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  1. It's not like both of these facts (China coverup and much earlier arrival in US) weren't being reported by reputable sources. 60 Minutes Australia ran a piece about this at the outset. But 60 Minutes US didn't run it for some strange reason. Not really, the reason is obvious. The sad part is, no one cares that they were lied to. And there are more to come.
  2. I don't expect people to care. No one seems to care when they've been lied to for months only to find out the truth after an objective has been achieved. People probably should care about how this was manipulated but they won't. Twice now this week the truth has come out about two very important facts about this pandemic - China coverup and timeline in the United States. Facts that were being shared here way back in March and April and loudly shouted down. Just because I don't expect it to make a bit of difference, doesn't mean I'm any less compelled to remind people that this knowledge was ou
  3. You don't say... Coronavirus Was In U.S. Weeks Earlier Than Previously Known, Study Says The hits just keep coming.
  4. Oh the amount of crap I took for saying these things here months ago... The Wuhan files Leaked documents reveal China's mishandling of the early stages of Covid-19 Nice of CNN to finally start reporting the truth about China and this virus.
  5. So odd that asking for equal treatment and consistency gets immediately bastardized into a call for a free for all by the side benefitting from the unequal moderation. Actually it's not odd at all, it's par for the course.
  6. It's never a bad thing to be honest, that's to be applauded. As to your second sentence, moderation is not a synonym of censorship. No one is calling for you to stop moderating your forums. Consistency is all anyone asks for. Hopefully it's better going forward.
  7. Sounds a lot like Twitter's excuse when they're caught in hypocrisy. How about stopping censorship altogether then no need to apologize?
  8. They certainly are. I'll never understand bailing on a state because of what politicians have done to it, then voting for the same politicians in the new state which you chose because it doesn't have the bad things the state you're fleeing has.
  9. Hmm, please explain why so many people are fleeing "paradise" for Nevada.
  10. Tim was trying to suggest that the love by Republicans for McEnany is because of her looks and that the same love was never shown for Huckabee. And in doing so he's obviously trying to paint them as sexists. I witnessed plenty of praise heaped on both. And when it comes to mentioning appearance, it was (a few) liberals who got out of line with the disparaging of Huckabee-Sanders' physical appearance. ETA: See @tonydead's link above this post.
  11. Having a good memory is a tremendous gift I'm thankful for every day. Widbil83 most certainly used that "heart" icon with Sarah Huckabee as did others. Tim, you made an assumption and went straight to accusation with it, but your assumption is inaccurate. You're trying to turn this into an issue over physical appearance when actually it was your side that was occasionally out of line when it came to Sarah Huckabee and her physical appearance. When it comes to press secretaries, whether in a Republican administration or a Democrat one, I don't think there will ever be a shortage of love for som
  12. See therein lies the problem. You listen to the doctors that share the narrative of your political side. When I posted about an earlier timeline and a high number of as yet accounted asymptomatics back in March, I wasn't sharing accounts from sanitation workers and cocktail waitresses. I posted links from left leaning websites citing actual SCIENTISTS, DOCTORS, AND VIROLOGISTS who had those beliefs. Very accomplished and esteemed experts at that. But people like yourself and others dismissed it as quackery because your media consumption spoon fed you opposing viewpoints by their chosen scienti
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