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  1. I was walking with the former Mr. krista yesterday (from now on I'll call him OH), and he exclaimed, "Why do you always walk so fast?!?!" I told him that my three years in NY followed by 17 in Chicago probably did it to me. But probably it was just the NY time. Congrats to Steeler on the anniversary!
  2. Interesting - do you drink this? I'm wondering because I'm not big on sweets, and I definitely do not like sweet drinks at all, so if I were to make it, I'd just have two ingredients. Does that still taste good? By the way, to be clear, yesterday notwithstanding, I'm not trying to reduce my alcohol consumption overall. I do like to sip drinks throughout the day, so I take in a lot of liquids - iced tea (with or without caffeine depending upon time of day) and sparkling water with lemon or lime, in addition to the wine. There was a time when I wanted to drink less wine, and I merely drank a lot more water instead. That's what I do in the evenings, like tonight, when I don't plan to consume any wine. But this is a nice option with more nutritional value than water, so it's great to have that in my back pocket as an option, too. Open to any other ideas from anyone as to good non-boozy and non-sweet drinks as well! Thanks for this.
  3. No. I'm going to do the Disney+ for one month approach for now. I'd expect that it will be released in another form sometime down the road.
  4. You're absolutely right, and I have no reasonable explanation for why I feel that way about hearing/seeing John but not Otis. The best I can do is to say that people die in plane crashes, and it's every bit as tragic, but John's murder was just so...senseless. And it came at a time when he seemed to have gotten his life together and been happier than he had been in years. I think that photo of John with his murderer hours before his death also impacts my feeling on it, making it seem even more unfair. Like I said, not necessarily logical, but John's death, and then seeing him all full of life on video, still makes me impossibly sad in a way that the others don't.
  5. I appreciate this post. Yesterday turned out to be a not-great day, but not terrible either. Planning around what I knew would be too much wine (four glasses!) allowed me still to eat some delicious food but only go about 12% over my points for the day. Today I have no social obligations, so it will all be easier.
  6. It makes me awfully sad, too. In some ways it will be very hard to watch. Even driving around listening to the Beatles channel, when they have snippets of interviews with George or especially John, it's melancholy to me. My companion book for this arrived on Wednesday but I haven't had the heart to open it yet.
  7. I did do OK on food tonight...had some shared mussels and then some cod and vegetables. Booze...well, booze is a different story. Kinda tough when the people at the wine place know you and just keep pouring more and more "tastes." And also then you go out and have dinner. I should make myself the DD so I will have a reason not to drink the wine. Alas, that was not true tonight. I did do my yoga (~30 minutes) after lunch today and also walked to the wine-tasting meeting point, which gave me another 2 miles of hills. Also, lol at Steeler...those fries were tough, though. They were freaking delicious, so 1.5 was a huge victory.
  8. Yesterday was similar to the day before, but with heathier eating at dinner. Finished up my tuna at lunch with another half-sandwich, and had the veggie snaps with that. Dinner was roasted chicken (with pan drippings), a ####-ton of Brussels sprouts, and haricot verts. Absolutely delicious. I did have two glasses of wine again. Some grapes for a snack. Under my points for the day. I ran my errands yesterday via bipedal locomotion, which were just over two miles, but I'm surrounded by steep hills so they were hilly miles at least. Also did 44 minutes of moderate yoga. Today is going to be rough. I have a wine tasting late this afternoon, followed by dinner out. I could have managed that OK, but I was talked into lunch out, too. Had a salmon BLT without the B, ate only half the bread, and ignored the fries save 1.5 of them. One glass of wine with lunch, though. By the way, I don't avoid bread because of some dumb keto thing, but because I just don't like bread enough to waste my calories/points on it. Anyway, will have to modify dinner from our plan for Indian to something where I can eat a bit better.
  9. Thanks! She had a week-long series of bedtime yogas a month or two back. I did a couple of them, though I didn't notice any appreciably better sleep from it. They're nice anyway. I have been sleeping better through conscious breathing, which I sort of got from her, and from 4-7-8 breathing.
  10. Yeah, it's exciting. I'm verklempt, though, that it's on Disney+, which I don't have and have no interest in getting, even temporarily. What do I do?
  11. Good stuff - thank you for that. I particularly appreciate the bold part as sleep is always a problem for me. I'm not hungry during the day or at night. The issue is more mental. And other than sometimes one slice of bread at lunch, I rarely eat bread, pasta, or rice. Well...except bread in the form of pizza crust. I do love black beans, so that's a great option. I also love chickpeas and lentils so incorporate those fairly often.
  12. Loving all the activity, too! Great job to all. Day one for me yesterday was pretty good. I did 53 minutes of moderate-intensity yoga but no other activity. I tend to eat well and/or very little all day, but evenings are what end up killing me if anything does. At lunch I often have half a sandwich and maybe some fruit or a bag of these, which are really tasty and 80 calories a bag instead of 200 in chips. I also like their buffalo-flavored ones (they also have ranch). Yesterday was in keeping with this normal lunch - had a slice of rye bread with some turkey and mustard, and a bag of the veggie snaps. In the afternoon snacked on a dill pickle spear and half a Twizzler. Then at dinner, I realized I had very little in the house because I'd been out of town, so I had half a tuna sandwich, some grapes, and another bag of the veggie snaps. Not really a nutritionally healthy day, but low in calories/WW points and today I've procured fresh vegetables again so will eat better. The only down part for the day was wine intake, as I had two glasses. That's not a lot, but it isn't good for a random Tuesday. Even with the wine, I was under my WW points. I usually weigh on Mondays, but being out of town missed it this week. Weighed this morning instead, and found I'm up 13 pounds from my 2021 low, which was in mid-June. So I'd like to lose those 13 pounds, plus another 5 to get back down to where I was in 2020.
  13. I'm sorry to hear of the life stress. In the past I've actually found marriage counseling to be useful (please set aside the fact I got divorced, haha), so I'm more hopeful than you are that you guys will see some benefits from it. Good job avoiding the booze when facing that stress, by the way!
  14. Yeah, this is how I feel. When I think of doing it myself, it seems self-centered and stupid. But I like reading everyone else's. Glad to see we have much of the band back together here. Should help.
  15. If only there were somewhere to find the information. Had not seen this. Thank you! That was cruel.
  16. They'll make a lot of recommendations. Do the research afterwards and see if/what you need. They're not going to force you to do or get anything you don't want. We take ours in every couple years or if there's a problem. Yeah, pretty much this. Given my cats are indoor only, I don't get them any of the shots or take them in unless there's an issue, but I do watch closely for issues. This changes when they hit maybe 10-12 years old, when I take them in more frequently (but still don't get the shots).
  17. I'm in for daily accountability posts. I've usually posted fairly general weekly updates, but I think daily for a while will be better. Starting today I'll do the daily posts here along with many of you. I've never wanted to post them before because they seem boring in theory, but I enjoy reading everyone else's, so I guess mine will be fine, too. Just got back from a five-day "vacation" to visit family in Louisville. The bad parts fitness-wise were my food and alcohol intake, but on the plus side I did yoga at least once per day and got a TON of walking in. Walking in 87-degree, 98% humidity heat. So I don't feel too, too bad about where I am, though I haven't weighed.
  18. Are people listening to the playlists? I haven't had a chance yet due to circumstances, but I'm looking forward to doing so over the next couple of weeks. I'll put this here, since I don't know where it goes, but I wanted to report for my vinyl aficionados (rockaction) that while in Louisville I picked up Knock Knock by Smog (Eephus, that's Bill Callahan not the supergroup), two Richie Havens live records, a Larry Williams greatest hits, and of course one Beatles-related, Flowers in the Dirt.
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