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  1. Think I finally managed to grab a PS5. Just waiting for the confirmation email to come through from GameStop. Hoping it actually went through because I don’t think my OG PS4 is long for this world.
  2. Or, he could have just been late for something and was driving way too fast to try to make up for it. TMZ reported that someone saw him leaving the hotel and that another vehicle had him blocked in for a while and that Woods seemed agitated. He then reportedly drove out of the hotel at a high speed almost hitting someone on the way out.
  3. Some people actually enjoy driving. Especially if it’s a higher end vehicle.
  4. It feels like this has simultaneously been going on for 10 years, but also March 2020 was just a couple of weeks ago. (And I definitely let Apple autocomplete the word simultaneously. Why are there so many vowels!?)
  5. Wasn’t there something similar to this previously where you could buy “stock” of a player that wasn’t tied to anything more than what other people on the platform would pay for that “stock”? If I recall, it was all the rage for a couple of months and then all fell apart when people realized that there was no actual item of value they were “investing” in and it was essentially a Ponzi scheme?
  6. If you’re thinking potentially longterm, you need seed and equipment to start a garden. Just make sure it’s not that Monsanto garbage seed that won’t produce food with seeds you can re-plant.
  7. That has typically been the case recently. That’s what we did for our 2019 reservations. Called right when they opened on May 1 2018 and made our reservations for summer 2019. Xanterra operates the in-park lodging. Their website says that they are rolling out a new reservation system. Not sure if that changes anything at all though.
  8. If I had the ability to go spend an entire summer at Yellowstone, I would do it in a heartbeat. Definitely one of my favorite places on earth that I could spend endless hours exploring.
  9. Yeah, I think a lot of it is just lack of experience/knowledge. If I had a scorpion infestation in my house in NJ, I certainly would have no idea what to do. And if the power was out, my ability to do an internet search to figure out what to do may be limited.
  10. Pretty crazy fact/stat: Of the 22 quarterbacks taken in the 1st round from 2009-2016, not a single one is now with the team that drafted them. Link
  11. What are the ages of your group? What time of year are you going? How experienced of hikers is your group? Does anyone have balance issues? Does everyone have footwear with good treads that can get wet? Your big issues are dealing with potentially cold water, balance, and protecting your feet. We rented shoes/neoprene socks and sticks. Personally I didn’t feel like the sticks were super helpful. I felt like it got carried by the current a lot and was difficult to get planted well quite often. For someone that doesn’t have great balance, I could see it being some help possibly, but if bala
  12. I think that first sentence is probably the biggest reason. If you have never had to deal with it before in your lifetime, you’d just have no idea what to do. And if your power is out, most people probably aren’t spending a lot of time on the internet risking running out of phone battery trying to Google what they should do. I would also think that anyone with a well would be in even more trouble. If you are on slab and have well water, you’re going to have a hard time draining your water and you also can’t run your water continuously either.
  13. I think the only thing worse than not having a generator when power goes out in situations like these would be to be my buddy who doesn’t have a generator but has to listen to the loud one in his neighbor’s backyard facing his house all day and all night.
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