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  1. when half the USMNT are homegrown Union players.
  2. They were wearing shin guards, chachi.
  3. Still drinking night ops. It's become my favorite
  4. Our society sucks if adults are afraid to engage a child that's clearly doing something wrong. I would've treated it as a fartlek session. Slow down from my 6:15 pace to a smooth 7:00 and ask them nicely to stop killing the trees.
  5. Atlanta needs to get over their butthurt and let the kids experience representing their country.
  6. Man I can't keep up with these aliai.
  7. Been pushing my kids to try yoga. "yoga's for girls"
  8. Ironically enough, there's a 14yr old from Lancaster, PA that's going to do just this.
  9. I’m old enough to remember when this list only had 3 names.
  10. And has the engine to do it for 90.
  11. missed the first half; thx for the level headed summary @Dinsy Ejotuz
  12. They should at least have goal line technology at these qualifiers.
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.brotherlygame.com/platform/amp/2021/3/25/22350227/watch-paxten-aaronson-double-megs-orlando-city-for-first-union-goal-of-2021
  14. He may not even be the best Aaronson.
  15. You went from 1 critical player to half the team being critical on a couple sentences. Just points to the beautiful game.
  16. So 5-6 players are suddenly critical. 😂 The beautiful game.
  17. I should know the answer, but what about Andre Blake?
  18. Weren’t they missing a lot of guys?
  19. Did Lleget beat you in a 5K or something?
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