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  1. They also have the same record as the Eagles, Washington, Falcons, and Vikings. But one game less than the Raiders. The Raiders. Who have a better stadium in a better city. The more interesting stats to compare each is on third and fourth down conversions, if you looked them up. I'd post those stats, but you would just ignore them. Because it would harsh your chi. 😍
  2. Now that we've established who ignores who since I haven't been in these threads for several seasons, let's look at another site I have ignored - which I used to write for - for even more seasons: https://www.ninersnation.com/2021/10/10/22719654/49ers-cardinals-trey-lance-deebo-samuel-nick-bosa-demeco-ryans-penalties
  3. What a way to show you're ignoring someone by showing everyone you're ignoring someone lulz. and if I had the druthers I could recall the similar if not the same "ignore drummer" like fanatsycurse told everyone here like several years ago. You lack evolvement man, you're like "don't harsh my buzz bro, I ran out of lemon slices for my IPA, and Bucs fans are all up in my ****, chest out at the beer cooler at Publix because of my Garoppolo jersey when they could have had Brady instead". I bet you're rooting for the Rays instead of the Giants.
  4. I was there at the LA Masoleum when Marcus Allen fumbled in the end zone against the Pats in I think the AFCC game that should had been to go ahead score in a bitter loss. It was hell in the stands after that lulz. Good times.
  5. It's been a season removed since, and that season is the only season since Harbaugh's last season where they had one that wasn't a losing season. In fact. it was the season prior to when they went to the last SB is where in another thread in the FFA where you asked my why I wasn't posting in your season thread now that "they are good". That's the season where Garoppololz went down in the third game to injury against the KC Chiefs, and you even gave up on your own season thread. You're a fair weather fan who has never bought season tickets. You're not even Webzone rabid. Edit: hell I doubt if you even watched a game at the Stick. I have many times, ate Oysters Rockefeller with Bob St. Clair in the alumni parking tailgate party and shook hands with Tom Landry before 49ers vs. Cowboys, the last season when the 49ers won the Super Bowl.
  6. https://www.nfl.com/teams/arizona-cardinals/stats I dunno how one would rank AZ's defense after 5 games in 2021, but at this point I wouldn't place them in the top ten. I think the 49ers even with injury has a better defense. That's what kept them in the game against AZ, at home. What could be extrapolated from this game: is Lance on 3rd and long as opposed to 4th and short. That''s on Kyle Shanahan. The hot seat glowed a bit today for Shanahan, he is underwater in the W/L column and there is no real horizon this season for the 49ers. If Lance turns out Vikings Teddy Bridgewater or Jets Geno Smith, given what the 49ers gave up to draft Lance, well let me put it this way: the 49ers have just entered the full rebuild mode two seasons removed from the Super Bowl. Given how much they are bleeding in cash due to Levi's Stadium, and only a few million from being capped out, along with a penchant for acquiring injury prone talent, Lance's value can only be measured in game day fantasy points.
  7. Now, back to doing what the OP can't: https://www.si.com/nfl/49ers/news/san-francisco-49ers-10-arizona-cardinals-17-grades https://www.sfchronicle.com/sports/49ers/article/49ers-game-grades-vs-Cardinals-Disjointed-16523580.php
  8. You live in Tampa, and hardly know the pulse of the team you supposedly represent here. All you're here for is to create a thread no one else will. I provide links and know more 49er football than you will ever know, and I have done this like since I have been here. The reason why you don't like what I post is because I know things you don't, mostly because you're too lazy to look it up, you haven't been able to drive any discussion since you have been starting these thread since whenever, and the real question is why are you here? I am not banned from here. I haven't posted here in this thread for a few years because why? All you would do is complain that I can. What I bring to this table is the meat and potatoes, all your 49er season thread are about what you watn as opposed to how it is. I haven't posted here in years even though I could, and the first thing your post is "who let drummer back in here?". For the record, and even the mods here know this: I have only logged in here with the same alias on password that still works, and never pulled a skribbles/FarveCo here. I don't have a troll brigade where you complain to the mods that I have. You want to call it "fake news" fine, You're FloridaMan. I know more than you do, I have more contacts than you do, and all I have done here to provide context and in a fun and readable fashion. I don't have to do this, but when I do, it's because your threads suck so bad that it has fantasycurse to come back since I haven't posted here. If anything, keeping fatansycurse out of your threads means you owe me a favor.
  9. Bills are for real. They are explosive. They play fantastic football on both offense and defense. Allen posted 15 completions out of 26 attempts with three TDs, zero INTs. That's like every TD thrown was double the points. Those are big time TDs. Congrats Bills, they harken back to the old K-Gun.
  10. I bet Otis is super fat, balding, sporting a grey goatee while posting about his Neil Strauss modeled forays on r/Seduction getting his fragile ego swole that has been lost since his narcissistic threads have played out once his scant followers here graduated college, found a new rabbi online, actually read Bret Easton Ellis, and had to pay taxes. Otis died years ago, even when he was still posting here. FFS, the FFA was "Otis..." Oits is homo. Not in homosexual, well, ok it was. But in the entomology of homos. Meaning same. Otis is Bro, and Bro is the new homo. He never got to Joe Rogan level, but it's not like he wasn't a pioneer. He listened to sports talk radio, drank a ####load of tequila in college, joined a choice frat, pwned at beer pong, beat every sucker at liars poker, was chest out once a freshman came into his presence, and puked Natty Beast with conviction and authority. Of course he is legend here. It's FBG.
  11. Wingnut supplies the bone. It's the Yorks who supply the carcass. Successful NFL franchises are not based on reaching the Super Bowl - case in point the Eagles who won a Super Bowl a few years ago and now are in total dumpster fire mode after firing the head coach who helped them win one - they are based on regular seasons wins. If you win 10 or more games in at least three consecutive seasons, that's average. Two more games above the median. The whiplash of a franchise that goes from 6 wins, to 13 wins, back to 7 wins, makes the 13 wins a statistical anomaly. If you want to blame it on variables such as injury sure, yet what is consistent is injury. The 49ers with Scot McGlouhan as head of personnel and GM were one of the least injured teams. Trent Baalke and since have been one of the most. This is a systemic issue. Both Baalke and Lynch most likely use Paraag Marathe's model on personnel and financial balance. "Martheball" has never worked consistently, it's failed more than being a successful calculus. Their own stadium is bleeding money, and it was just built a few years ago. This is a franchise in a downward spiral, because the host city wants new management. The NFL is a business, nothing more. If it didn't bake Socialism in it's business model and were a true free market enterprise, then the Yorks would have to sell the 49ers.
  12. Wingnut is just happy that you're bumping this instead of fantasycurse.
  13. The NFL is a media driven enterprise, FootballGuys would not even exist if it weren't for media.
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