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  1. Hey Soul,

    I have to head out and won't be around to make the next four picks.

    If you are back then jump in.  We still haven't taken a QB and  Cardale and Kevin Hogan are available.  I didn't address RB and there are still a few 'decent' ones available like Jonathan Williams from Arkansas.  I didn't take a LB and the kid named Joe Shobert from Wisconsin looks decent but its your call if you get this and can make the picks, otherwise I think Mass Raider will plug in names.

    1. Bracie Smathers

      Bracie Smathers

      I'm OUT all of this morning and late into the afternoon/early evening so I won't be able to make picks today so check in if you can but I have ZERO net capabilities till early this evening so I won't be checking in at all.

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