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  1. Swift got pretty screwed somewhat on some of the rights to her early stuff. She doesn’t own the master recordings of much of it and made a big public thing of it not too long ago when the guy who did own them sold them to someone else instead of to her. I do think that it’s funny that her music seems to basically fall into one of two categories: 1) expressing infatuation with a guy or 2) being aggrieved by someone or some group Pretty ironic from someone who had a hit called “Shake It Off”. Though I’m not really sure if it’s mostly schtick to sell albums, or if it really is represen
  2. This makes sense to me. Seems almost as if we should just label those two different things entirely. One is really just an educational experience while the other is actual work.
  3. For the most part, down ballot Republicans outperformed Trump. I think for a lot of the smarter national level guys they realize that Trump is more of a hindrance than help. But a lot of voters haven’t realized that and plenty of politicians who haven’t realized that either.
  4. Narrows, Angels Landing, Canyon Overlook, Emerald Pools and Weeping Rock are all great trails. The first two are commonly considered 2 of the best hikes period but both are definitely challenging. I’m guessing you already know this, but since you mentioned you are bringing you dog, just know that there is only one trail in the park that dogs are permitted a d that they are not permitted on the busses that get you in and out of the majority of the park. I can’t recommend anywhere to stay as we stayed in a cabin in the park mostly because it gives you driving privileges that staying o
  5. A few more details: -they were filming a show at the hotel he stayed at that day -a vehicle (possibly one for the show) reportedly blocked him in for quite a while when he trying to leave and he appeared agitated about it Kinda matches up with the idea that he was running late and drove way too fast and likely angry. I could totally see a situation where he’s driving too fast because he’s both late and angry, looks at his phone to see/send a text or something and *boom* he’s out of control and flipping.
  6. That’s the only thing that would really make sense to me. But they would be fools to do that IMO.
  7. Well, kinda. But I can watch the exact same video clip of that “moment” for free all over the internet. There are literally exact copies of them. Even with trading cards there’s at least a very specific item that only one person can legitimately hold at one time. Sure, I can look at a picture of it online, but I can’t actually hold the card. And the value of cards is based quite a bit on nostalgia. The whole thing just seems nonsensical to me. But I guess, like any collectible, it will have value if people decide it has value. A photograph laminated onto a piece of cardboard selling for t
  8. Think I finally managed to grab a PS5. Just waiting for the confirmation email to come through from GameStop. Hoping it actually went through because I don’t think my OG PS4 is long for this world.
  9. Or, he could have just been late for something and was driving way too fast to try to make up for it. TMZ reported that someone saw him leaving the hotel and that another vehicle had him blocked in for a while and that Woods seemed agitated. He then reportedly drove out of the hotel at a high speed almost hitting someone on the way out.
  10. Some people actually enjoy driving. Especially if it’s a higher end vehicle.
  11. It feels like this has simultaneously been going on for 10 years, but also March 2020 was just a couple of weeks ago. (And I definitely let Apple autocomplete the word simultaneously. Why are there so many vowels!?)
  12. Wasn’t there something similar to this previously where you could buy “stock” of a player that wasn’t tied to anything more than what other people on the platform would pay for that “stock”? If I recall, it was all the rage for a couple of months and then all fell apart when people realized that there was no actual item of value they were “investing” in and it was essentially a Ponzi scheme?
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