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  1. I like the cut of your jib.

  2. It has been awhile but I'm in. 14 down , 11 to go and 3 tournies of omaha hi/lo. yay.
  4. You are the genius behind the drunk thread....please come back!!

  5. ..l.. = Fullback froNot your dumm ### :11:
  6. ???HUH????Fro???????????? Please do a service and change your name so that it doesn't interfere with Fullback Fro.Actually I posted around 9:30 My time. Is that early? Yes, very early as there is no in between when I drink.It would either be between closing time/ or not at all but I decided I should probably get home while I stlill could.Usualy I pull the go home while you are drunk (curvy roads) on Wednesdays but decided differently tonight although I am still a bit F.U.B.A.R. Either way, trust me I do know how to party and would love to have your punk ### in a drinking contest..:pick:
  7. Seriously, can't believe this guy would follow me home.If I followed a guy home, he better be ready to throw down. This guy never got out of his car.He was worried about his kids "he said". If I took the effort to follow a guy home I would Atleast come out of the car to "protect my kids" Just a thought.............. About idiots.
  8. A guy followed me home tonight, and I pulled into my drive-way and flagged him down. He said I was drunk and called the cops. Now don't get me wrong, I am a Bit Innebriated but I can find the ride home, just giving the lookout for my fellow FBGs.Oh by the way,. my keys are not in the car.
  9. #### PEOPLE If you are not toasted get out of my damn thread
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