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  1. We came up with a way to even the playing field in playoff drafts for those picking in the rear by having a rule where any player can be drafted by two teams in the first 3 rounds. After the 3rd round it resumes to a standard draft where a player can only be owned by one team. We have done it for the last decade and it is the best format IMO.
  2. Cowher would cut him? That's funny, I don't recall him cutting Big Ben and I'd argue his indiscretions were far worse than Manziel's.
  3. Sorry but you didn't see what I saw last night. On the field he is never going to have the kind of room to run like he had in that game as NFL defensive players are night and day speed-wise as compared to Duke players. He's not RG3 from 2012 as far as running ability. He has some elusiveness and can improvise and make plays but I don't see him trying to hurdle over a defender, land on his feet, scramble and then make a throw in the NFL. I'm not declaring him a bust but I also feel his chances of being one are much greater than other players who don't have his maturity issues. If you don't see
  4. Their was no perrenial bottom feeder like New Orleans till they got Drew Brees. Quarterback turns perrenial bottom feeders into Super Bowl winners if they have a solid core. Jags lack that solid core. Cleveland just had five players voted into the Pro Bowl so they have a solid core to turn things around quickly if they get the QB. You could be right but even though they came from the same high school and have the same stature Manziel isn't Brees IMO especially mentally. Brees also was drafted and was given a chance to sit on the bench his first year which doesn't happen nowadays. Brees also en
  5. Personally I think the guy will be a bust if he ends up on a perrenial bottom feeder like the Jags or Browns as he seems like a spoiled, rich kid who can't deal with adversity very well. One thing I know for certain is some team will reach for him high up in the first. The same can be said for most of the other qb's coming out who will be over-drafted strictly from a talent standpoint. If you don't have a legit QB in this league you are toast and teams know it so they are willing to draft these guys way ahead of more talented players at other positions. I'm sure some of these guys will pan out
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