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  1. Obliviousness doesn't require sensitivity, meanness, arrogance, etc. He can be the nicest guy in the world and the greatest teammate but if he's oblivious to his own flaws and doesn't think he needs to fix or change things, that's still a problem you don't want your franchise QB to have. And believing his play this year was the fault of the team, the coaches, luck, or whatever would pretty much lead to the kind of reaction he's had. The borderline confidence/arrogance is an alpha-QB thing that is usually a god trait, provided you straddle it successfully. Could be this is just him skewin
  2. Avg age of "new" coaching hires so far: 40.8 years old. At least our staff is getting younger, if the roster isn't!
  3. Right, which implies Jeff and Howie are still signing-off on these guys. Nick would have come to his interview with names of who he wanted for his staff.
  4. Doug Pederson: fired because he wanted to have a staff of "his guys" Nick Sirianni: hired so he can build a staff of "his guys"
  5. To expand, and give you an example using my situation, my wife quit her job as a teacher in August 2019 to start her own business. She opened an event decor rental business in January, 2020 (just in time for COVID!) It's a Single Member LLC and we file our taxes jointly so essentially her losses last year (and likely again this year) will offset against my income. Should there be any question from the IRS if losses continue next year, and the year after, etc., we are in good shape when it comes to the "intent" factors: You conduct the activity in a businesslike manner by keeping good rec
  6. For the 3 years thing, you're thinking of the IRS designating it as a hobby versus a real business: if you have turned a profit in at least three of five consecutive years, the IRS will presume that you are engaged in it for profit. If not, it's considered a hobby and most business-related deductions are no longer allowed. There's some bit of an exemption to the 3 of 5 rule (not even considering any allowance for COVID alone throwing most businesses into at least 2 years of losses), and it's around "intent" that you would have to show should you be audited: For the benefits of "writing
  7. HC with no HC experience, and a DC with no DC experience. They kinda have to go OC with previous OC (and maybe even some HC) experience, right?
  8. Sirianni is a good value bet. The consensus seems to be this is approaching the home stretch with McDaniels, Staley and Sirianni being the "final" 3, with Sirianni getting as long of an interview as McDaniels (spread over two days.)
  9. I don't think anyone thinks there's a QB who will be left at 6 that's a potential franchise QB. Any QB you take there is going to be risky, or even if you did have someone, what's the contingency if someone jumps in front of you at 5 to take that guy?
  10. But, the longer this goes the more good targets of the new coach's desired staff might be gone (to positions with the other 6 or 7 teams building a staff, take college promotions, etc.)
  11. In case you're scoring at home, Cowboys special teams coach is now on the radar (John Fassel) and the 17th candidate we have expressed interest in.
  12. He doesn't call plays in Indy so technically he could be hired as an OC if, for example, they give Duce the HC job and he's there to lead, manage the game, etc. while having a full-fledged OC on his staff that calls plays.
  13. True. Joe Kuharich (in 1964) was the last time we hired an ex-NFL HC that wasn't previously part of the organization.
  14. Not quite. Both were on an upward trajectory and never had been failed head coaches. The last recycled NFL head coach we hired (and the only one in the last 50 years) was Marion Campbell in 1983, who came in with a 6-19 career record as a HC.
  15. This is playing out exactly how I feared: the top candidates see other openings (or staying where they are) as better. No amount of salary offer from Lurie is going to change that. So now we're headed toward getting something from the scratch-and-dent section, like a failed head coach that previously burned bridges with two other teams and didn't get an iota of interest from any of the other teams that were looking for a coach this cycle.
  16. Multiple reports that Daboll would rather wait until next year for his shot at a HC gig. Could be self-awareness that he needs some more experience, could be he sees the Texans and Eagles as not ideal for starting his HC career.
  17. Only for 2nd interviews, I think. So Eagles missed their chance to do 1st interview with him during 1st round bye.
  18. April, 2021: DeVonta Smith goes #5, Philly drafts some DL/OL most had going in the 10-15 range at #6. January, 2023: After 2 seasons it's clear that the pick at #6 is a bust and 4 of the 10 picks after him are already blue chip players. January, 2024: After firing Doug Pederson's successor following 3 seasons with 7 wins or less, Lurie promotes Howie to Supreme Senior Mega President of Football Operations, saying Howie would have taken DeVonta at #6 so it proves he knows talent, but it's not his fault the Bengals took him before our pick.
  19. The RBs always seem to do well even though they're barely used. Sanders averaged 5.3 ypc and Scott averaged 4.7 ypc. For a backup player like Scott to produce that well, he's teaching them something. I'd like to see him as an OC FIRST but Doug never gave him the chance. My take on Duce: look at how we (and other teams' fans) are drooling over poaching potential head coaches that are on the staffs of other teams. Is ANYONE in the NFL looking at Duce as a potential HC candidate, now or in the past, other than us? That might be telling.
  20. On why Howie is still here, Lurie touts the people he surrounds himself with (pointing out 2 of them moved on to be GMs last year and a few more are on that path) and his good track record evaluating where players will go in the draft (cites examples of players they wanted/ranked high as going ahead of where they are picking.) So, basically, he's good at grooming good GMs for other teams and mock drafts.
  21. I would see that. An aspiring HC could see Wentz as a top QB along with Sanders, a decent OL and a high pick and think they can work with that. There's a big difference between an aspiring head coach and a top-level candidate. We'll see how it bears out, but I seriously doubt we get any looks from the top-level candidates (Daboll, Smith, and maybe even Bieniemy and Brady) other than to help them drive up the offer they get from where they really want to go.
  22. Would be my first pick. And now we (and Jeff Lurie) get to confront the harsh reality that our "top picks" for head coach are going to look at our organization, roster, cap situation, media environment, etc. compared to the other jobs out there and say, "Nah, I'm good."
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