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  1. In 7 games against top 10 defenses last year Allen threw for 4+ TDs 3 times. They play only 3 games against projected top 10 defenses this year. Most projections are that they have one of the easiest schedules this year. Of course projecting top defenses and schedule difficulty is pretty tough, but Allen has done pretty well against top defenses regardless. Projecting anyone as the top player at their position is pretty dicey, but I think there is strong reason to believe Allen will be one of the top QBs statistically again this year.
  2. Guess the Yankees having 8 positive cases in vaccinated folks isn’t a great sign for the J&J vaccine though it was much less effective at preventing infection. I guess as long as it’s protecting against serious illness that’s still good but it doesn’t seem to be blocking transmission in those who get it. Glad I got the Pfizer vaccine. The one player that got covid, got the vaccine and now has tested positive again really seems to have an immune system that isn’t good at figuring out how to prevent infection.
  3. Why when the chip you got in the vaccine can just be scanned?
  4. She doesn’t say why she believes this. What is the evidence against vaccinated people not wearing masks indoors? All the evidence suggests that fully vaccinated people are both protected from the virus and do not transmit the virus. I’m guessing her stance is that unvaccinated anti-maskers will take advantage by pretending they are vaccinated and also not wear masks in public places which increases risk to folks who can’t get vaccinated. And she’s probably right from a social policy standpoint. But frankly, the CDC should be scientists and follow the science. They shouldn’t be trying
  5. Had hoped/counted on things being back to normal or close to it by our trip in November and it’s looking extremely promising. Love today’s CDC news. Daughter has never been to DW so looking forward to the full experience: fireworks, parades, character greetings, etc.
  6. Totally agree with you and IK. Started from the beginning when they told everyone they didn’t need to wear masks and then later admitted that was driven in large part by trying to preserve masks for healthcare workers. That move did an incredible amount of damage and likely cost an untold number of lives. They have been incredibly slow in following the science and often were acting more as a political body or psychologists manipulating the public than scientists.
  7. Within an hour of the news our district sent an email out that they were partnering with Walgreens to setup vaccinations at the high school for 12-15 year olds. Anyone in the district can register their kid through the school to get signed up. Though with walk ups available all over I imagine most people will just do that.
  8. Honestly I think the mask wearing was more about being unable to distinguish between vaccinated and un-vaccinated individuals and knowing that un-vaccinated people would lie and not wear masks. So until the vaccination rate increased and infection/hospitalization rates decreased, it made it easier to just tell everyone that they still needed to wears masks.
  9. They’ll just scan for the chip in the vaccine.
  10. Pretty fun schedule video put out by the Bills. Week 8 is hilarious. Some of them seem like weird stretches, but fun overall.
  11. Crazy to me that Republicans keep choosing to align themselves with a loser instead of aligning with winners. Trump really IS going to take the entire party down. Republicans winning the Presidency in 2016 was the worst thing to ever happen to them.
  12. Night before Thanksgiving is biggest drinking night of the year. How many Bills fans travel to NO and never even make it to the game? Also, love that the Bills then get 11 days off before playing the Pats at home on MNF. Bills finally getting some schedule love
  13. The amazing thing is that it’s not just shameful, it’s stupid as well. With Trump underperforming most Republicans down ballot in 2020, continuing to support Trump over other party leadership that is calling out the toxic things that are driving Republican voters away, is literally hitching the cart to a known loser. For all the previous talk of winning, Republicans are seeming to do everything they can to associate themselves with a loser.
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