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  1. Quite the opposite. GG showed himself as what most know him to be.
  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9679609/Porn-star-trolled-online-posing-nude-George-Floyd-mural-dead.html Dakota Skye, 27
  3. After this is over you won’t be able to say that the Cyber Ninjas don’t have election audit experience!
  4. https://apnews.com/article/donald-trump-arizona-business-technology-election-recounts-c5948f1d2ecdff9e93d4aa27ba0c1315 Turns out they didn’t really even interview them. Actually they really aren’t even sure how the Cyber Ninjas were even chosen. ===== In early March, a Boston-based vote-counting firm called Clear Ballot Group sent a bid to Arizona’s state Senate to audit the 2020 presidential election results in Maricopa County. The firm has conducted more than 200 such audits over 13 years in business. “Our level of comparison data is unmatched,” Keir Holeman,
  5. Cyber Ninjas have never performed a forensic audit relating to election results. It’s not what they do or have ever done. This isn’t some late breaking news or discovery. Look - I get it - you want something to be found. Unfortunately the AZ Republican Party (which had the option to hire a qualified, non-biased organization with the necessary experience required to perform this forensic audit) but instead went with this group.
  6. Hi - which experts are you referring to? Cyber Ninjas have never done this before. Is there another organization with experience in forensic audits that are involved with this process?
  7. How come an audit on the other races that occurred at the same time aren’t going on as well? If the process appears to be flawed why are the legislators only looking at one particular race? Does AZ have separate voting mechanisms for presidential vs senate vs house races?
  8. Why have the Republicans not pushed for forensic audits on counties/states Trump won if they are truly looking to confirm election integrity?
  9. Audits were done on many, many states as they have in the past. To call what is going on in AZ a legit audit does a disservice to actual audits.
  10. Again - what you saw was as much a vote against Trump as it was for Biden. I voted for Biden. Not because he was a great candidate but he was a better candidate than Trump in my opinion. I didn’t attend rallies, put up signs, watch speeches, etc but I still voted for Biden. Regardless of where you fall on various policies or beliefs (and there are quite a few I believe in on the more conservative side) - the actions of the man who held that office for the past four years disgusted me more so than any policy that would have been put into place with the election of Biden.
  11. Just like Bush and 9/11 as well as Clinton and Monica, Trump is forever linked to January 6th regardless of how many of you wish it wasn’t the case. The events post-election leading up to January 6th will forever be his legacy.
  12. Yet they are taking about Trump there so still the confusion exists. Good luck with navigating these difficult times.
  13. You guys seem to keep posting in the wrong thread - this thread covers the January 6th events. Here is the BLM thread you seem to want to keep talking about: https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/744373-black-lives-matter/#comments
  14. The damage from Hurricane Katrina totaled over 160 billion dollars. Let’s pretend that didn’t happen and continue to talk about other things.
  15. Aside from that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?
  16. No because you placed Trump as the second best President of all time.
  17. Every single person above saying it was just a ‘protest’.
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