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  1. I remember when he was a stud in NYG. Feels like ages ago
  2. Coach Sean McVay said Darrell Henderson is dealing with a rib cartilage issue, but the team has "hope and optimism" he'll be ready for Week 3 against the Bucs. SOURCE: Lindsey Thiry on Twitter Sep 20, 2021, 7:54 PM ET
  3. What kind of bump in targets are we going to see for Claypool and JuJu if Diontae is out for an extended period of time? Id love to see this offense catch fire, but that OL is going to have to get fixed. eta - just saw the latest Diontae news. nvrmnd.
  4. I dont really care but the avg points scored stat includes defensive scores. But you want to throw it out in this individual game. I think it was a high scoring game bordering on shootout. CEH did not show up. indeed.
  5. Yea he was going to be so good this year with Tyrod I think. Hope Tyrod isnt out for too long. He should still get volume but now there is uncertainty
  6. Not looking good for sure. If this is what he does then KC will be investing in a replacement in this next draft I would imagine.
  7. Sony is droppable in short bench leagues if he still rostered at all.
  8. count me in as enjoying it more than a regular broadcast. but only for games i dont really care about. which is probably about 99% of them until the playoffs. CFB would be a different story for me. ill take regular broadcasters most of the time.
  9. In the top 10 wr list for the next decade. Maybe top 5.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. His arm looked better than the last few years to me. It does seem like as he gets older it looks better early and then fades a bit towards seasons end. But it looked live last night.
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