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  1. The same Rams team that folded like a wet napkin after one bad call on MNF?
  2. use it or lose it...Make me proud.can't today...too much work to do so I can support my family and the 47%ers
  3. based on your "logic," Obama must be in trouble with the African-American votehttp://www.censusscope.org/us/map_nhblack.gif
  4. I think she was playing it straight; Linden has some serious issues, and she was trying to get to them. Linden was two seconds from all out when she got a reprieve.Yep.Looked like she was on the brink of a breakdown/breakthrough.perefect timing by the star of the show - Deus ex Machina, as always. This episode had some good moments, but the writers, once again, opted for cheap parlor tricks in an attempt maintain suspenses and/or mystery.
  5. new shorunners.. https://twitter.com/#!/guarascioport some good #### there
  6. "I was trading the only thing I have""But you already gave it away" :SLAP:
  7. It's the story;ine they've telegraphed from the beginning from day 1.
  8. my guess is that NBC likes the cast and the setting, but they probably want to go in a direction that Harmon does not.
  9. The show as we know it is dead http://www.avclub.com/articles/breaking-dan-harmon-out-as-showrunner-of-community,75385/ They are going to homogenize it again
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