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  1. 97. Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer - Nat King Cole Just fill your basket full of sandwiches and weenies 🌭
  2. A 'handful' of rookies mentioned as 'biggest standouts' so-far. Interesting article more-so for 2nd year guys who 'may' make a bigger splash this year but one rookie stood out to me. The Biggest Standout of Every NFL Team's 2021 Offseason So Far Buckner takes heat off. Looks like Paye will start as a rookie so he's got a 'chance' to make a lil-noise as a rookie.
  3. 98. Summer Song - Joe Satriani I've got a list but its not in any discernable order yet so that is causing delay in releasing tunes. Love THIS TUNE by Satriani, used to play it a lot as a DJ.
  4. Biko is in two bands and he's gotten numerous plugs on a national show. I would imagine he's got social content that could use some views. He may be the most entertaining contestant ever. Can't say that nail-shank he forged has any use but it got him some air time. Every second he gets on air is priceless promotion. I mean if you have a bar and have the choice of hiring talent wouldn't you choose the guy who would bring in new cliental who would be curious to see Biko? He has the potential to get the most beneficial PR out of his time than any other contestant to date.
  5. My buddy lives in Castle Rock which is right down the road. Fairly new but close to the mountains and a quick commute. No homes that I'm aware of from the 1930s but it is a nice area.
  6. Its officially summer. Time for an all-time list of summer songs. I'm still trying to cull at least 100 songs with summer or the beach or sun that fit the category. Throwing it together at the last minute so expect flaws. 100. One Summer Night - The Diamonds 99. Summertime Summertime - The Jamies 98. Summer Song- Joe Satriani 97. Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer - Nat King Cole
  7. 🎸 If you are going to do pop, do it right. One of the best produced videos of all time IMHO. ------------------------------------ Sounds of the Underground
  8. Brent Sobleski @brentsobleski RT - Mekhi Becton LG - Vera-Tucker C - McGovern RG - Van Roten RT - Moses Now throw the vaunted Shanahan outside zone into the mix and the Jets' run game could be a real problem. Buy low on rookie RB Michael Carter while you can. ---------------------- Jeremy Fowler @JFowlerESPN The #Jets and OT Morgan Moses are making progress on a potential multi-year deal, per source. Nothing done but Jets considered favorite and have made a compelling push to sign the seven-year veteran. Other teams have been involved, too.
  9. Did some digging and it seems that nothing is wrong with DeCastro. -------------------------------------- Melanie Friedlander @Girlsurgeon Lots of panic about Steelers G David DeCastro. The rumor mill is churning. Let's pump the brakes, folks. He didn't have any brace, crutches or visible signs of injury. If he was retiring, he would have let the team know long ago. Tomlin specifically said "no major injuries."
  10. Sigmund Bloom @SigmundBloom Lots of fear about health of David DeCastro in Steelers Nation on this news ----------------------- What is up with DeCastro?
  11. Top five rookies set for stardom from 2021 NFL draft. ------------------------------------------------- LINK to photo of PFF top-five rookies PFF Fantasy Football @PFF_Fantasy Rookies ready for stardom
  12. Yeah, time for a change of thread name EBF. Here's a fun clip from Baldy. ------------------------------------------------------------ Baldy Breakdown Brian Baldinger@BaldyNFL @Browns@NickChubb21 is flat out a SPECIAL player; and behind the β€œUNION” he becomes even more special . Just enjoy these 4 runs and appreciate the variety of skills that make him different. #dawgpound #BaldysBreakdowns
  13. Oh my gawd I'm so jealous. Always wanted to do a back country hike up around the summit of the Tetons. I'm sure the guides have everything covered but I know 'some parts' of those climbs require crampons since some go over ice fields. And he'll definitely be in griz country on that hike. I've camped in the Tetons before in the back country and without any doubt he will be in griz country. Also he is going to be in one of the best places in the lower 48 for night sky viewing if they catch clear skies at night. Even if it weighs a couple of pounds look into camera gear that
  14. Definitely watch and have your son watch if he isn't taking the threat of bears seriously. I hiked this exact same trail shown in the episode with a nephew two years ago. He wasn't taking bear safety serious but after seeing the video he bought a $50 can of bear spray right before we took the hike and had it on him.
  15. Sounds like you are excited for him but also a tad anxious. You haven't mentioned any sort of apprehension over bears. Their is a term called 'bear-anoid' but don't worry. THIS must watch Dateline hardly ever happens.
  16. Two years ago he had Freddie Kitchens as his HC, people don't understand how big of a disaster Kitchens was as a HC. Last year he got injured prior to Stefanski winning COY (a rookie head coach who also called plays w/no OTAs, TC, preseason). Add a team ravaged by COVID adding to remarkable job coaches did last year. OBJ got left out of before everything began clicking and missed out on the playoffs. He doesn't have the weight of unrealistic expectations, the team doesn't have to lean on him. Last year the offensive line went from one of the worst to one of the best and went run-
  17. Pit house 4 feet above the lake level sloping to lake. Late September the water table will be low till spring. Far 'enough' from shore - 'should' be safe from waves. I think she's good. Interested to see how the boat πŸš£β€β™€οΈ drama unfolds. He lives on an island up in AK so he knows how to read a lake, the winds, the jetties/currents. I anticipate a few anxious moments out on the lake but I think that gamble could pay off.
  18. Love the boat and the pit house. The 'tarp' used to build the boat isn't a typical 'tarp'. Its thicker and obviously water proofed and shaped to slide over a frame. I think the boat-guy exchanged his fire starter for that boat frame 'tarp'. I love the boat and had thought someone would eventually figure out the advantages of having a boat. The pit house is a huge advantage once it dips below freezing, that is when fire starter guy could be in trouble but I love the boat. One thing I think that someone will come up with is a pump drill where they will engineer a foot-p
  19. LA@TheRealLA__ All I can say @obj rehab was within the top 2 percentile for ACL surgery process. And that trended to the higher end. Nothing he is doing should come as a surprise, he is a freak of nature physically and rehabbed the injury harder than anyone associated with him as ever seen.
  20. Offensive philosophy. The Ravens pushed in all of the chips to Lamar Jackson two years ago and went with a run-heavy attack. Lamar's best numbers come from 2 and 3 WR sets, with at least 1 TE on the field, highest with 2 TEs. The Bills dealt draft capital for Diggs to build their WRs because they pushed in all chips to go with a pass heavy attack. Allen's best numbers come from 3 and 4 WR sets with 517 pass attempts coming out of 0 and 1 TE sets. Drafting Bateman, currently listed as the 3rd WR on the depth chart, doesn't represent a paradigm shift in offensive philosophy IMH
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