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  1. I like this idea and will adopt it, too. K, gotta go right now because I only have three minutes to shove as much food in my mouth as possible.
  2. I rejoined this morning for three months. The tracking really does help so much, as I only rejoined after lunch and didn't realize how much I'd already screwed myself when it came to dinner. Which plan are you on? The first time, I was on Blue, but I went through the series of questions today to analyze, and it recommended Green, which gives more daily points but fewer zero-point foods. I'm going to try that one. Seems like a lot of us had bad weekends, but we are starting fresh again today! I did a 30-minute YWA and got my 4+ miles in, and I'm committed to staying within my points t
  3. I'm finally eligible Thursday and snagged an appointment for 9:36 a.m. that morning for a Moderna shot #1. At the place I'm going, they are scheduled every six minutes! Sigh of relief that the end of my waiting is in sight.
  4. How do we distinguish Rude Youth from The Joint? Sorry if it’s obvious, but I don’t want to mess up.
  5. I take up your challenge with a bonus pick. BONUS.k4 Billy Preston - Nothing From Nothing (Hall of Very Good) Primary Fifth Beatle and contributor to many George projects, too. Might have single-handedly kept the Beatles together for an extra year or two. John proposed to make him a permanent member of the band. Only non-Beatle with a writing credit on a Beatles song. Played with Mahalia Jackson and Little Richard and others when he was still a child. Nominated for nine Grammys and won two. 18 top 100 singles in the US, including three that hit #1. Co-wrote "You
  6. 304.k4 Earwig - Drag (All About That Bass) Ex-bassist-ex-Mr.-krista would like to weigh in with his favorite bass riff.
  7. Thanks for the clarification! 303.k4 Brian Eno - Needles in the Camel's Eye (Hall of Very Good)
  8. Clarification on Hall of Very Good: would this include someone who was inducted as part of a band but not inducted on his extremely qualified solo resume?
  9. I'm back. Didn't keep up with anything as well as I should have on vacation. It wasn't the days when I was somewhere, but I forgot how much time I'd be driving. After a 12-hour or 7-hour drive (the past two Saturdays), I'm just not walking or doing yoga. Got back last night and did about 70 minutes of yoga today, but still not much walking. Why are vacations so exhausting? Tomorrow I'll weigh in and see how bad it is, and then get back on the yoga and walking trains. But more importantly, eating better and drinking a whole lot less again. I think I'll re-join WW for two months
  10. Now I have to listen to Freestylin' again! I guess I should have focused on playlists that were closed out...but is anything ever actually closed out? 🤔
  11. Cruiselines started up in Europe and Israel a while back. They've been requiring vaccines of all passengers and crew. Things actually have been going well with the restrictions they've had in place. Those that sail from the US have also announced cruise schedules that don't include US ports now. Celebrity, for instance, is starting in June to run one of its ships through the Caribbean in and out of St. Maarten, another in and out of Athens, and another in and out of Southampton (UK). All of these are requiring vaccination proof from passengers 18+ and 72-hour testing from everyone who
  12. 302.k4 Marvin Gaye - Yesterday (slooooooooooooooooooooooo* jams) *oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  13. Somehow in my long road trip I didn't listen to Road Trip Radio. I think for consistency/irony, I'll listen while walking around town.
  14. Last one, don't worry! (be happy) Beat It I didn't think this mix would be cohesive, but it was surprisingly so even with a few different styles. Really good! One thing I noticed about these is how tight and into it the whole band is when these amazing drumming parts are going on. Highlights for me: - I was really happy someone put "Funky Drummer" on there. - Love Tony Allen with Fela Kuti but had not listened to this later stuff, so this is a whole new area to be happily mined. - Not sure the Soundgarden or Rollins Band songs were to my taste overall, but the dru
  15. Coupla artist-centric channels: Dylan: You'd think I knew a lot more Bob Dylan than I do. He's right in my wheelhouse, but outside of the big albums and songs I haven't delved very far, which is ridiculous. Something I was worried about with this mix is that it would have too much...Dylan. I mean, I don't dislike his voice like some people do, but I'm not sure I could listen to it for hours on end. So I was really happy that about every five songs there was a cover or a different take. It broke up the mix really well. This was another "no-skip" experience for me (though there
  16. Freestylin'! I was excited for this one. Somehow, I missed pretty much all of this music as I was off listening to Elvis Costello or something. So except for the really big names (Run DMC, Public Enemy), there was a lot that I'd kinda heard of but not really listened to. The mix did not disappoint! I loved it. It was really interesting to me to try, to my very untrained ear to this type of stuff, to discern the differences in styles and levels of talent and intricacy. Not knowing when any of it came out exactly, I wondered if some of the stuff that seemed more "basic" to me was
  17. Moved on next to Eel Pie. I was interested in this one because, while I'm fairly conversant in The Kinks, I've never listened to much from The Who. No good reason for that. Just never felt a need. So I wanted to hear more from them and expand my knowledge. This was a good mix for me, felt like wearing an old comfy sweater. The Kinks songs were familiar and made me happy. The Who songs were...well, the ones I knew and already liked were good, and the ones I didn't know were good, too. But nothing new stood out to me as a must-listen-again. But it was a mix where I didn't skip anything
  18. Lotsa listens today on my last leg home. I'm doing each in a separate post, maybe. Maybe not. Here's one. Started out with The Highway: I've found that starting the morning with something country-tinged works well, as they tend to be laconic and easy. Not like starting the day with Noble Eightfold or something. This was a great mix, but I didn't realize it was still a baby. Very quick listen. Of all I've checked out so far, this one seemed to hang the best together, but again it's just in its infancy. Also, I didn't count but I'd swear it had a majority of female artists, which h
  19. There's nothing wrong with this. It's a great song that unfortunately got associated only with an ad.
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