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  1. Matchup proof huh? Prescott scored me 8.48 points in a week 2 loss. Either of my other 2 QBs would have gotten me the win that week. He's not automatic if Dallas has a defense and commits to running the ball.
  2. The only way this could get worse is if they start mixing in the Applebee's commercial. They may as well at this point.
  3. Golf Channel and NBC getting absolutely hammered on Twitter for having the audacity to mix in some golf with it's presentation of World's Most Annoying and Repetitive Commercials. So at least there's that.
  4. I'm right there with you gb, I see the extremes on both sides and want nothing to do with either one of them. I don't want to see booster banned and they certainly were not banned yesterday. Which is why I don't understand the angst from the OP. The FDA actually recommended the booster for those who likely need it most even if a subsequent dose carries higher side effect risk. That's far from even a hint of a ban.
  5. Yeah a ban would make zero sense. There are always going to be those among us who stand a better chance with a booster vs taking on Covid unprotected no matter how many small bumps in risk of other side effects the boosters present.
  6. It certainly seems like you're going the "don't trust the government" route which got so many ridiculed on the other side of this whole debate. Rather than worry about which data you want to follow, I'll say for the 3rd time - be happy that if you want to get boosters, the drug companies will happily make them available to you and anyone else who wants them. I could see the outrage if the FDA had banned boosters yesterday but they didn't.
  7. Are you paying no mind to the alternative argument that 2 doses is enough for a vast number of low risk people and that the FDA is concerned about the as yet unknown long-term effects of a new vaccine? There is clear data that some of the side effects of the vaccine, albeit rare, are amplified on the second dose. And there's genuine concern with how much more that danger increases on subsequent doses. For many people in good health and young of age, the Covid risk is so low, especially after two doses of the vaccine, that the unknown of a 3rd dose of the vaccine starts to be more risky than Covid itself. Especially if the vaccine doesn't have the benefit of stopping transmission to others. Which brings us right back to the fact that if you want the 3rd dose, you'll be able to get it. And if there comes a time I feel it's best to get my booster, I'll be able to as well. So why the outrage?
  8. Are you upset because a booster isn't being forced? I don't think there's anything stopping you from getting one if you feel it's necessary.
  9. You're quite simply not living an honest life. Things you represent yourself to care for are an absolute train wreck right now and it's rapidly getting worse.
  10. Whoever is running the show at the WH and thinking that the recent intern video and an appearance today by JB ignoring Afghanistan while harping on vaccines and masks mandates and not taking questions were good ideas... ...is living on a different planet from the rest of us. It's that simple. We've got goofballs running things. This country absolutely sucks at picking Presidents. No surprise since the system in place leaves us all with both arms tied behind our backs.
  11. There's actually strategy behind this believe it or not. There's a serve clock and they allow time for embraces before starting the clock. So all of these players are forcing hugs to allow for a few extra seconds of rest. :themoreyouknow:
  12. HE DROPPED A 50 BURGER TO WIN IT ALL. And I was there to see it! I doubt I'll ever experience a better moment as a sports fan. Congrats to all my fellow Bucks fans. Those of us who remained die-hards through the crushing close calls in the 80's, the dark years in the 90's, the oh so close "Light it Up" teams of the early 2000's, and the constant rebuilding that began when they traded Ray - WE DESERVE THIS!
  13. Team USA really needs them though. Adam Silver should do Pop a solid and ensure this thing gets wrapped up tomorrow so the badly needed reinforcements can arrive sooner rather than later. For 'Merica and that.
  14. Playoff teams were 35-0 all-time when shooting over 50% from the field and over 60% from 3. Phoenix shot 55% from the field and 68% from 3. And the Bucks were on the road. Amazing.
  15. I'm making the trip for game 6 from Vegas for the 2nd time this series (was also there at Fiserv for game 3). There's no way I was going to miss this. Besides, Giannis wants us to be loud and I took that personally.... https://twitter.com/Bucks/status/1416639874510295042
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