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  1. Just here to say I love all of these snippets. I'm still on vacation doing about 50/50 on good vs. bad decisions. Good - healthy lunches! Lots of exercise! Bad - everything that happens after 4 or 5 pm. Join me in this space on Thursday when I start making 95% good decisions instead.
  2. Can we do "my current town" or "what I think of as my hometown" and not "my original hometown"? I don't want to have to draft a bunch of Johnny Cougar FFS.
  3. Btw, @Eephus, I'm in SF today and made my bi-annual pilgrimage to Tony's Napoletana.
  4. I do like complicated, numerous spreadsheets. And I don't mind keeping them up, to the extent of my feeble abilities.
  5. Copying @Bluesbomber because he was interested in this draft but got here late. Just letting you know another draft might be forming, so keep an eye out!
  6. Great job, everyone! And by "everyone," I mean "definitely not me." Rather than daily posts of my successes and (mostly) failures, I'll just say that I'm trying to make daytime good choices - lighter lunches, daily yoga and walks - to balance partially all the nighttime bad choices. I'll have to regroup when I get back next Wednesday and make my days full of better choices instead.
  7. The band is back together! On a totally opposite note, has anyone else been following the bull#### happening with Bloodshot Records?
  8. No. Usually worse actually because it's usually loaded with salt and flavoring. The thing that makes it "smart" is that popcorn is usually healthier than most other chips, but a serving of smartfood isn't much different than a serving of chips iirc I didn't compare anything but calories since I'm not tracking sodium, but it also was much more calorific than the Cheez-Its.
  9. I'm not going to be tracking while I'm on my working vacation. I'm just not. But I am still going to try to eat well and get exercise. Yesterday I got in a few miles of walking and a short yoga session. On the plane, I took the healthiest lunch option, salad with strawberries and chicken, and I didn't eat the dressing or the bread that came with it. Same strategy at dinner, plus wine. Then I came to my hotel room and ate every snack I'd stolen from the Sky Club.
  10. I understand rock sometimes stirs up controversy, but what could that cute little flappy bird have done wrong?
  11. I did ok yesterday and found this morning I’d lost 1.6 pounds since Wednesday, so not too bad overall. I was in the Delta Sky Club this morning and did NOT have a mimosa. What’s wrong with me? Now I’m on my flight and in a WINDOW SEAT because some dummies (sorry, Otis) didn’t get seats together and asked if I would switch. This seat is making me stabby, and I can’t guarantee I won’t have a glass of wine with lunch.
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