did the MIA trade to gain a 1. If we hadn’t already done that, and got that offer while at 12, maybe. We’ll see who is in the board at 20 soon, which might make it even more clear.
  7. Will come down to last pick name tie breaker among Lehigh98, Ash, and SayWhat?, who all got Devonta correct.
  8. Guarantee that, if we leave Smith or Waddle on the board, the message from Howie will be “We invested a 1st round pick in Jalen Reagor and we believe he can be a star in this league.”
  9. No way Rodgers would want to come into this situation. If Wentz was able to go where he wanted, Rodgers is definitely going to have his say. I think Miami makes the most sense (which would be bad for our 2022 1st rounder from them.) And, speaking of Wentz, imagine what Colts fans are thinking now...
  10. Last year we added 24 pages over the 3 days of the draft, so it's very possible but we also hope to not have a Jalen Hurts-type pick again that fueled a lot of it. But, we also have been way more active this off-season. Last year we were only 17 pages in when the draft rolled around, compared to 70 (!) pages so far this year. We're already past last year's halfway point and if we hit 100 this weekend we'll have already passed all of 2019's thread. 2017: 172 pages 2018: 112 pages 2019: 100 pages 2020: 132 pages
  11. Official list of entries for the draft prediction contest: FBG S/TU/TB Player Letters The Noid Trade Back Kwity Paye 12 Insein Stay Jaycee Horn 27 Lehigh98 Stay DeVonta Smith 14 neal cassady Stay Jaylen Waddle 12 Deamon Stay Jaylen Waddle 13 DJackson10 Trade Up Jaylen Waddle 21 Ash Stay DeVonta Smith 10 JetMaxx Stay Kwity Paye 14 Leroy Hoard Stay Micah Parsons 11 rzrback77 Trade Back Elijah Moore 15 Deranged Hermit Stay Rashawn Slater 11 Bigboy10182000 Trade Up Ja'Marr Chase 13 ProstheticRGK Trade Up Jaylen Waddle 1
  12. The SB season was both the best and the worst thing to happen to this team. The takeaway for the front office was that they "found" a winning formula with the mix of core vets and FA signings. So they tried to repeat the formula each of the next two seasons, almost exactly, instead of trying to anticipate the changing landscape of the league and stay ahead or adapt. It was like a blockbuster movie that has a disappointing sequel because it just tries to hit all the same beats as the first time, or a one-hit wonder that tries to recapture the success of their song by making a similar one (see a
  13. Right, full season as a starter. Guys like Barnett and Maddox are part of the injury/health luck I mentioned. Even when we have found someone in the draft that can be a "starter", they can't even give us a full season. For comparison: The Vikings' last two 1st overall picks already have as many "full season as a starter" seasons (3) as all 36 players the Eagles have drafted in the last 5 years. Cowboys have at least 14 (maybe more if you count similar Jalen Mills-type situations) "full season as a starter" seasons from their last 5 years of drafts. 11 teams have at lea
  14. Eagles drafts, by year, with how many of their picks have played a full NFL season as a starter for the team since being drafted: 2016: 3* (Wentz (2x) & Seumalo (1x), plus Mills started 15 games in '17 but sat out the meaningless W17 game) 2017: 0 2018: 0 2019: 0 2020: 0 36 players drafted in the last 5 years and only 3 have contributed as a starter for at least one entire season (8.3%). Of the possible 107 seasons a draft pick from the last 5 years could have started all 16 games, it's only happened 4 times (3.7%). That's some seriously poor draftin
  15. Have to also consider the quality results of his targets. Tyreek Hill averages 7 targets a game, but his 14 yards/rec and 10 yards/target are what make him an impact player. Even Marvin Harrison, who Smith is most compared to only averaged 9 targets/game, which is barely on the low end of that 8-14 range.
  16. Even Big V only had 20 total letters. You're really banking on a Pacific Islander with a hyphenated mom and dad last name combo!
  17. Let's make this draft, and all the possibilities (horrible or exciting), a little more fun by playing the "Predict what the Eagles will do in the 1st round" game. Winner gets a TBD Eagles-related prize. Here are the rules: Reply to this post Indicate three things: 1. Stay at 12/Trade Up/Trade Down 2. Player they will pick with their first pick in the draft 3. Guess the # of total letters in the full first and last name of the final player the Eagles select One entry per FBG Entries locked in at noon EST, Thursday (no
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