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  1. Anyone else find it amusing that the majority of the responses to this yes/no question are longer than one word?
  2. If anyone else is looking for this, I was able to find the average results on Yahoo https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/draftanalysis?tab=AD&pos=ALL&sort=DA_AC
  3. I'm hoping that someone can help me find a good source for average auction values for this year from actual auctions. I've used Fantasy Pros for average ADP across multiple sites in the past for snake drafts, and looking for similar information for auctions.
  4. Not to derail this topic, but who rates higher than Mahomes???
  5. For many years now the expertise of David has really helped me in my leagues and then also in DFS. I'm very appreciative of what Joe and David have built. Best of luck to David in whatever adventure comes next. And also best of luck to Joe in attempting to fill the huge hole left behind.
  6. Sad trombone for me as well. Good luck to the rest of you.
  7. Thanks to Joe for giving the motivation to stop tweaking. Here's my lineup that is guaranteed to not make it all the way. QB - Russell Wilson - SEA/6 - $17 QB - Ben Roethlisberger - PIT/8 - $11 RB - Derrick Henry - TEN/7 - $30 RB - Chris Carson - SEA/6 - $21 RB - David Johnson - HOU/8 - $21 RB - Zack Moss - BUF/11 - $10 RB - Chris Thompson - JAX/7 - $5 RB - Dion Lewis - NYG/11 - $3 WR - Tyler Lockett - SEA/6 - $18 WR - Stefon Diggs - BUF/11 - $17 WR - A.J. Green - CIN/9 - $16 WR - Will Fuller - HOU/8 - $15 WR - Preston Williams - MIA/11 - $12 WR - Larry Fitzgerald - ARI/8 - $7 WR - Corey Davis - TEN/7 - $6 TE - Mike Gesicki - MIA/11 - $12 TE - Jack Doyle - IND/7 - $9 TE - Eric Ebron - PIT/8 - $8 PK - Dustin Hopkins - WAS/8 - $2 PK - Stephen Gostkowski - TEN/7 - $2 PK - Sam Sloman - LAR/9 - $2 TD - Arizona Cardinals - ARI/8 - $2 TD - Las Vegas Raiders - LV/6 - $2 TD - Miami Dolphins - MIA/11 - $2 Total value: 250
  8. Clearly if the team you're rooting for wins, there's no asterisk. Meanwhile if a team you dislike wins, asterisk that thing up. 1981 Dodgers team doesn't seem to be treated as an inferior champion, which is about as close to a comparison as I can think of from memory.
  9. https://econintersect.com/pages/analysis/analysis.php?post=201911150136
  10. The league brings in more revenue from television than they do from gate revenue. The overall TV revenue is greater than the total of player payrolls. That TV revenue is weighted towards postseason, so the TV revenue they're bringing in won't be prorated the same way that player salaries would be. Both sides lose a lot of money by not getting a product on the field, both in the short term and especially the long term.
  11. National TV revenue alone is around $1.7 billion. Much of that money is for postseason play, but split amongst all teams, so it's not a prorated loss with fewer games. Approximately an additional $1 billion that comes to teams from MLB Network, MLB.TV, etc. Local TV revenue obviously varies across the league, but totals over $2 billion. Those revenue streams alone average over $150 million per year per team. How do the owners lose even more money if they play games with no fans?
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