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  1. Weah for Nips! Just said in ESPN, Arriola injured in warmups. Edit: hope it's minor for Nips, hate to see guys hurt
  2. Yeah its a strong lineup and overall pretty pleased but why didn't we see Hoppe against Panama if the plan was to play Nips tonight? So concerned about resting players yet starts Nips 3 games in a row with a fresh set of legs on the bench.
  3. Additionally Zimmerman wasn't even on the initial roster, that would be something Hopefully this is all moot
  4. Wouldn't that be three straight starts for Zimmerman? Would be a great time to start Richards with the projected other three back line starters to see how he fits in. And would also like to see Musah get another start, with Busio or Luca a top sub in the second half.
  5. Panama is not good though, ranked 68th right between Congo and United Arab Emirates. They weren't terribly impressive, the right lineup takes that game. And a good chunk of the starting line up last night was neither young nor inexperienced and that's the problem. We've seen them before.
  6. One of these two was subbed at halftime, the other played all game
  7. Couldn't agree more. We should have come firing out of the gate and beat up on lesser teams. @ El Sal, home vs CAN and last night were lost opportunities, only got 2 pts instead of what should have been 7 minimum. Can you imagine beating CR on Wed to be at 16 pts? Could have effectively punched our ticket and used the rest of qualifying to solidify the roster and get much needed experience for younger players. Instead we have our toughest 4 games still to come (@CAN, @CR, both MEX games) and will have to rely on no screwups on the rest to qualify. Given what happened four years ago the mindset is stupefying, I just don't understand the complacency.
  8. Man I wish I had your confidence. Fact is they've played 3 good half's out of 10 in this cycle so coach has a 30% success rate as I see it. If last night didn't open his eyes then nothing will.
  9. I'm just not sure about this; logic would seem to dictate but it doesn't appear normal logic is being applied here. And it's not a MLS/Europe thing, Pepi/M Robinson/Turner have all turned out great performances and there is plenty of young MLS talent with potential that could be added that please all parties. We have hours of tape on the MLS "veterans" at this point and it should be glaringly obvious that they should not be starting or getting significant minutes in any games that matter.
  10. I've been neither a Beerhalter supporter or detractor, felt he needed time with this young group to figure things out and get the right people in the right places. But this was such a HUGE step backward that I'm at a loss. Horrible starting lineup and confusing subs. Musah wasn't great in the first half but everyone sucked. At least he was driving the ball forward and creating. And leaving LLeget/Acosta on with Busio/LDLT on the bench? No Hope? WTF. Edit: meant to say "No Hoppe?" but maybe the autocorrect is more accurate unfortunately
  11. These two as well. So many better options, we have to shoot higher.
  12. Played to tie instead of to win and got burned. If we are going to have Llegets/Acostas/Zardes/Nips on the roster (and that's debatable) we cannot play them all at the same time. Way too much quality going unused on the bench/off roster. This is 100% on the coach and I hope to God his bosses take notice.
  13. Did your league vote on it, or is he just doing it? What are other leagues doing where he is listed as a WR?
  14. Maybe Hoppe gets some time at the 9? I hope so, at least.
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