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  1. Paul Dehner Jr.‏Verified account @pauldehnerjr 18h18 hours ago More A.J. Green out at practice in full pads.
  2. so thats your out when these women are exposed ...they were going to vote him in no matter what...perfect
  3. i cant believe anyone is actually having a serious conversation about that woman...shes a total fruitcake lol
  4. lets just let it play out starting tomorrow ...im pretty confident whats coming
  5. i cant wait for these phonies to be exposed ...but i wont wait for you guys to say anything ...you`ll just move on to the next story and post 5,000 times about the horror
  6. There are lots of people who mistake their imagination for their memory...True story
  7. maybe he was a virgin the same way that the waterboy Bobby Boucher was ...scared into by his mama ...told that women are the devil
  8. ya ....anyways ...anyone who doesnt agree with the lefts narrative is now trolling ...perfect
  9. id say the women democrats are championing a cause against what they think is the end of humankind as we know it ,if this guy gets onto the highest court we have ...sounds like plenty of reason to me
  10. Some of you guys are a riot....on one hand there's no way a woman would lie for any reason at all about sexual assault...not for gain...or revenge ..or notoriety ...but there's NO CHANCE that Kavanaugh isnt lying when he denies the claims...isnt that a tad nieve and biased ?
  11. who said women dont get assaulted? who said ALL ....so because some are telling the truth its not possible some lie ? really? so its either one or the other? Hmmm
  12. my sisters boyfriends uncles nephews son.....bad bad kid ...lies all the time...always has an angle...loves the spotlight ..isnt much he wouldnt do for money
  13. see...this is what its like getting a straight answer out of YOU lol....crazy right?
  14. dont blame my attitude....blame the people who have created such cynicism by in fact doing such things...sorry but i dont live in a fairytale ...i live in the real world with real people ...who can be bad for all different kinds of reasons
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