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  1. I think you misunderstood me. I wasn't saying "good luck with that now" regarding making a living without a bachelor's degree. I own 2 businesses and don't have one. I'm talking about the affordability of the American Dream and adding stifling taxes to our present situation. Tax rates matching the 50's would have a terribly different result in the 2020's. I'm saying good luck today having the house with the white picket fence, two kids, 1-2 cars with one wage earner working a semi-skilled to low skilled job while the other stays home like you could pull off 70 years ago. Yeah, good luck with t
  2. In the 50's people made a very good living on nothing more than a high school education. Only 8% of American held even a bachelor's degree. Good luck with that now.
  3. Be nervous about normal no more. If you arrived tomorrow it would seem no different than 2019 aside from the mask you have to wear on the plane. Once you leave the airport you won't need that mask again until you're back at the airport and leaving town. And weekends are basically sold out for the foreseeable future so the town if fully back alive.
  4. In the span of days you've got Fauci going from masks may be needed for another year and the CDC touting the need for masks OUTSIDE to in the blink of an eye - ditch masks entirely! Sure, it's with the stipulation that you should be vaccinated but they know that no one can be asked for proof. Lol at the notion that the CDC is comfortable with the honor system. Even the teacher's union is suddenly saying we have to get the kids back 5 days a week in person. Something stinks here but I'm not complaining.
  5. The plexiglass is already gone. They've been coming down over the past weeks and the temp checks stopped a few weeks ago. Believe me when I say that last night on the Strip, where word had spread and people were aware of their new freedoms, you wouldn't even know Covid ever happened. The only people still wearing masks were ones who either didn't know they weren't required or those who chose to wear them for their own safety. You're curious about September, and I'm telling you that your trip could be planned for next week and you'd arrive to Vegas as it was in January 2020. They even removed t
  6. Vegas basically 100% open and as if Covid never happened. Most properties approved for 100% capacity and the Nevada governor announced that we're following the CDC guidelines effectively immediately. The gaming board quickly dropped the mask mandate. So at this very moment on the Strip, it's no masks, no capacity limits, and no social distancing in most casinos - inside and out. Just all so weird that in a blink it's as if this is all gone and forgotten.
  7. It's not like both of these facts (China coverup and much earlier arrival in US) weren't being reported by reputable sources. 60 Minutes Australia ran a piece about this at the outset. But 60 Minutes US didn't run it for some strange reason. Not really, the reason is obvious. The sad part is, no one cares that they were lied to. And there are more to come.
  8. I don't expect people to care. No one seems to care when they've been lied to for months only to find out the truth after an objective has been achieved. People probably should care about how this was manipulated but they won't. Twice now this week the truth has come out about two very important facts about this pandemic - China coverup and timeline in the United States. Facts that were being shared here way back in March and April and loudly shouted down. Just because I don't expect it to make a bit of difference, doesn't mean I'm any less compelled to remind people that this knowledge was ou
  9. You don't say... Coronavirus Was In U.S. Weeks Earlier Than Previously Known, Study Says The hits just keep coming.
  10. Oh the amount of crap I took for saying these things here months ago... The Wuhan files Leaked documents reveal China's mishandling of the early stages of Covid-19 Nice of CNN to finally start reporting the truth about China and this virus.
  11. Nah. Trump just got the 3rd most votes of any Presidential candidate in history. Smart Republicans will just vocally support him loudly but take no substantive action.
  12. So CNN finally figured out what I was saying right here on Tuesday night? Cool.
  13. Likely only matters to me, but my Nevada mail in ballot received by Clark County on October 23rd, still has not been counted. It's a machine ballot and does not need to be hand counted. Seems a little absurd, no?
  14. Been like that all day, didn't know what to make of it. My guess is that 99% reporting is precincts count of votes cast in person yesterday. I could be wrong.
  15. Honestly I wish Twitter would just stop with this. It's going to do more harm than good in the long run. It will just create an echo chamber. Besides, why are they so fearful of people seeing a man self combust?
  16. For starters, someone would cry foul. There are only 538 electors
  17. And that 64% split would be an underperformance of what Biden has been pulling from mail in ballots thus far.
  18. Thanks, I was gathering the numbers and typing this very response but my internet connection decided it didn't like me for 10 minutes there. Biden surmounting huge deficits via mail in count drops shouldn't surprise anyone anymore. It was happening repeatedly last night.
  19. If anyone is wondering why there's so much dispute over Arizona projections, here's what I can gather is happening... Yes there hundreds of thousands of uncounted ballots, many of which are from Maricopa County. People stating the case that the requisite number will go to Trump are basing that off of his in-person 11/3 rate in that county, approximately 57% if I'm not mistaken. The uncounted votes are not mail in or in person votes cast on 11/3. They are provisional and drop off ballots which arrived Mon/Tue. However as we have seen repeatedly all over the country, while Trump outperforme
  20. With the final 3 going to Trump via AK. However, I still believe GA and PA go to Biden which would make the finish... Biden 306 Trump: 232
  21. https://media4.giphy.com/media/Qa5dsjQjlCqOY/giphy.gif?cid=ecf05e478zgrcp01qs8jbzg9v0xidnkgx7pmli86h41mnp8i&rid=giphy.gif
  22. Not a big deal (yet) but this isn't accurate. I mailed my ballot in mid October and Nevada's ballot tracking shows it was received on 10/23. Clearly not a late arriving ballot yet it has not been counted yet.
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