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  1. @Ted Lange as your Bartender get in here 😍 https://mobile.twitter.com/sliceofsoccer/status/1367919591821697025
  2. I think the bold is more of a reason why you don't dribble in that situation more so than using it as an excuse. He had 2 options and should've been aware of his surroundings before he ever got the ball. 1 - his body shape had him set up to play it easily first time to the guy to his right. He has to be aware of that, especially considering who he's being swarmed by and where he's at on the field. 2 - play it back to where it came from and move to a different spot to try and work themselves out of the corner.
  3. @Mr.Pack this is your 5th entry of the $100 @cosjobs this is your 2nd entry GL!
  4. That's where @AAABatteries keeps his phone.
  5. Hey @AAABatteries - show us your fanny pack.
  6. Roma was no slouch when Bradley played for them. They scored 143 goals in the 2 seasons Bradley played with them, or 71.5 on average. Juventus is on pace for 72 goals this season. I think Z was talking about Schalke, but that's still a great point.
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