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  1. THAT is surprising Binky. I'll have more on the top tune and the overall list tomorrow.
  2. I saw a different story on the 'Roller Girl', saying she was a 'musician'. From Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skateaway The song was accompanied by a video that was popular on MTV, featuring musician Jayzik Azikiwe (1958-2008) as Rollergirl, though she was credited as Jay Carly in the video directed by Lester Bookbinder. --------------------- Not sure if Jay Carly was/is the daughter from Nigeria but anything Nigeria related might swing into sending large amounts of cash and access to a bank account.
  3. 2. AC DC - Back In Black The band got the idea for the title before writing any of the song, although Malcolm Young had the main guitar riff for years and used to play it frequently as a warm-up tune. After Bon Scott's death, Angus Young decided that their first album without him should be called Back In Black in tribute, and they wrote this song around that phrase. They were certainly not going to do a ballad, so it fell on Brian Johnson to write a lyric that would rock, but also celebrate Scott without being morbid or literal. Johnson says he wrote "Whatever came into my head,"
  4. 3. Blondie - Rapture First number one rap song ever in the US. Debbie Harry has said many rappers, including the Wu-Tang Clan and Mobb Deep, told her it was the first rap song they ever heard.” Debbie Harry knew about Grandmaster Flash since 1977. “She said, ‘I’m going to write a rap about you on my next record.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, right, And about five or six months later, ‘Eatin’ cars and.. eat up bars.. and Flash is fast, Flash is cool.’ She kept her word.. “I was introduced. So now …white people and people of other colors were, ‘Who is Flash?’ So she tremendously opened the
  5. Well I think we all can agree that their sig tune is 'pretty much' DIXIE Chicken and Lowell did where Overalls so the only thing missing is a, trailer park, jacked up pickup with a Confederate flag and shotgun racked in the back window, along with a banjo and a roothless and toothless yokel squealing like a pig to complete the trifecta. No wonder they were labeled.
  6. They could have battled CCR for the title of the most aggrieved Northern California band getting by as 'Southern' rockers.
  7. Wikkid comes up with the strong trivia. Luv Lowell George and the Feet. EDIT: I will give James Hampton credit for appearing in Soldier Blue, the only movie made of the Sand Creek Massacre
  8. I didn't realize how valuable this stuff was. So glad I was able to put in a bid on THIS
  9. 4. Michael Jackson - Billy Jean In my lifetime Elvis was on the decline before I was born, the Beatles broke up when I was a kid, but I got to see the rise of Michael Jackson to heights no other musical artist has or probably will come close to. The story behind the song is that Michael came home to find a woman lounging by his pool and accused him of fathering her twins. Rick James and Prince were rejected by MTV but Jackson on the strength of Billy Jean broke out and was in high rotation allowing other black artists airplay on MTV. It was the first time we saw the Moonwalk
  10. Fantasy Football: Top 50 IDP Dynasty Rookie Rankings
  11. 5. Dire Straits - Skateaway Dire Straits broke out with Sultans of Swing and would go nuclear a few years later with Money For Nothing but they established themselves as legit with the album Making Movies. Skateaway was the tune. At the start of the 80s something new entered the music scene, MTV with a limited repartee of over produced hair bands. People were starting to reject whatever music was becoming and wanted something real, one of the life rafts in a sea of mediocrity was Dire Straits. A band MTV could not destroy. She tortures taxi drivers just for fun
  12. 6. The 52s - Living In Your Own Private Idaho Traveling to Craters of the Moon National Park with a nephew and I told him to find this tune, he'd never heard it before but had heard Rock Lobster and told me this sounded exactly the same. No, this is not their most popular tune but thee 52s song IMHO. There's an interesting history lesson built into the lyrics, "swimming 'round and 'round like the deadly hand of a radium clock." In the 1920s, the radioactive element radium was used to paint the dials of glow-in-the-dark watches. The women who painted the radium onto the dials would
  13. 7. The Police - De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da My favorite Police tune. Sting stole the title from a family member and 'fears' a lawsuit, jk. The phrase "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da" supposedly was made up by Sting's son. Sting said of this, "In fact, my son came up with it. I've never paid him – so that's another possible lawsuit. He writes songs himself these days. He's got a lot of self-confidence – I don't know where from." In spite of a toddler making baby talk title Sting correctly claims their is more to the song. Sting claims that people who dismiss this song have not
  14. Yeah, when someone posted the link back to what we were saying last draft I came across the name Curtis Weaver and remembered that YOU mentioned him before the draft when we were looking at EDGE/pass rushers. I was going to go back and check to see if it was the same Curtis Weaver because I had completely forgotten making that post last year. Its an interesting story, he was productive but low RAS score. Definitely a name I'll keep an eye👁️‍🗨️ on.
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