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  1. I'm keeping my posts 49er related. The posts are based on stats that are the official record. It's pure football related. My posts have the links to the references and articles here.
  2. That's a football related post. It's the official win loss record according to Pro Football Reference. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/sfo/2017.htm ETA: better reference https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/sfo/
  3. When the 49ers were a winning franchise, they battled for the best FA possible. Then the salary cap happened, but they still attracted top tier talent, and the real estate prices were just as exhorbiant then compared to the rest of the markets. The 49ers haven't had a GM worth squat for ages, even when Policy was there with Vinnie Cerrato and Dwight Clark with him, but then the 49er brand had some cache. Now with Jed, it doesn't. It's that simple. When most of his talent bailed after he fired Harbaugh, that kind of said something throughout the league. They have an incompetent owner whose franchise has become a mess. Until they start winning instead of double digit loss seasons like the current one, it's gonna be a struggle to gain FA
  4. https://ninerswire.usatoday.com/2018/12/02/2019-nfl-draft-order-49ers-raiders-only-2-win-teams-left/ This guy see the W/L record of the past 4 seasons? Losing doesn't seem to help this franchise. Losing is what this franchise does.
  5. https://ninerswire.usatoday.com/2018/12/02/watch-seahawks-troll-richard-sherman-49ers-with-td-celebration/ I guess there is a little bit of rivalry there left. Check out my updated profile!
  6. 49er Win/Loss records post Harbaugh up until now: 5-11 2-14 6-10 2-10 That totals up to: 15 wins 45 losses - and counting KEEP THE FAITH ETA: 4 more losses and they can be a perfect 49 LOSSES! YAY 49ERS! Reference purposes: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/sfo/
  7. Shanny Jr record so far: 8-20 He has a good shot at beating the Rams again, being that they will probably pull the starters again like last season. So that could make him 9-23. PROGRESS
  8. Under Shanny Jr, the 49ers so far have won one division game against division opponents, and that game was against the Rams scrubs in a game where the Rams pulled their starters. Hard for anyone to ignore that. ETA: I like when someone has to pull out the imgur to try to pwn, then pull that post because it's against board rules. I'm cracking nuts here I guess.
  9. Rolling Mullens out there at starting quarterback means at least they are seriously tanking the season. Which with Beatenhard would mean the same thing. But Mullens gives them a better chance to get blown out. Pick sixes! JUST LOSE BABY!
  10. It’s even worse when your team is at the bottom of the division UNDER THE ARIZONA CARDINALS. Keep the faith faithful!
  11. Things aren’t good when your team is worse than the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS
  12. Wow, Packers fire Mike McCarthy. He got fired for losing to the Cardinals. Which Shanny Jr. did TWICE. Meanwhile, the 49ers are on their way to a FOURTH CONSECUTIVE DOUBLE DIGIT LOSS SEASON. This Seahawks/49er rivalry - which there never really was - just isn’t much after Jed ran off Harbaugh. It was more Harbaugh vs. Carroll, but now Carroll vs. Whoever at 49er HC just doesn’t carry a marquee. Russell Wilson had a day today too as far as efficiency. It’s just too easy to beat the 49ers. Arizona did it twice.
  13. I like reading Niners Nation tweets during a blowout loss. They are so homerific that it seens they don’t look at the scoreboard when they tap those fingers on the keyboard. It’s Trump-like really.
  14. https://www.chasecenter.com/ Yeah, the Bay Area doesn't seem to attract any $$, do they?
  15. The 49ers reside in the effin" SOUTH BAY. Not in SF. The weather in Silicon Valley can get so balmy that fans can get heatstroke watching games in that dumb stadium they call Levi's. Also, Silicon Valley tech firms seem to have no problems recruiting talent for a lot less than a football team would pay a free agent. ETA: the lack of talent the 49ers have had has been at the executive level, and maybe thus why the lack of talent at the free agent level, as well as the overall team itself.
  16. It's the fallback position over the question of "Why your team sucks" for 49er fans. The reason why your team sucks is because they have been wholly mismanaged for the past five years. They still haven't shown that they have fixed that either.
  17. Free agents go to franchises that give them the best chance to win. Or in the case of Jimmy the Face, a chance to be a franchise quarterback. But the cost of living doesn't seem to be a factor in just an expensive area like NY. "I didn't want to sign with the Yankees because NY is too expensive" is something that you never hear.
  18. I can imagine what all the 49er beat writers/pundits/blogger/Jed's presser lap dogs had to write copy over Mullens during the bye week leading up to this game. Turns out he's a true third string quarterback with no arm after all, which of course I said here weeks ago. I might had been generous with the Shaun Hill comparison. Hill ran a Mike Martz offense. So did JT O'Sullivan, but still. The release of Foster really means they didn't get the chance to trade him during the offseason, which it was speculated they were going to do with him anyway. The 49er arrest blotter gets longer every season. It used to be the Raiders were the perpetrators of malcontent and mayhem. Now it's Jed's 49ers. The fun part: the 49ers going into the toughest part of the schedule after losing to bottom dwellers like the Giants and Bucs in consecutive games. One might say "Well if they had Jimmy the Face....", but he lost to winning teams this season already, and he never played against the Seahawks, or the Rams at full strength either. Now they are going into the latter part with either Mullens or Beatenhard. Looks like the 49ers are mired once again into another bad season of horrific football, their fourth consecutive one. Remember when 8-8 was unacceptable? Yeah, it was Harbaugh's last season there! Jed ran him off because that wasn't the expectation. Jed would love for The Rat's son to wind up 8-8 to prove he could at least match Harbaugh's worst season. Now it's just a matter of who Jed fires first: Lynch, or Rat Jr. If you're riding a train, it's the Jed Express Line to the bottom of the league. They always run on time, and there are plenty of seats available too.
  19. I apologize if it seemed like I put words in your mouth. I wasn’t trying to do that. I was just looking at it and tried to put it in context. Its great to see an underdog third string quarterback have a great game. I rooted for Scott Tolzien because he ran the offense quickly, more than Alex Smith or Kaepernick. But he didn’t have the arm strength and mobility, and he got killed in the pocket lol. Tolzien practically lived at the practice room, and he ate and slept the playbook. But good quarterbacks have to have the intangibles to make it in the NFL. Does Mullens have them? Well, we will see if and when he plays out the rest of the season, which is the harder part of the 49er schedule. The 49ers are 2-7 after the easier part of the schedule. They played teams that are a total mess, like Oakland, Green Bay, and Arizona. Of course they have a ton of injuries, but to lose to Arizona twice has to come into question when it comes to Kyle Shanahan. I’m not a big believer in him, and to pair him with another first time GM in Lynch is a huge gamble that doesn’t make sense to me. The 49er front office isn’t exactly a great football factory to have a first time GM and Head Coach to fix things there. They don’t set up first timers very well, like Terry Donahue, Mike Nolan, Scot McGlouhan, Mike Singletary, Trent Baalke, Jim Tomsula, and Chip Kelley. The only head coach they had that has proven to bring teams around with a program that is successful was Harbaugh. And they fired hin over a power struggle. I dunno if we are seeing a trickle down effect from the front office on down to the team on the field, but the injuries bought both Lynch and Shanahan another season to prove it will bear out. A beat writer in SF said that Mullens bought the rest of the season for Shanahan. There is a hot seat waiting for him despite his contract. Jed is paying a lot of fired coaches and GM’s their retirement money due to firing them under contract, so hopefully Mullens can win a tough game or two to give to at least prevent another front office or head coach shakeup the York have done since they took over the franchise.
  20. The pass that Kittle made a one hand grab - which was awesome BTW - Mullens had to jump to see over the line, and that pass you could had plucked out of the air had a Raider wanted to like, defend it. It was also a dangerous throw that Kittle made a great play on. If you don't have the arm strength or size to play in the NFL as a starter, or can make a lot of throws, the offense has to shrink if all of the sudden you are starting. In a WCO based scheme, you don't have to have a cannon, but you do have to make a lot of throws. Against a faster defense, who knows how Mullens will play, but he played against one of the worst if not the worst defenses in the league, and a team in complete turmoil right now. But he got the easy win and might get another this weekend. All it shows is that the 49ers aren't as bad as those other teams, at least on that day. But they aren't even mediocre at this point. If you're looking up towards mediocrity as they have over the previous three seasons, then sure, let's go find a scouting report or quote on 50 other quarterbacks that have nothing to do with Mullens, put that out there as a sort of red herring to the discussion, then complain that we saw what they did there. What do they have to lose? ETA: last season, the 49ers started three quarterbacks in Hoyer, Beatenhard, and Jimmy the Face. This season: Jimmy the Face, Beatenhard, and Mullens. Who knows if some Savagery might rear it's head here too. All this means is that they still have a quarterback problem this season like they had all last season.
  21. A lot of them are most likely millennials. It's not like they have a lot to be happy about during The York Era. As in not the Dynasty Era
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