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  1. Not sure about other states Click here If possible, can this be moved to the Covid19 thread? Thanks.
  2. Lots of great places in the Rocky Mountains. I like several Californis spots and Olympic in Washington, the northernmost rain forest here. The Grand Tetons in WY too, not too far south from Yellowstone.
  3. Need to know if there are streams, lakes for water and food.
  4. Netflix has hundreds of secret categories that are hidden from view – here’s the full list The list
  5. Josh Jones has been playing mostly at inside linebacker in the “nitro” package with the No. 2 defense — Morgan Burnett is there with the starters. It’s clear Capers is going to use that defense a lot this season, probably more than any other personnel group. That’s the league now. You need at least one linebacker with a defensive back’s cover ability to match up in the passing game. Burnett will be hard to displace from that starting spot this year. He has so much experience (in his eighth NFL season) and still is a good athlete at age 28. But from what Jones has shown in his short time with the team, it’s a given he’ll play, either to rest Burnett or to match up with specific personnel or down-and-distances. Based on practice, it sure looks like Jones wants to hit. Though there’s no tackling to the ground, he squares up and fills hard in the run game. That and his 220-pound frame — 11 pounds heavier than Burnett — make him a good fit for the nitro package, because at linebacker he’s in the thick of the run defense. Jones also plays fast. His 4.41-second 40 is good timed speed, but to the naked eye, he looks like he has game speed, too. He closes fast. Regardless of whether he surpasses Burnett in the nitro role this year, he should help this defense.
  6. Local reporter tweeted MLB but didn't specify side. @ByRyanWood Aug 1 Seeing a lot of #Packers safety Morgan Burnett as ILB in 3-4 base defense. So that's base (3-4) with 5 DBs on the field.
  7. Morgan Burnett played MLB today, rookie, Jones played it yesterday. Wish they'd draft a MLB high, but no such luck.
  8. Mel Brooks or someone in the movie industry could get it made, but you are right, it would be harder. People often fight hard to get things made they believe in.
  9. Mine is 1.5PPR for RB's and 1 for WR's, but I'm better stocked at WR so staying where I'm at.
  10. His injury last year was serious. Ty Montgomery's injury was serious.
  11. The day he was drafting a scout said they liked him for his versatility, he could line up in the backfield or split out. I don't see him as a RB, but he could be used there along with another back.
  12. Rotoworld has him at RB now and asked MFL if they are following suit.
  13. This could be a good spot for Bradford, he's always been accurate, wonder how serious Teddy's injury is .
  14. Very good red zone threat, that could be lower TE1.
  15. Look at the Christine Michael thread. It's like many people want to punish because past fantasy teams lost. RGlll has a good deep throw.
  16. I have seen no one who genders as much hate and anger as this one player. Did he steal everyone's girlfriend? Even people who never had him come in these threads to condemn him. I have had him on taxi squad for 3 years and said I may have to cut him, now not so sure. I have Rawls too but none of the Seattle rookies.
  17. Geez, they are the ones in charge not supervisors, what could go wrong there?
  18. I cut the cord so no cable for me but like to see the games. Link if anyone's interested.
  19. Taking a couple classes so signed up for the $25 a month student internet version. No directv in my apt building.
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