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  1. yada, yada polling sucks, etc. but: What was your total family income in 2019? Under $50,000 35% of voters Trump 44 Biden 55 $50,000-$99,999 39% Trump 42 Biden 57 $100,000 or more 26% Trump 54 Biden 42 https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/11/03/us/elections/exit-polls-president.html
  2. Point of clarity, the DOJ did not launch an investigation. Barr changed the standing DOJ policy to allow for an investigation of fraud if there are "substantial" allegations before the election is certified. The previous rule is that the DOJ would only be involved after certification to avoid the obvious, and now present, conflict of interest of the Executive Branch investigating an active election it is a part of. To the best of my knowledge, no such investigation has actually been announced and the career DOJ official that oversees those investigations resigned.
  3. I think you can make a reasonable argument that Biden is a worse candidate than Hillary. He'd run for President several times and never even won a Primary until he broke through in SC this year. He has a speech impediment that probably contributes to his propensity to misspeak and is definitely past his prime. What he doesn't have is anything like the baggage and negative perceptions that Clinton did and Trump has. He obviously has a long legislative history that can be poked at some, but mostly from the left and Trump isn't well suited to capitalize. There also isn't (as far as we
  4. To this point, in that same survey, 57% said they approved of letting refugees from Central America into the U.S. to escape their current situation. On balance, those polls reflect a country that is very pro-immigration.
  5. Throughout his comments Trump repeatedly made remarks about it being “a great day” and always in the context of the economy. If you watch, he appears to read the lines about fair and equal treatment off his notes, then goes back to speaking off-script. First referencing the riots/looting, then Floyd looking down, then it being a great day for equality. So it goes back to the earlier question, why did he say it was a great day for equality and/or fair and equal treatment? The most plausible answer for what Trump meant is exactly what he explicitly said, that the job numbers made it a
  6. Earlier in his remarks Trump specifically said that the job numbers were why it was a great day for equality: "What we’re announcing today is a tremendous tribute to equality. We’re bringing our jobs back. When we had our tremendous numbers. And when we had just prior to the China plague that floated in, we had numbers, the best in history for African American, for Hispanic American, and for Asian American and for everybody." It was the only other time he used the word equality or equal, aside from the section where he talked about George Floyd. Later when he was asked about h
  7. 9 PM on Thursday with the kid. I don’t expect to get home until after 12:30 with the run time, so at least one of us will probably be playing hooky on Friday.
  8. Re-watched The Incredible Hulk as I make my way back through all the MCU movies. No surprise, but it really suffers by comparison to all the other films. Aside from Ross being in it and the Stark cameo at the very end you could almost consider it more of a standalone movie. The recasting of Norton to Ruffalo is part of it, but it almost plays more like a sequel to the TV series than the prequel to the Avengers and Ragnarok version of the Hulk. It's a good thing Iron Man hit so big, since with this film Marvel studios was only 1 for 2 the summer they came out. Glad to have this one out of
  9. That's right, I had momentarily forgotten that Wanda's powers in the movies are derived from the Mind Stone, like Vision.
  10. The answer to who is more powerful or who would in a fight between ____ and ____ is pretty much always, whoever the person writing a particular story wants. I mean in the comics, Hulk was actually killed by Hawkeye, and stayed dead for a long time (Okay, he technically killed him while he was Banner but that version of Hulk also stayed dead for a long time). As far as the MCU goes, it seems they are positioning Captain Marvel to be one of the stronger heroes. Wanda seems nerfed compared to the comics as they haven't really shown her reality manipulation yet.
  11. With Captain Marvel under my belt I decided to go back and re-watch the MCU in order before Endgame. Just finished Iron Man, and it's been at least a few years since I watched it straight through. One thing that really jumps out to me is how much the formula for the MCU success was created by Favreau and RDJ in that film. The humor and action mix they establish carries through to just about every one of the films that follow. I'm not sure if that was by design initially or once they hit on success they have mostly stayed the course, but it's amazing how much the overall tone feels the same in
  12. I don’t want to participate in derailing this thread but are you really “boycotting” a movie you don’t want to see by not seeing it? Anyway, the clowns I’m referring to are the ones spending their time writing negative reviews to a movie they haven’t seen to give it a lower audience score, presumably because they think it will somehow dissuade others from seeing it.
  13. It’s kind of enjoyable watching these clowns demonstrate their own irrelevance, over and over.
  14. I liked Captain Marvel. Not close to the top tier of Marvel movies for me but solidly in the Ant-Man/Doctor Strange range of enjoyable and easily re-watchable films. This movie also set a record for a movie making me choke up, which happened as soon as the Marvel Studios intro rolled for obvious reasons once you see it. It was great seeing it on opening night as the audience was all enthusiastically applauding that part. Loved Ben Mendelsohn's Talos. The whole cast was great but he really shined in that role. Can't wait for Endgame.
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