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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one that doesn’t know their license plate number. If I were somewhere and they announced that someone left their lights on and said my license plate number, I’d sit there like a moron having no idea.
  2. It’s appointment only in NJ as well, but the problem is that they didn’t change their system to require things that didn’t need to be done in person be done online or through mail. So people that don’t actually NEED to go in person are still signing up for in person appointments. So right now New Jersey has zero appointments available in the entire state going out at least 2 months. You can’t even TRY to sign up for an appointment, everything is just listed as full (as far as Real ID appointments go at least). If it were actually possible to sign up for an appointment, I agree, that woul
  3. The bandwagon for Nets fans hasn’t really loaded up yet and there weren’t exactly a lot of Nets fans in general. Laker fans in this board have either gotten timeouts, been sucked in the politics forum, or have grown bored with winning. Just about everyone else, IMO, has grown tired of an NBA where 2 or 3 super teams exist and everyone else knows their shot at a title is extremely small.
  4. I carry my license everywhere I go in my wallet. My passport is another thing I’d have to carry. If I can just use my license that I’ll have with me anyway, that is my preference. But since NJ is an incompetent bureaucratic disaster, it appears that renewing my passport will actually be easier than getting the Real ID license.
  5. Wait to hear from the vet. Most I’ve dealt with are pretty honest about things. The most important question you can ask, IMO, is what the pet’s quality of life will be like and for how long. 14 is pretty old for a Boston. It seems unlikely that it will be good news, but ultimately the reason you go to the vet is to let the experts help make the call. If it is time, give her a good goodbye. Treat her like a queen and then make sure you are there with her to send her off and comfort her. It’s extremely tough, but I think being with them at the end is the best thing we can do for them.
  6. Does everyone else pretty much have a Real ID now? New Jersey was extremely slow in implementing it and when they finally rolled it out, Covid hit. Oct 1st it becomes a requirement to have either a Real ID or passport to fly commercially. As of right now, it’s not even possible to schedule an appointment (required) in NJ to get a Real ID. Neat. Crazy that renewing our passports which will likely take 3-4 months will likely be faster than trying to get a Real ID in NJ.
  7. I feel like Virginia is either super densely populated really expensive areas mostly in the north, or more rural very “southern” living in the south of Virginia. Personally, I’m not sure either appeals to me a lot. But that could largely be colored by: a) my general distaste of the greater DC area and b) my irritation at the traffic on the 95 corridor between Baltimore and Richmond every time I drive down to my family’s beach house in NC.
  8. I feel like there’s not enough guidance/parameters here. There are plenty of states that I’d rank differently for visiting versus living in. For instance, Hawaii is very high on my list of states I’d like to visit, but the incredibly high cost of living, high cost to travel to other places, etc., lowers it substantially on my list of places I’d like to live. Other states like Wyoming are similar. Awesome national parks and other places great to visit, but general lack of other cultural activities and lack of access to top notch medical resources lower it considerably for me as far as places I
  9. That’s like 0.000088 percent. Seems ridiculous to pause the whole thing.
  10. Hope she really is just fine. If it makes you feel better, these blood clots have been reported in less than 0.00015 percent of those that received the vaccine. Frankly, while I understand why people may be concerned, pausing the vaccine seems like a huge over reaction with it affecting such a minute percentage of people.
  11. I’m not sure I have many answers (or that there are definitely established answers), but I imagine that a huge percentage of people that snapped back into existence came back to no job, no house, a world with way less resources, etc. After 5 years the world had tried to move on as best as possible.
  12. I haven’t watched Ted Lasso yet but it seems like something I would enjoy. I imagine Kim’s Convenience is in a similar category. Been watching that lately and it’s made me smile. Nothing heady at all, but amusing Canadian South Korean immigrant family sitcom that has plenty of heartwarming storylines and is a nice immigrant slice of life show.
  13. Can’t wait until they release the officiating video using the 2nd half “kickoff” as a demonstration as what is a live ball on a kickoff.
  14. And remember the Asian man that Bucky befriended after he murdered the man’s son? And the emotional struggle Bucky was going through? Yeah well, the writers sure didn’t. Who cares about their backstory, they’re now just pawns in the Discount Cap story.
  15. There are bits and pieces that are great, but overall I feel like they didn’t know what they wanted this show to be. It’s Falcon and Winter Soldier but it feels more like Off Brand Captain America. They spent a lot of time early highlighting and doing backstory for Falcon and Winter Soldier and they’ve done nothing to move those two characters forward. With Wandavision there was a clear vision and arc the entire way through. With this show it feels like they had so many items they wanted to put in the story without enough time to do them justice and nobody had the guts to say some of it needed
  16. Wow, officials finally admitting that the block in the back call on Cody Ford in their playoff loss to Houston was the wrong call. That call very well may have cost the Bills the game. Even more outrageous, they actually fined Ford for it. Getting the call wrong on the field was pretty bad. Doubling down and fining him for what was clearly a bad call was nothing more than the NFL refusing to back down from a bad call that made them look bad. Now they tried to quietly sweep it under the rug and have the audacity to use the play as an example of a clean block in training videos instead of p
  17. This one is incredibly infuriating. This stuff is straight dystopian: -Immediately following the panel, she filed a "professionalism concern card"—a kind of record of a student's violations of university policy. -According to Bhattacharya's lawsuit, the concern card generated interest from an assistant dean in the medical school, who emailed him and offered to meet. The assistant dean assured him that "I simply want to help you understand and be able to cope with unintended consequences of conversations." -Meanwhile, the Academic Standards and Achievement Committee met to to dis
  18. In comparison to what? I’ve never commuted in the area so I really have no idea what day to day traffic is like. I’ve driven through and visited quite a few times heading down to the beach and it’s never struck me as being all that bad, especially in comparison to Philly/Jersey/Balt/DC, but I could see normal commutes being potentially affected pretty negatively by tourist traffic at times.
  19. Trying to get into this. I enjoy it but am terrible so far. I’m guessing the advice to start with a putter is probably something I should listen to as keeping my form so that I can replicate my throws and make the disc do what I want is a huge problem so far. What weights are you guys generally throwing? I have about 6 discs but I think I may have gotten some bad advice on weights. I was basically told “get heavy weights”. So most of my discs right now are in the 173-177 range. It seemed logical at the time because my 158g Leopard was getting carried all over by the wind. But I think it w
  20. About 16 hours into my 2nd Pfizer shot. So far just arm soreness for me. Sounds like the symptoms hit for a lot of you either later the day after or even into the next day. Hoping that’s not the case for me because I have way too much to do at work tomorrow to deal with flu like symptoms.
  21. Republicans get mad at Atlanta for voting blue and swinging both the Presidency and Senate. Republicans punish Atlanta by enacting new voting laws that will suppress the vote in the area. MLB responds by further punishing the Atlanta area by moving the ASG and removing revenue that would have gone into the area. Genius.
  22. Yeah, this isn’t about MLB doing the moral thing. They are doing what they believe will ultimately benefit their bottom line the most. They continue to invest in China more and more and more. Whatever you think of this law in Georgia, I don’t think anyone really believes that Georgia’s government is worse than China’s.
  23. Well yeah, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. So if you get Covid in Vegas you just leave and, PRESTO!, no more Covid. Also, everyone SCATTER! Joe is here!
  24. There are basically no good independent third party studies saying that they actually work. Here’s a good article from Wired.
  25. UV is tough too. With typical airflow rates in HVAC systems, you have to have REALLY powerful UVC systems to actually sterilize the air. UVC takes time to sterilize depending on how powerful it is. If you have proper airflow rates, it’s likely that the air isn’t being exposed to UVC for long enough to actually sterilize it. The dangers of having systems that are actually powerful enough to sterilize the air in an HVAC system are that they a) use a lot of power, b) the HVAC systems typically weren’t designed to run optimally with those things added in and c) they are incredibly dangerous i
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