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  1. Have a HS junior that is about to begin this process. I've heard scuttle that schools are desperate for students, even prior to COVID, as more students balk at the potential debt required due to high tuition costs and go right to the workforce, so schools have been willing to "negotiate" tuition cost and/or "find" discounts and other school-backed grants to entice enrollment. Anyone found that to be true?
  2. It's all fun and games til someone buys it! Or until you get flagged as a possible money launderer...
  3. Right. If it's Vader in the suit all the time, with the JEJ voice, who would even know/care it's Hayden wearing it? Pedro Pascal at least does Mando's voice in addition to the 15 seconds of screen time where we see his actual face in the armor. Maybe there will be a lot of flashbacks to Anakin, for backstory? Or, there will be a lot of Vader-getting-home-from-work-and-taking-off-his-helmet-to-relax scenes?
  4. More evidence that Howie is living off a bogus "cap wizard" reputation. Sure, at one point he was an "in-his-prime" cap manager, but that hasn't been the case for awhile. If he's not bringing that, and he's not bringing anything to the table with player evaluations (draft or FA), then why is he still the right person for the job?
  5. Ideally, if this were truly a well-run organization, this how it should be playing it out right now, assuming the team honestly believes Wentz can be fixed: You decide Wentz being rehabbed is the best chance at salvaging the next couple of years rather than paying almost the exact same amount of money/cap space for another team to fix him You also realize this team is going nowhere in 2020 You share both of those with Wentz (and mean it) and let him in on how these last 4 games can be an opportunity for him to focus on getting his head, and mechanics, right without the potent
  6. Have you seen the team's cap situation, and the contracts of our aging vets? The myth that Howie is still some cap guru is "scored-4-TDs-in-a-game-at-Polk-High" stuff. There's nothing he's doing with the cap that at least half the other teams aren't also doing, with some of them doing it even better.
  7. Take note of the wording of Doug's statement: "I looked at the whole thing and decided that for this week to look for that spark again to try to get the team over the hump." "for this week" Can't have any definitiveness when it comes to QBs in Philly!
  8. No, but saying there is a 0 percent chance we win seems extreme. Wouldn't you throw your life savings on these games even at a low return if you believed this? The Broncos almost beat KC yesterday. Nothing is 0% in the NFL.
  9. This chorus from the peanut of gallery of "We told you so" about Wentz is some really distorted reality. They spent 4 years saying he wasn't good while he: Had one of the best rookie seasons, statistically, and showed promise Delivered on that promise in Year 2 by contending for MVP and leading them to the #1 seed and being a key part of a Super Bowl winning season Dealt with coming back from an ACL injury and then breaking his back in Year 3 to still put up 3,074 Yards, 21 TD, 7 INT, and 102.2 rating Dragged a practice-squad of WRs in Year 4 to the playoffs by winning
  10. This franchise will take the hit every single day until 2024 To all of the people that were angry we kept Wentz over Foles, you kinda get your wish: This team's got a Nick Foles now. Back-up QB with a shockingly great season in the rearview mirror that makes 20x what the starter makes just in case you need to have him go in if Hurts gets injured.
  11. Maybe not all, but more than one thing can be true and a contributing reason. We're about to put out our 11th different OL combo in 12 games. That can't be dismissed as a major factor. And a lot of the tape I've seen being analyzed shows the WRs aren't really great at getting separation for those quick throws to go to. Whether that's talent or scheme,
  12. Except none of that should cause an inability to read the field, or massive accuracy issues. Yeah, that's really the point of my OP where I brought up the Aaron Rodgers/Jordan Love situation: Drafting Hurts isn't the reason Wentz is playing bad, or even why we have a QB controversy. Chants for Sudfeld would be echoing across Philly, too. But the Hurts pick has definitely adding an additional layer of mess to the whole thing.
  13. I decided to jump into VR and grabbed that Costco deal yesterday. Keys for me: stand-alone (so no PC, console or inserting a smart phone into the glasses), Star Wars games (especially the lightsaber dojo), and interested in the possibilities for watching live concerts or movies on it. With doing those things, or even traveling, limited in real-life for awhile, it might be a worthy way to experience them.
  14. Kurt Warner said the same. You aren't helping any starting a controversy drafting a QB in the 2nd Round Not for nothing, but the Packers drafted a QB in the FIRST round this year (that they traded up for!) and they seem to be doing ok avoiding a QB controversy. If Wentz and/or the team were playing to their potential, it wouldn't be an issue. Drafting Hurts isn't making Wentz play bad (or if it really is, he/we have bigger issues), but it exacerbates it a ton, especially in a city where the back-up QB is always looked at as the magic answer anytime the team struggles (and that was B
  15. I think we're over-estimating the play-calling impact. Whether it's Doug, Duce, etc., they're all still calling plays from the ones installed for that game plan. And the game plans are at the root of the problem. It's not like Doug has a bunch of plays on his call sheet that are stellar and he keeps avoiding them. The only difference might be whether someone else calls more crappy run plays than crappy pass plays.
  16. And all of them, plus Houston and soon some others, will be looking to fill the same coaching and front office jobs we are. Not great timing to have all that competition while we're looking to land cream-of-the-crop talent.
  17. Does Sebastian Stan have some SW Universe tie (like a voice in the animated shows?) that has everyone talking about him being a young Luke? Or is it just fan-casting based on his looks?
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