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  1. So I was thinking about this more and took a look at the top 50 nba contracts in terms of total value and then broke down number of years left, number of years after an age 29 and grouped 20 that seemed like they were in the running for the worst contracts (basically anyone with 3 or more years remaining who was above a certain age, as well as Chris Paul and Blake griffin) and I assigned an approximate dollar value per year Of what I would say that each is really worth. Then I multiplied that by the number of years left. number 1 was John wall. number 2 was Tobias Harris. :sadb
  2. I don’t know that horford is quite in that range, but I have started to think more about just how bad the Tobias deal is. i think that horford can still contribute meaningfully to a lot of teams. Harris is more or less a floor raiser who doesn’t even get the floor that high
  3. d'antoni joining Brooklyn staff as an assistant Nash and D'antoni cooking again (with a side of Amare) will certainly be interesting, if nothing else.
  4. I guess it’s too heavy for the sixers, but I assume that the wall contract is the worst in the league (I guess Westbrook and Wiggins are also contenders). i realize that harris and horford are not positive value, but I don’t think that they are nearly as bad as wall. wall is probably like $110 million of bad value. Harris is something like $70 and horford is maybe like $25 (considering the partial guarantee). but I do have a hard time figuring out what Washington really wants. Seems like adding horford, thybulle and Richardson Would really upgrade the wiz defense and still
  5. How about this trade: tobias harris al horford josh richardson matisse thybulle some draft capital for bradley beal john wall Salaries should match up ok ($75 for Sixers, $70 for wiz)
  6. I would think that with most of the players and executives all being in one place for a few months, this was somewhat inevitable.
  7. What do you mean decided? Like all the free agents have talked to all the teams already and agreed to deals in principle?
  8. Yeah, giannis-simmons-embiid seems like it would totally solve all of the issues...
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