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  1. Or, lots of non-star players who don't have to buy out their stock (because the NFL doesn't stock them) would be able to take a lot of the "good" new numbers this year. That might motivate the name players to bite the bullet this year to ensure they get the number they want.
  2. Lots of news today! Sirianni and Howie both punted (yet again) on declaring Jalen Hurts the starting QB Coaches played games like Rock, Paper, Scissors over Zoom with prospects to test their competitive fire Schedule release May 12th Eagles' 4th and 15 proposal to replace the onside kick is a no-go Jersey number restrictions have been lifted for a bunch of positions Interesting note on that last one: if a player not changing teams wants to change his number for 2021 he has to buy out the league's inventory of his old jersey. If a player wants to change it for
  3. If you missed the pre-draft press conference this morning: Differences in scouting with this coaching staff versus last? Some carryover on defense, but spending a lot of time getting on same page with what coaching staff is looking for Slater and Vera-Tucker viewed as guards or tackle? Likes their versatility, won't peg them into one or other Are either 1st round grades? Won't give that away Is Seumalo the future center? Very versatile and that's a good thing; will see What do you plan to do with so many picks, and many in late rounds? Trying to find starters, not
  4. Wait until the first Eagles home game when the team is down two scores in the 1st quarter. That will seem tame compared to a different word starting with F that will be in the chants directed at him all season.
  5. From Peter King: So, if you're keeping track: we are either going to move back even more, or move back up, unless we stay put and use the pick. Got it?
  6. A lot of buzz today about getting back into the top 10, but not for any specific player/position. Not sure I believe we'll be able to go from 12 to 7 for only a 3rd, or even just a 2nd, after everyone saw Miami give up a 1st to go from 12 to 6. But maybe the leverage is (or will be) different
  7. It seems like Zach Wilson was the non-Lawrence QB the Eagles were interested in at the top of the draft. I think if they really thought Lance, Fields or Jones were top-tier QBs they would have stayed at 6 to see if the one they liked fell to them, or to stay in striking distance to trade up. So Fields being there at 7 probably doesn't change anything.
  8. It doesn't change it being true, though. Quality journalism is trusting editors verify who the source is, and that they said what they said, if they want to remain anonymous. On at least one occasion, according to a source, Roseman tasked an employee with combing through phone records in search of a leak’s origin. versus On at least one occasion, according to Communications Manager Jane Doe, Roseman tasked an employee with combing through phone records in search of a leak’s origin. One isn't more "true" than the other if you trust the reporting. I think we're long past
  9. From the article: Over the past two months, The Athletic spoke to current and former Eagles staffers representing a cross-section of departments and viewpoints about the inner workings of the franchise. They were granted anonymity to be allowed to speak freely about sensitive topics, describing an environment characterized by second-guessing, paranoia and a lack of transparency. Good reporting from trusted writers doesn't need named sources. The integrity of reporting means they have vetted the sources and they are legit. Especially if you want to get the real scoop on things, these
  10. Yup. Just read this. We're a disfunction iceberg. Tons of beneath-the-surface stuff that's even worse than the stuff we can see. BGN has some snippets here, if you don't have a subscription to the Athletic.
  11. Besides the 3 CBs in this draft class that are sons of NFL players (Samuel, Surtain, Horn), there's also Chris Spielman's nephew (J.D. Spielman, WR) and Wyatt Davis (OL), the grandson of HOF'er Willie Davis.
  12. We are in the exact same boat, 9 people. Everyone 16+ that's going will be fully vaccinated by mid-May. Trip is in late August. Will be a test run to maybe doing Disney/Universal in the Nov-Feb time frame.
  13. This is what I've seen some people I know not understand. One family looked at this market as an opportunity to move to a bigger house and take advantage of a "sellers market" to get way more for their house than the could in the past when looking to move. Then they went and paid $15k over asking on a house that was listed for 30% more than what it would have went for a year or two ago. Unless you're moving from owning to renting, or moving a secondary/rental property, you aren't "taking advantage" of this market.
  14. Saw some more stats on the age/experience of the coaching staff and besides the obvious age ones we know about, this stood out: Core coaching staff (HC/OC/DC/ST) years of experience in that role Eagles: 1 year (Steichen has 1 year as OC, rest have 0) NFL average staff experience: 21 years Average staff experience of 6 other teams with new staffs in 2021: 10 years Prepare for a lot of growing pains...
  15. So, the Jets/Panthers trade means: Carolina is definitely not taking a QB at 8 If we wind up with a 2nd rounder for Wentz, we'll have gotten slightly more for Wentz than the Jets got for Darnold
  16. There's also the possibility you're at 6, and the first 5 picks were 4 QBs and the non-QB player you were targeting. So there's no demand to trade for your pick and you have to take someone at 6 that is interchangeable with whoever you would have taken at 12. For what they got back from the Dolphins, I think it was enough to make it worth taking the "bird in the hand" approach, if they were set on trading back.
  17. This is, honestly, the best argument I've seen to stay at 6. At least the extra pick next year allows you to hedge your bets a bit. The last seven picks at #6: Jake Matthews, Leonard Williams, Ronnie Stanley, Jamaal Adams, Quinton Nelson, Daniel Jones, Justin Herbert The last seven picks at #12: OBJ, Danny Shelton, Sheldon Rankins, DeShaun Watson, Vita Vea, Rashan Gary, Henry Ruggs.
  18. Bumping this, for comparison. I would say we did better than the Rams trade, but worse than the Browns trade. So right in the middle, Using the draft value chart: we gave up 1627 and got back 2199 (of the 2022 1st Rd pick is #16).
  19. Miami's. Break out the Tua voodoo dolls to go along with the Wentz candles. We have a lot of rooting interests this season.
  20. The OC and QB coach are attending Zach Wilson's pro day today. I've seen people taking that to mean they are sure they will take a QB at #6 ("See, they are doing their homework!), and just as many people saying this means they are surely not taking a QB at #6 ("See, they aren't even sending the HC or Howie!) 🙃
  21. From BGN: 2020 OFFSEASON: Jets sign Joe Flacco to 1-year, $1.5M contract 2020 SEASON: Flacco goes 0-4 as a starter, 55.2% completion, 6 TD, 3 INT, 80.8 passer rating, PFF’s 2nd worst graded QB 2021 OFFSEASON: Eagles sign Flacco to 1-year, $3.5M contract worth $7.5M with incentives 😟
  22. The good news is that Schwartz is gone. Fitz owns him and his defenses: 4-0, 1200 yards, 9 TDs, 106 passer rating.
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