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  1. http://img.picturequotes.com/2/542/541098/i-think-thats-our-biggest-problem-right-there-quote-1.jpg
  2. On the 3,145 mile trip from Boulder Colorado to Valdez Alaska driving the AlCan highway that had hundreds of miles of nothing but dirt in the early 1990s we had over 1,000 miles of no radio other than Canadian NPR if that at times so we listened to cassette tapes, one of which was my buddies and he had .38 Special and I had the same holier than thou attitude for about 3,144 of those 3,145 miles till it wore me down by pure repetition or maybe my buddies poor taste I dunno. Don't luv it but can take a Jamba Juice cup full and swig it down LOOSEly.
  3. Wow. You guys are so saaavy and hip. Amazing ability sniff out BS. Unless your BS detectors are on hyperdrive ... Which they are. Get over yourselves as you give it a spin hipsters. Their accidentally is decent content even with clickbait marketing.
  4. LINK: 🎥 👉 A slacker was 20 minutes late and received two math problems… His solutions shocked his professor. 👈 Today I will tell you a relatively short story about a young man, which occurred many years ago. Even though the story contains nothing supernatural, I’m not exaggerating when I say that it was able to change the lives of millions across the world. In one way or another, every self-respecting successful person knows about it, and I think each one of you should hear it as well.
  5. Great tune. Great pipes. Great look. I think everyone had a huge crush on her in the day.
  6. Pete Smith jumped on the Lattimore speculation, giving more detail to how he'd fit schematically with the ability to man-up with Denzel. Marshon Lattimore Could Be Great Option For Browns Secondary, But Hurdles are Sizable Brent Sobleski@brentsobleski The Cleveland Browns are the only team among the top 10 in active spending still in the black even with the reduced salary cap. And that's why rollover cap space is important.
  7. @CharlesRobinson Unless the #Colts, #Browns and #Titans are straight up lying, this is not what I’ve been told. I’ve been told by multiple Watt suitors that the $23 million guaranteed in Watt’s Arizona deal was near ceiling for their total $. Teams were trying to get Watt for roughly $12 mil per. John Gambadoro@Gambo987 The deal JJ Watt signed with the Cardinals was NOT the most he was offered. The Cleveland Browns and Indianapolis Colts each offered more money. Tennessee's offer was very similar. --------------------------------------------------------- Chris Cannon@I
  8. Screw anyone who hates this song. It is quintessential 1981 music. Year I graduated high school and moved out to Colorado. Music was 90% high school crusin' and this song along with Lover Boy Turn Me Loose was the constant backdrop to hot summer nights, crusin' in my friends first car chasing girls to all hours. Not great but has to be included in any top-100 of 81 tunes.
  9. Missed this one. Speculation but it makes a lot of sense, probably too much sense to happen but its interesting speculation to say the least. ------------------------------------------------------------ Is Marshon Lattimore On His Way To The Cleveland Browns? ... today, the greater Cleveland area is a-twitter, if you’ll pardon the pun, thanks to Marshon Lattimore‘s latest post. ------------------------------------------------------- Just trying to put Cleveland on the map be patient and don’t cross me! — Marshon Lattimore (@shonrp2) February 23, 2021 ---
  10. This may be the best one and its from a 12 year old girl. Ain't No Sunshine -- Bill Withers (cover by Canen 12 y.o.) canen When I was little, I remember hearing Ain't No Sunshine in a movie and I immediately fell in love with the soul in this song. It was always one of those songs that I just sang around the house.. doing homework, cleaning whetever, etc.. but I never considered actually singing it. Then after I reaaally started liking to sing, my mom suggested I learn this one. The band is so unbelievable on this, from the awesome drum beat to the gorgeous cello, that I got emo
  11. Surfin' tune of the morning from the Traverse City Blues show. Double Up In A Knot - Bo Carter
  12. You have to tell the back story about this song. One of the smartest friends I knew in college was into country music and casually mentioned what the song was about once when we were out on a beer run. Waylon Jennings wore leather and his wife wore lace on stage. Stevie doesn't mention that in her story but adds more personal detail. Once you know the backstory that song means so much more each time you hear it. Nicks: "I wrote this song because Waylon Jennings called me up and asked me to write a song called 'Leather and Lace.' It was to be a duet for him and his wife (Jessi
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