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  1. This is the US soccer mantra. We hear it all the time at the club level.
  2. Things are coming to a head with my son's HS team. They played a pretty bad team yesterday; won 5-0. My son touched the ball 4 times in total the entire game. Literally zero touches in the second half. He's fine with that and has accepted the kick and run style of play. Early in the first half he makes a save and runs out to the top of the box to punt it. 4 of his teammates were at midfield, covered by 6 players. Coach is yelling at him to punt it quickly, but he waited and waited for someone to move and get open. He finally punts. Of course they don't win the ball. At HT they're in their huddle and I can see coach is giving him a good dress-down in front of the whole team. I figured it was about that situation, but didn't think a lot of it other than coach is a moron. Come to find out he threatened to kick him off the team if he ever does that again. Its a good teachable moment, as much as I can't stand this coach. Its his team and should be respected. A big part of me wants to be that parent and have a chat with the coach, but I'll let it be for now. Icing on the cake was me having to give 5 of the kids a ride to the game. My son texted me at 2:30 saying they missed the team bus; teachers weren't notified to give an early dismissal. Luckily I was able to slip out of work and only live a couple miles from school. How does the team bus leave without everyone there?
  3. but honestly... I don't want him starting even further from the goal. Swag and Musah are genuinely good at doing this- LDLT and Busio maybe as well. (one with the dribble, other with the longer ball). Id' rather try him as a 9 than move back to an 8. or do a new formation with him as a 10 or false 9, to keep him central. He doesn't have the strength on the ball that Musah has. He'll get muscled off or hacked down far too much. I agree with the 9. Hell I'd rather see them go with a CP-Pepi pairing up top before dropping him deeper. A 4-1-3-2 would be fun. Dest-Zimm-Miles-Jedi Adams Aaronson Gio Snacks Pepi-CP
  4. So you're not shooting blanks any more?
  5. Meh. Pretty short if you ask me.
  6. That’s totally lopsided. I wouldn’t do it.
  7. I think this all boils down to just how young the team is.
  8. I really struggled with Musa or Snacks. I thought Musa was close to MOTM last night, but I think Snacks' creative ability puts him a smidge ahead of Musa; warts and all. Wish Snacks would be more consistent with his touch/passing. That angled ball to Dest(?) was :chefskiss:
  9. One thing that jumped out at me last night was his first touch. He's so much cleaner than everyone else when under pressure. I really want to see them ditch this 4-3-3 when at full strength to get everyone on the field. A 4-2-3-1 would be a good way to accomplish that. Dest - Zimm/Richards - Miles - Jedi Adams - Snacks Gio Aaronson CP Pepi
  10. It's bordering on unreadable lately. I get the frustration from Panama, but holy christ guys. Each page just drips with overly dramatic negativity. Hey @AAABatteries [spoiler]I hate that you're being the voice of reason lately. EAD[/spoiler]
  11. I know what you're getting at and agree they need to do it more regularly, but the first goal last night doesn't count? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ny_89ypU5OY Also note Nips' run, dragging Lawrence allowing Musa to drive deep.
  12. Willing to bet Pefok burries that ball from Weah.
  13. You absolutely were watching something else if your takeaways are these goofy comments about Nips my kid wins. US wins. Floppo arguing with himself. My day is now complete.
  14. Unpossible. Dude doesn’t get tired.
  15. Only Made possible by Nips run that dragged the defender with him.
  16. Bravo to Pepe making that defensive run to cover for the midfield over committing
  17. He shouldn’t have let Lowe pull him down from behind.
  18. Keep going right at Lowe. Karma owes us one.
  19. This midfield trio is excellent 😍
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