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  1. Someone forgot to tell private citizen Beto that there is ‘pretty much’ nothing that can be done. https://mobile.twitter.com/BetoORourke/status/1362280019863564291 Beto O'Rourke @BetoORourke We made over 151,000 calls to senior citizens in Texas tonight. One of our vols talked to a man stranded at home w/out power in Killeen, hadn’t eaten in 2 days, got him a ride to a warming center and a hot meal. Help us reach more people, join us tomorrow: Join a virtual event with Beto on Thursday, February 18 act.betoorourke.com 12:57 AM · Feb 18, 2021·Twitter for
  2. In what is shaping up to be one of the worst natural disasters in Texas history, as one of two Senators in the state - something more than going on vacation. No one is expecting him to start working on the power grid himself but he can work to help all of those folks in need in numerous other ways.
  3. It’s what is being reported in multiple places. https://mobile.twitter.com/DavidShuster/status/1362272883775582209
  4. Looks like Cruz decided to get out of town and head down to Mexico until this blows over. He’s absolutely entitled to do what’s best for his family but man are the optics on this terrible.
  5. You’re wasting your time. It’s willful ignorance at this point in time and nothing - literally nothing - that is said will change these peoples minds.
  6. Really didn’t know much about Raskin but I’m impressed with his presentation so far.
  7. Well with a vote of 56-44 as to whether it was constitutional vs unconstitutional to proceed it’s confirmed that Trump won’t be impeached so what goes on these next few days is meaningless.
  8. Schoen is angry... Right now it’s all bark but zero bite.
  9. He was better when he was rambling earlier. The issue isn’t so much that they are afraid of Trump in 2024 - it’s that he needs to be punished/disciplined for his actions post-election.
  10. Wait - you mean I didn’t need to use the entire four hours!?!
  11. Listen - you can’t impeach him here because if you do folks will do it in the future!
  12. Can't say I'm too upset that we didn't get Bauer. Definitely don't think he was worth what we offered or what LA offered him.
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