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  1. I’m not saying I agree with the verbiage of those protests either but tomato/tomatoe. What happened on Jan 6 was an assault on our on government - it’s a completely different animal and it’s a shame that a comparison continues to try to be made between the two. Not saying you specifically but is it so hard for those on the right to say - we support Trump and while there were a large number of peaceful Trump supporters there on Jan 6 (exercising their right to protest) there were a number of other Trump supporters that went overboard and crossed the line in attempting to disrupt those gov
  2. No one is taking about the BLM protests - what is being talked about is the rights continued references of the capital insurrection as peaceful or similar to a guided tour. Neither is true. They literally breached the building as the electoral votes were in the process of being counted - the votes that were part of the determination of the next president. Just because that group didn’t go in guns blazing doesn’t make it any less of a crime against our government. If folks can’t see how this was much more than just a few thousand dollars of damage but an attack on the sacred i
  3. Just to be clear - I was being sarcastic. It was anything but peaceful.
  4. Lesser of two evils, right? A president who doesn’t answer questions compared to a president who would answer questions but lie while doing so. Neither is preferred to be honest.
  5. The minute they pushed into the closed building it moved on from being peaceful.
  6. I appreciate you saying that with a straight face but in no way was that a peaceful protest. The minute they pushed their way into the building, it moved away from a peaceful protest.
  7. On US soil yes. And that’s not what you said with your initial post. Feel free to correct your initial post with what you really meant to say. In 2019, the first ever hack attack against the US power grid occurred (supporting Utah, Wyoming and California). Thankfully it wasn’t successful but it was the first of its kind. As for Israel, over 450 rockets were fired into Israel over a 48 hour period in 2019 (which if I’m not mistaken was during Trumps presidency).
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