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  1. Been sorely missing style points, haven't you?

    1. ImTheScientist


      Yes sir! Trolling non GLB forums is tough due to bans. LOL 

    2. Junior McSpiffy

      Junior McSpiffy

      Remain vigilant.  Fight the obnoxious fight.  When there's a troll, there's a way.

  2. Just sayin'.... hey.

    1. ImTheScientist


      Whats up thumb! My wife ordered some "natural deodorant" last month and it reminded me you went "natural...no deodorant" in the GLB days.....made me laugh. Her pits smelled like #### so she gave it up after a day. HA.

    2. Junior McSpiffy

      Junior McSpiffy

      Two weeks.  You have to give it two weeks so your body can learn to adapt to not having the natural oils stripped away and then replaced with lotion or whatnot. 


      I must say, there was a day-and-a-half in that adjustment period where I had a bit of a musky smell.  That.... that was a really good day-and-a-half.

  3. Keep on keeping on bromigo. :hifive:

  4. Link? I'm asking for links to everyone's opinion now here in the Shart Pool. Have you not seen the dirty leg stomps all over the TV the last two weeks?
  5. good front 7, Slay is the only guy in the secondary worth a darn. Tulloch doing the discount double check is a huge blow. Should be decent points coming up against NYJ,Buff and Minny Whats different from last year? I would imagine different DC, but I haven't followed them much. Just know they shut down two teams but laid an egg against the Panthers for some reason.
  6. Whats the deal with your D this year? Legit? or has it just been a good start? Educate me please.
  7. Ten stars wouldn't be enough

  8. Russell Wilson owns.

  9. On a side note..... "marijuana grinder" ....
  10. Yo suckas reading this.....don't hate because I know more about FF than you.

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