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  1. Jonas Shaffer@jonas_shaffer With Ty'Son Williams out, the Ravens will go with their ~veteran~ RB rotation: Latavius Murray, Devonta Freeman and Le'Veon Bell. The Ravens will have six WRs up: Hollywood Brown, Rashod Bateman, Devin Duvernay, Miles Boykin, James Proche II and Tylan Wallace.
  2. Officially ACTIVATED for Sunday. ---------------------------------------------------- Ravens rookie WR Rashod Bateman activated, will debut Sunday vs. Chargers
  3. He's not active. He's cleared to practice. We have 21 days to declare him active or place him on IR for the year. We have up until 4:00 PM Sunday to activate him IF he is able this week. Have to think they were targeting the Bronco game on Thursday Night but with the Chubbs news.... I dunno...
  4. Actually he's NOT back. He is designated to return within 21 days so... unless we hear that he has been ACTIVATED and we won't know about that until as late as 4:00 PM Sunday when we have to declare him active or inactive.
  5. Yeah, Landry is back. I think this 'could' be a bigger thing than people realize. Not sure how much he can handle but without Chubb Stefanski would love to do a lot of things he has shelved over the past month. Have to think we'll see the Jet Sweep with either OBJ/Landry/or Schwartz and wouldn't surprise me to see a pass attempt with Landry or OBJ. I am sure they would have preferred to ease Jarvis back but with Chubb OUT I have to imagine Stefanski will have a few tricks up his sleeve. And it really seemed like Chief broke out last week and he has simply not been used at the gl. I don't get that. I'm sure Jarvis will get some looks at the gl either in some capacity but without Chubb I'm sure we'd like to open up more gl options so hopefully we'll see more Njoku at the goal line.
  6. Chubb listed OUT for the game. Hunt 'expected' to take over as the #1 RB. He (Chubb) had 15 of his 21 carries in the first half of last week. I remember thinking they were over-using him at halftime. Didn't realize he only had 6 carries the final two quarters. If anyone was trying to figure out a fantasy angle Felton has ZERO rushing attempts on the year. He has been primarily used as a receiver and the average depth of his receptions are under 2 yards. Right now they are saying Hunt is going to start so he 'probably' will. D'Ernest Johnson would 'likely' get any other carries over Felton who hasn't looked good running the ball.
  7. Browns play Sunday and then again four days later Thursday Night against the Broncos. Lots of vets who don't need practice are getting days off this week. Browns DC Joe Woods said he expects all of the DEs on the injury list to play and everyone who was on the list from the secondary to play. I think the most 'interesting' injury list is the Cards having their top pass rusher Chandler Jones OUT for Covid and their top receiver Nuk DNP for an 'undisclosed' illness. Add TE Maxx Williams OUT on IR. The long injury list for Cleveland and the big names OUT and 'potentially' OUT for Arizona 'could' off-set. Tough to figure out.
  8. Wow. Browns injury list is a phone book this week, now the Cards without Chandler and 'possibly' Nuk.
  9. Baker's shoulder 'may' be having THIS effect. I noticed he was really struggling with his accuracy on deep throws and as you can see by the chart he's ranked really low on longer pass attempts.
  10. I've been impressed with moves made. Melvin Ingram in particular and Anthony Miller was one of the bigger 'names' available. Can't find fault with that signing even if it costs a late comp pick. Solid move. One thing that hasn't been talked about is the lack of sacks from Highsmith. Sure he's been hurt but he's played in 4 games and nadda. That is hard to stomach playing opposite TJ considering how he was tear'n-it-up over the last few weeks of 2020. He was getting solid camp-buzz and I really thought he'd take off. Their HAS to be heat coming from the weak-side on a consistent basis for the D to optimally function. I think if the offense wasn't such an issue that this would have gotten more attention. Also heard that Tomlin isn't looking at using a high pick on any rookie going forward next year to replace Ben. He said he WILL go the route of getting a veteran QB. I was thinking A-Rodgers or even Russell/Deshaun but the names others have mentioned are Derek Carr or Jamies Winston or even Nick Foles. Discuss.
  11. She's got electric boots A mohair suit I read it in a magaziiiiine, oh ooh oooh B-B-B....
  12. Steelers WR James Washington in line for expanded role following JuJu Smith-Schuster injury
  13. Help others. Help others. You will never regret it. https://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/careers
  14. One thing I look forward to after a close loss on the road against a quality opponent when we were devastated by injuries and nothing can be gleaned is the even-keeled Brown fan reactions that are NEVER over reactions but good sound quality football analysis. Ahh, takes sip of coffee and revels in the magna opus of refined pure football minds.
  15. Bout time someone gave him a shout-out for his fantastic game Sunday. Urb said this after the game: Wants to rush for over 250 yards a game
  16. He's sooooooo damn good words can't describe so check out this clip. https://twitter.com/Nate_Tice/status/1447712076693053445 He had an odd injury in the game and was held overnight in a LA hospital. The weirdest thing about his 'odd-injury' is that Bengals QB Joe Burrow had the same 'odd-injury' of a throat bruise on the same day and he was also held overnight. Both are reportedly fine but very-strange injury I had never even heard of until Sunday.
  17. They got the shapely bods They got the Steely Dan T-shirt And for the coup-de-gras They're outrageous
  18. MON, OCT 11, 9:47 AM ROTOWIRE.COM Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said Kelce suffered "a little bit of a stinger" during Sunday's 38-20 loss to the Bills, Herbie Teope of The Kansas City Star reports. Spin: The injury happened late enough that the tight end still caught six of 10 targets for 57 yards and a touchdown while playing 87 percent of snaps. Kelce hasn't missed a game due to injury since his 2013 rookie campaign, but it does sound like he'll be listed on the injury report for Week 6 at Washington along with Clyde Edwards-Helaire (knee) and Tyreek Hill (knee). Only Edwards-Helaire made a clear exit from the game.
  19. Dan Fouts and Brian Sipe channeling game of the week from 1980
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