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  1. At least you’ve come around to admitting it was an insurrection.
  2. Yet you were the one making a joke about him specifically - my comment above was what you said exactly when someone made a joke at your expense. Nice try though…
  3. You can discuss the topic (and your thoughts on it) or make it personal. Your choice.
  4. Your whole argument is truly ridiculous I’m sorry to say. Why bother wearing seatbelts? The odds of you getting into a car accident are so low anyway, right? Correction - not your argument specifically but that argument as others use it as well for a reason not to get the vaccine.
  5. They just changed the picture to a new one. https://mobile.twitter.com/Garrett_Archer/status/1435714624138014727 The AZ - abc15 - Data Guru @Garrett_Archer So they changed the cover photo and address but it's not much better. There is a valid registered voter at that address and a mobile home park in December of 2019. USPS forwards mail for 1 year. Afterwards they move to NVRA inactive status. So, again, completely legal.
  6. ….And what is sure to surprise no one - the cover photo on their ‘canvassing results’ report contains a note that the address is a vacant lot from which two votes were cast (per their canvasser) - the problem is there is actually a home and pool located at the address in question. You can’t make this stuff up.
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/Garrett_Archer/status/1435700399596457988 The AZ - abc15 - Data Guru @Garrett_Archer Ok, so the cover sheet of the canvassing report is...not actually a vacant lot, but what about the 174,104 "lost votes" and 96,389 "ghost votes" claims. Here is the ground truth based on the data: 2,089,756 voters checked-in 2,089,563 ballots counted 4:23 PM · Sep 8, 2021·Twitter Web App
  8. Folks wearing seatbelts have died in car crashes just as folks who weren’t wearing seatbelts have died in car crashes. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear a seatbelt while in a car. Wearing a seatbelt increases your chances of surviving and reduces your chances of serious injury (that doesn’t mean it completely negates your chances of experiencing either though). Same holds true with getting vaccinated.
  9. Yeah, well, you know, that's just like, uh, your forensic opinion, man. - The Forensic Dude
  10. Such a terrible situation. Thinking of those men and women now.
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