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  1. I put it back on. Big tent and all. I don't think it sounds any less gospel than some of the others, even if it stands out a bit in its different style. There are parts that sound very gospel-y.
  2. Amadeus was one of the top ones for me, too, but I think I love that movie more than most.
  3. Maybe you could describe movies you saw without telling us the names. That's always good for some excitement.
  4. I'm going Robert Duvall, but I think he's the genius in any movie he's in.
  5. PUT IT ON. PUT IT ON. PUT IT ON. (I haven't listened to the song but want the gospel channel to be welcoming.)
  6. Oh wow. Now I'm going to be busy for a while. A Few Good Men was one I thought of - did you put the question mark after because you weren't sure if it was a play or if it was a good movie? I saw it in the theater before it was a movie.
  7. Play. I have a ton of suggestions for great play-originated-movies, but it would be BORING.
  8. See my edit, which I was writing as you posted. Sorry, I did not mean to disparage people who were discussing in good faith, including you. You, KP, and I'm sure others had good input.
  9. Btw, re-watching Godfather II right now and reminiscing about when Al Pacino wasn't a hack.
  10. On the last two pages of this thread I see several instances of people saying they didn't like a movie due to the characters. But then when someone said (or maybe even they didn't - I don't remember if it was a strawman or real) they didn't enjoy Into the Wild (a book I loved, by the way) because of the decision-making of the character, then it had to become political. It's pedantic and stupid. Of course we bring our views of the relatability of a character to everything we watch. The "conversation" about that fact was boring AF.* D-minus, would not read again. *ETA through no fault
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