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  1. buddy of mine owns a comic book store ...hes REALLY into this stuff...and he HATED that movie Ragnarok... with a passion....he said it was just one long running joke ...he likes some humor thrown in now and then but that movie thats all it was ....he said it could have been done so much better if they stayed true to the characters
  2. thats me as a Raiders fan all these years ....this is the first year that ive been excited to watch them in a looooong time
  3. Just flew in from a canned-ravioli-chefs convention in Vegas and Boyardeez arms tired

  4. you have a face book page?

  5. Girl A+ , the best friend ive never met lol

  6. hey girl...thanks and right back at ya.

  7. seems pretty nice to me :smile:

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