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  1. Would be my first pick. And now we (and Jeff Lurie) get to confront the harsh reality that our "top picks" for head coach are going to look at our organization, roster, cap situation, media environment, etc. compared to the other jobs out there and say, "Nah, I'm good."
  2. Agreed, but I think he knew that was the potential outcome and was expecting/wanting it if that was going to be the case (re: if I can't be loyal to my guys, I don't want to be here.)
  3. Betting this was more mutual than it appears. Lurie wanted big changes to the staff. Doug wanted to stay loyal to his guys and have more independence. Doug saw there are a bunch of head coaching opportunities where his SB resume will likely afford him that opportunity elsewhere if Lurie wouldn't, so he stood his ground. He didn't exactly pull a George Costanza and drag the Lombardi around the parking lot of Nova Care, but he definitely wasn't trying NOT to get fired.
  4. According to DJax's favorite beat reporter, Jeff McLane, these are the changes Doug suggested to Lurie in their initial end-of-year meeting (that apparently Lurie told him to go back and come up with something better): Promote Press Taylor to OC Move Andrew Breiner from pass game analyst to QBs coach Promote Matt Burke from DL coach to DC, or bring ex-DBs coach Cory Undlin back as DC Retain Dave Fipp as ST coordinator Sticking point seems to be Doug wants to (as he often has) promote from within while Lurie wants to try and bring in top talent. Sure there's alw
  5. This seems to be the most likely course of events: Lurie and Doug agree things need to change Doug suggests promoting Press Taylor to OC, with some play-calling relinquishment Lurie would rather have new blood and full play-calling for the new OC Doug is fed up with Lurie having more sway over his staff than he does, as well as the roster he's been given by Howie, these last few years Lurie sees the roster and cap situation and is leaning toward seeing if a new staff can fix/get the best out of Wentz and the huge investment the team has made in him
  6. We've been assuming that Wentz was the one where a decision to trade/not trade had to be made. Maybe it's Doug...
  7. Puppet Fever? Going to try this one out.
  8. Checking in to see what cool stuff others might have discovered since getting one of these during the holidays. It's been awesome so far, for us. Wife and kids love Beat Saber (wish there were more mainstream song packs), I've done Ep I & II of Vader Immortal (bought the 3 episode bundle for $20), we've played around with some the free levels of things like Roller Coaster simulator, etc., and either Walking Dead or Creed might be the next game we get. Also, any experience/tips casting? Figured out how to cast on our big screen in the family room through the Fire Stick with the Air Sc
  9. I was actually thinking he played ok for the most part. I don’t recall hearing his name in a bad way like we had in years past. That incentive was something they assumed he would get and was a good thing to have $500k of his contract tied to a playing time incentive instead of just giving it to him outright as part of his 2020 salary, given Mills' injury history.
  10. No way Doug was doing that rouge. If he was worried about losing his job he would have been going all out to win. What he did only helps the organization, it doesn't help Doug. NOT doing it would have more likely cost him his job. This was Jeff/Howie saying, "That's a nice draft pick we have there. It would be a real shame if something happened to it" and Doug taking the dive.
  11. The 10 most ridiculously awful statistics from the 2020 Eagles Season. I would say "at least 2021 can't be any worse" but that's not how we roll in Philly. We're assuming it will be.
  12. Closing time. 2021 thread is up. Let's all agree to add the 2020 season to the list of things that never happened, like Rocky V, Season 9 of Scrubs, Superman IV, and midichlorians.
  13. Eagles restructured Alshon and Malik Jackson before yesterday's game. Allows them to save $21MM in 2021 cap space, instead of $9MM, when they release both players this offseason as their two "Post-June 1st" cuts. It's not all gravy, as they'll still be on the hook for $14MM combined for the two of them in 2022.
  14. It’s probably the best coached unit on the team. Mailata, Seumalo and Herbig have all played well. It’s the lone spot where they have coached up lesser picks to what looks to be above what was expected. And that's why Doug will pull an Andy and make him the new DC 😄
  15. Summary: Howie Disappointed, embarrassed, frustrated. On me/all of us. Have to fix it. Too soon to comment on evaluations, including QB, have to look back on the whole season Not a secret that we loved Wentz and gave him extension because we want him here Had a good offseason plan and had to pivot due to pandemic (put more stock in older/vets to try and win due to limited time to develop players), but overall didn't do a good job building the team and have to do better Last 2 GMs hired in NFL came from Eagles (Douglas and Brady), so
  16. Doug was not exactly coaching to win, but the players were certainly playing to win. And Doug being able to take that approach means he had full confidence/knowledge he'll be back next season (and that Jeff and Howie cosigned on that "don't bring your A-game" approach.) Not enough talk about how WFT played like they were almost trying to tank, too. If they were a decent, consistent team they would have pulled away early enough, or have been able to keep the Hurts-led offense at bay and no one would have their underoos in a bunch.
  17. For about 15 minutes after the DJax TD that put us up 14-3, and Carolina was up 13-0, they pulled me back in and I was ready to jump on the "Let's win this division and see what happens!" train. By halftime, I was back in "Let's see how high we can draft!" mode.
  18. Whether watching in air order, or chronological order, I assume it's best to watch Clone Wars before Rebels?
  19. With the CIN win last night, we would have the #3 pick right now if not for the NO win. Instead we have the 7th and will probably end up 10th-13th if we win 1 of the last 2.
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