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  1. More than once, I used the live version to open my radio shift at the station. It began low and slow then built up. Perfect song to start a radio show. I recall one of the other jocks was finishing up putting away albums and I put this one to begin my show. He stopped and turned and said: 'Oh, that's a great tune to open with.' I noticed that he used it to open his shift about a week later which made me smile. Love Peter Gabriel.
  2. In other words you haven't BEEN to Wyoming just a place to get you to Wyoming. Kinda like Anchorage is a place to help get you to Alaska.
  3. Once you hear that song it remains forever. The whiny whiny whiny song gets stuck, lol. Like the Troggs Wild Thing, they took a chance going ALL OUT on the song and it works. Recall a flag football game back in the 80s when a guy came into the huddle when he wasn't supposed to. He asked us 'Should I stay?' One of the coolest guys I ever knew had a nickname 'Tooth' and we both looked at each other and in perfect unison said 'Or Should I Go, BWAAA BWAAA BWAAA WAH WAH WHAAAA!' The ref just looked at us and deadpanned. Did you guys rehearse that? 🤣
  4. When I was a kid my brother bought a family dog from a shelter. He would eventually move away to college so she became my dog. I moved over a 1,000 miles away to a ski resort, my brother came to work/visit over his winter break from college so he was staying at my place. I had a 'dream' of our/MY dog Brandy where she came to a mountain that looked down on where I was living. It was about 7 degrees with ice and snow outside but in the 'dream' the temperature was 'perfect' without a wisp of breeze. We were able to communicate in a ridiculously easy manner so pure and effortlessly I can
  5. Best documentary for birth control I've ever seen. I'm shocked someone wearing leather with teased hair and makeup had a secret. I truly hated metal and people who were into it acted and looked a heck of a lot that parking lot. Wow.
  6. Its great! Basically a one-year prove-it deal where we get a 28 year old at an area of need with a 'highly' incentivized contract. Jadeveon will be playing for the big cap bump everyone is expecting next year so we will have plenty to extend him AFTER evaluating what he does this year. Works out well for both the team and the player, win-win is best.
  7. Lived in 5 states and traveled/stayed/worked in most western states after growing up in the midwest and vacationing many other states back east. My favorite states without reading criteria but using my own unexplained criteria. Alaska Colorado Wyoming Utah Washington Idaho Montana Ohio Pennsylvania Oregon
  8. Their was/is one single thing about Dona's work that caught my attention. Ancient symbol on US dollar bill
  9. I did a lot of interesting research about a decade ago. Lots of things have disappeared from the Internet. Was able to track down one guy who blew me away when I first started looking. Video Link to pdf to examples of what he describes in the video. Klaus Dona
  10. She is cute and is a good drummer. I guess I'm on team Jane. Their was a reality TV show with the guy who played Peter Brady from the Brady Bunch. I forgot if it was the Bangles or the Go-Gos but one of the members was on that show and had turned into a dominetrix. Just looked it up and it was Jane Wiedlin
  11. Where did you get the number of $8 million per year? Last year he said he wanted to 'Break the Bank' and did as his contract was $15 million but was highly incentivized so he 'only' got the base of $12 million. I have heard something along the lines of $10 to $11 million but 'hope/expect' less. I think the whole 'scheduling' mix-up is part of the negotiation process. Sorry to break it to you but we ARE a Super Bowl contender with or without Clowney and Clowney made the Pro Bowl every year up to last year when he was injured and he's only 28 and was listed in the top-20 of PFF
  12. Clowney does it all but doesn't get a lot of traps/sacks. He's lost 'some' bend in his edge rush but has developed some counters. He won't ever live up to the expectations but what he can provide is exactly what we need opposite Myles. Stout run-D, ability to drop in coverage, can apply pressure. As noted, Woods has to be salivating on the possibilities of what he can do with him. IF (I'm not counting any 🐔 till the ink dries on the contract) he signs then it doesn't preclude us taking an EDGE in the draft. ------------------------------------- IG: JosinaAnderson@JosinaAnde
  13. Charles Robinson threw out that bone the day before Clowney visit story and others have come forward to say they have heard a buzz so I imagine this was what he was hinting at. Its Clowney so I'm not counting any chickens till I hear contract details and then I hope we didn't over pay for a guy coming off meniscus surgery and who didn't record a single sack in 8 games last year. He's a beast sealing the edge. He 'can' rush the passer in terms of applying heat and bend the EDGE. And he can even drop in coverage so basically he 'can' do everything so long as he's healthy. Woods woul
  14. It goes beyond fantasy as it includes every position so it is also very helpful if you are trying to figure out draft needs for your NFL team or the other teams in your division or those picking ahead of your team.
  15. Mike Clay@MikeClayNFL Check out every team at Clay Projections Mike Clay's 2021 NFL Projection Guide ------------------------------- EVERY TEAM with full projections for the season. Incredibly valuable resource. 🧐 📈 📊
  16. Not a lot but a lil smoke. Chas says we WILL be improved BEFORE the draft. Hmmnn. Charles Robinson Offers Cryptic Foreshadowing of a Browns move before the draft
  17. Valdez Alaska summer of 91 living in a tent in a fish processing camp. Unbelievably hot gf had a black van. She was into country music and the only tape I could listen to was Juice Newton. THIS TUNE was the one. I unabashedly loved this tune and remember gushing to a crowd of fish hippies. 'I can't start the day without my JUICE!' Laughter all around, lol.
  18. Doppelgangers. ----------------------- NFL Update@MySportsUpdate The #Jets and #Dolphins essentially did the same thing: *Fired Gase *Hired defensive minded coach who is loved by players *Trade QB (Darnold/Tannehill) for draft capital *Trade safety (Minkah/Adams) for 1st(s) *Draft QB with top-5 pick. *Have double 1s & double 2s the next year.
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