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  1. This may be the best one and its from a 12 year old girl. Ain't No Sunshine -- Bill Withers (cover by Canen 12 y.o.) canen When I was little, I remember hearing Ain't No Sunshine in a movie and I immediately fell in love with the soul in this song. It was always one of those songs that I just sang around the house.. doing homework, cleaning whetever, etc.. but I never considered actually singing it. Then after I reaaally started liking to sing, my mom suggested I learn this one. The band is so unbelievable on this, from the awesome drum beat to the gorgeous cello, that I got emo
  2. Surfin' tune of the morning from the Traverse City Blues show. Double Up In A Knot - Bo Carter
  3. You have to tell the back story about this song. One of the smartest friends I knew in college was into country music and casually mentioned what the song was about once when we were out on a beer run. Waylon Jennings wore leather and his wife wore lace on stage. Stevie doesn't mention that in her story but adds more personal detail. Once you know the backstory that song means so much more each time you hear it. Nicks: "I wrote this song because Waylon Jennings called me up and asked me to write a song called 'Leather and Lace.' It was to be a duet for him and his wife (Jessi
  4. Long term consequences of this thing may be huge down the road. It'll make some stronger for sure.
  5. late '81? gotta be Amy Grant Live, Vol 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHSNZK4Je-Y
  6. I love this app, start the day with a cup of coffee and zip around the globe tuning-in. One thing that stands out to me. Japan's milktoast music scene is lacking one key ingredient. Soul. Gaaaaaawd aawfuullll.
  7. Three days after turning 19 I moved to Colorado to work at a ski resort. I remember this song playing many times the first month, a magical time. I would find myself looking around in awe at the mountains and snow being so thankful so this tune is special for me.
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