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  1. Hey Soul,

    I have to head out and won't be around to make the next four picks.

    If you are back then jump in.  We still haven't taken a QB and  Cardale and Kevin Hogan are available.  I didn't address RB and there are still a few 'decent' ones available like Jonathan Williams from Arkansas.  I didn't take a LB and the kid named Joe Shobert from Wisconsin looks decent but its your call if you get this and can make the picks, otherwise I think Mass Raider will plug in names.

    1. Soulfly3


      Im checking in and out but not reliable at all. have meeting set in an hour and then likely drinks w the "clan". If Im around Ill make some picks

    2. Bracie Smathers

      Bracie Smathers

      I'm OUT all of this morning and late into the afternoon/early evening so I won't be able to make picks today so check in if you can but I have ZERO net capabilities till early this evening so I won't be checking in at all.

  2. Hello Workhorse,

    Your son is dealing with something that is metaphysical. META greek word simply means BEYOND. META-physical simply means BEYOND-physical and that is what your son is confronting.

    You are concerned and want help. One bit of advice. DO NOT MEDICATE HIM unless you know exactly what he IS dealing with.

    Message me if you want direction to a pla...

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