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  1. Mike Garafolo @MikeGarafolo #Steelers WR Diontae Johnson did not suffer a serious injury yesterday, source says. His status for Sunday vs. the #Bengals is TBD but it’s not a long-term injury. 12:38 PM · Sep 20, 2021·Twitter for iPhone https://twitter.com/MikeGarafolo/status/1439992473720344581
  2. That would certainly add some clarity to Landon's "beyond repair" comment.
  3. Don't want to perpetuate unsubstantiated Twitter rumors but when they seem to be backed up by Landon's comments they may have some validity. Latest is Weston let an outsider into the hotel/his room and they may have been connected to a teammate. Here's Landon's comments, the bolded part is telling: "I will just say I am privy to what happened. I'm not going to announce that publicly," Donovan said on the Futbol with Grant Wahl podcast. "I will just say that I am incredibly disappointed in Weston, incredibly disappointed. Look, I can understand being at Juventus during a long club season, you're sitting at home for months and months and months and you want to have people over. Is it the smartest thing to do? No, but I get it. This is one week of your life with three massive games, not only for yourself but for your teammates and for your country to go to a World Cup and the level of selfishness in that moment is beyond me. Honestly, it's beyond me."
  4. Jacob Myers @_jcmyers Gyasi Zardes will be out 2-4 weeks with a hamstring injury, per Caleb Porter. 12:53 PM · Aug 20, 2021·TweetDeck Probably in the minority but was looking forward to seeing Zardes run with the first team. Don't think he ever had this collection of talent around him on the national level. On the plus side hopefully it opens a door for a youngster to a slide in, ie Pepi etc
  5. NFL Beat Writers Retweeted Marisa Contipelli @BengalsMarisa Joe Mixon is "full-go" per Zac Taylor. 12:57 PM · May 25, 2021·TweetDeck
  6. Dianna Russini @diannaESPN Just spoke to a free agent wide receiver to find out what’s going on with all the receivers still unsigned. He said “the WR market is really bad right now” 2:19 PM · Mar 16, 2021·Twitter for iPhone
  7. (thehuddle) Carolina Panthers WR Curtis Samuel (hamstring) was limited during practice Thursday, Dec. 17, and is listed as questionable for Week 15. If Samuel sits out DJ could be in line for a lot of targets.
  8. I'm going to add Mooney, and here's why: - He passes the eyeball test for me, seems like he has great hands, awareness and goes up and gets the ball - Foles is averaging 38 pass attempts in his 5 games this year and Mooney has averaged 6 targets in all of those games. With Cohen out there's not much competition after Robinson, hopefully he sees an uptick in targets as he/Foles get more comfortable - The last four teams the Bears played are all top 10 in yielding points to QBs/WRs (LA, TB, IND + CAR). Conversely 6 of the last 9, including the next 3, are against the bottom 10 for WRs/12 for QBs in the same statistic (Saints, Titans, Texans, Jags, Vikes X2). Thinking (hoping) he can develop into a nice flex/WR3 with a softer schedule.
  9. WR Diontae Johnson Says Ankle/Toe Injuries Won’t Keep Him From Playing Against Ravens
  10. Not sure how this narrative got started, Gurley was always the guy when he was able, and even when he really wasn't. Outside of the end of 2018 he dominated touches, I see no reason why McVay wouldn't feed any of these 3 RBs should they take an overwhelming lead. But therein lies the question, who of these 3 is capable of that? We know Brown isn't at this point, decent solid back but nothing super special. So take your pick between Akers and Henderson and hope for the best. Henderson seems to have the inside edge for now but I would imagine Akers getting a good look as well as the season progresses.
  11. The Rams O-Line was in shambles for a majority of 2019 for sure, but the group found their rhythm later in the season and finished on a high note. A multitude of injuries resulted in constant shuffling around and the pressing of two rookies into early action. While this proved for an uneven 2019 the game experience can only have a positive effect in preparation for 2020. The front office's "inaction" in addressing the line via draft/free agency speaks volumes in their belief that this can be a solid unit for the upcoming year - they are being patient with their young Oline (Old Man Whitwoth aside) and not knee jerking into rash decisions that could ultimately have adverse outcomes. Then there's this, if you're into deeper stats: https://www.nfl.com/news/ten-best-performing-nfl-o-lines-by-expected-rushing-yards. "The league average in xYPC was 4.18 last season, so the Rams' mark of 4.31 is nothing to scoff at. Yet, the Rams weren't able to break 4 yards per carry with Gurley (and friends) in the backfield." While I have a hard time believing this Oline was Top 10 in anything last year it does give credence to the fact that the rushing woes did not lie entirely with the line. A one legged Gurley was still able to total 1000 yards combined and 14 TDs in 15 games behind last years line, so I have a lot of belief in Cam's ability to be a highly productive back behind a decisively improved line in 2020.
  12. Source: #Eagles speedy WR Marquise Goodwin plans to opt-out for the 2020 season due to COVID-19 concerns. He has informed the team, who traded for him during the draft. Goodwin has a 5-month daughter after his wife previously had three miscarriages. Family is the most important.
  13. Drake weighs in, and for once I agree with him: https://twitter.com/NFL_Memes/status/1252618409101135872/photo/1
  14. If I'm reading this article correctly the Rams saved $5.5mm with the release, and an additional $2.5mm with the Atlanta signing. So it freed up $8mm, which hopefully goes toward OL. https://theramswire.usatoday.com/2020/03/19/nfl-rams-salary-cap-todd-gurley-clay-matthews-release/
  15. Not sure if rumor or not, but I heard each team will have a neutral site game in addition to 8 home/away. That would solve that problem, but sounds like a scheduling nightmare. Hoping there are two bye weeks to allow for the added playing time. Well rested, non injured players = better football
  16. I think his point was to disprove the poor 3 cone scores which apparently are designed to measure skills like this. Over time he'll hopefully make smarter decisions with his running but the ability is there it would seem.
  17. Talk about a misleading headline. Yahoo currently has a picture of Garrett on their home page with the tag "Garrett is assured Mason Rudolph made racial slur", with the linked article detailing how Garrett was assured his accusation of the slur being said wouldn't be made public. Way to stir the pot, Yahoo.
  18. NFL Memes @NFL_Memes BREAKING: NFL has punished Steelers for their role in TNF brawl by not suspending Mason Rudolph
  19. Wait, did you just call him naive then follow that up by saying as long as nobody was hurt there's no reason to prosecute?
  20. Garret was picking him up by his face mask at that point. I'd kick him in the berries as well.
  21. https://dailysnark.com/social-media-feels-like-theyve-uncovered-antonio-browns-multiple-burner-accounts/ 100% it's him
  22. I'll give Comcast kudos in this regard - they are far more flexible when it comes to adding/deleting services. As long as you keep one service (and I have no other option for internet) you can cancel with no early term charge (and yes I have that in writing). Paying $140 for 100 mbps Internet + Vue w/Redzone right now, 2 year deal is $105 for year 1, $125 year 2 for twice as many channels but less DVR
  23. Anyone tried the Xfinity Streaming App from Comcast? I'm stuck with them for Internet, and I can add 125 channels for $20 more Only 10 hrs on the DVR which stinks, but maybe I don't need it
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