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  1. 41. Joe Jackson - Chinatown One of my nephews used to live in LA's Chinatown and I'd see him and sing 'Chinatown Chinatown' and he'd look at me puzzled and I'd say 'You know, Joe Jackson' which would make him look even more puzzled. I eventually pointed him in the direction of this tune and he finally got it, lol.
  2. I don't even think DB is a priority at this point. PFF take on Browns secondary With the addition of Newsome to a secondary that already boasts Greedy Williams, John Johnson III, Troy Hill and Grant Delpit, Cleveland may challenge Denver for the title of best coverage unit in the NFL next year. ---------------------------- They didn't even mention CB Denzel Ward in the run-down of riches listed above.
  3. As others said we aren't bringing 9 rookies to the team so move up for Greg Newsome and others said move-up for JOC in the 1st round. I'm not opposed to moving-up but talent will get pushed down and we can dish later picks rather than burning a 3rd round pick to move up for a guy that we can get cheaper. I'd much prefer to push extra picks into next year or use them and let players compete than burn picks to move-up when patience should allow talent to fall to us without burning picks.
  4. And you guys kicked but with the Penei Sewell pick.
  5. Ya know, many people figured/wanted us to move-up for CB Greg Newsome and he fell right into our lap. I'm not against moving up but ya know, lets wait. Lots of teams needing O-Linemen. A RB or two should/will go off the board, a TE will/should go off the board, and probably a QB or two. All positions we don't need so that will push down talent. I am confident that we can wait and get another good/great value if we're patient.
  6. Lindley had that 'high' falsetto but I had no idea he was the backing vocal on Load Out/Stay which is one of my all-time favorite live tracks. Also love Darkness Darkness and had no clue he had worked with the Youngbloods. Figured he had kicked around as a studio musician and I have one more track from El Rayo-X on the list. The album is very good.
  7. Not a bad pick. The Steelers O-Line will suck. Next 9 picks 0 O-Linemen taken. Right before they selected the 5th of 5 1st round O-Linemen were selected. If they took one for need they would have been reaching. Vikes were in need of O-Linemen so if they anything the Steelers 'can' be dinged for not moving up IF they had a 1st round grade on OT Christian Darrisaw.
  8. Lets just get this out there and not sugar coat it. Absurd pick for a 1-15 team to take a RB in the first round. They own the 33rd pick so they will get a great value but a 1st round RB? The reason Robinson blew up is because the Jags took Leonard Fournette with the 4th pick of the 2017 draft and didn't resign him. Lesson NOT-learned. I can see Pittsburgh taking Najee since they are a 11-5 playoff team in dire need of a RB and don't have a 1,000 yard rusher on the team but Jacksonville? You don't build a team from the RB position. Come on, this was a terrible TERRIBLE pick because of the position before considering need.
  9. 42. David Lindley - She Took Off My Romeos Probably many have not heard of this artist but he was HUGE at my radio station. Everyone played him and I choose this as my pet song, I loved this tune.
  10. I really like the trade-up and pick of QB Justin Fields for Chicago.
  11. Andrew Brandt video His thoughts on Aaron Rodgers. Don't expect any movement this year.
  12. 43. The Who - Don't Let Go Of The Coat Love The Who 1981 Face Dances era as they were the first BIG concert I ever went to. Folsom Field in Boulder Colorado. John Cougar Mellencamp opened to boos, then Jethro Tull came on to massive cheers before the Goodyear Blip sailed over to showers of fire works and Townshend's patented high arm twist and Daltry throwing the microphone about twenty five feet into the air and deftly catching it like he'd done numerous times before, smile. Awesome concert. Under rated and great tune here.
  13. Selected editing to insinuate you had 5 bar mitzvahs for the cheap joke. Good thing you didn't have 5 Brit milahs. Ooof 🚑
  14. Doesn't mean teams are not looking to trade-up in this draft. Makes sense for teams to move-up if they only have so-many draftable grades given out this year, they would want to move-up to land one of those players. So many opted-out or had shortened seasons so not as much film but 'some' players had more tape. Their have already been 4 trades involving first round picks next year, six picks have been traded for this year's draft so their have already been a fair amount dealt.
  15. Pete Thamel @PeteThamel How will tonight go? According to a source in the thicket of the top of the draft: "There are so many teams trying to trade up right now. I think you're going to see a record amount of trades."
  16. 44. Jefferson Starship - Find Your Way Back Grace was back after a three year absence. Not sure if she's the one on the cover in black leather but if sexy was the intent, I don't think it succeeded. Woof
  17. 45. The Pretenders - Cuban Slide Light hearted romp into a Bo Diddly beat by a very-tight band at its peak. James Honeyman-Scott shreds, stacks, and burns on this tune.
  18. 46. Joe Jackson - Cancer Joe tapped into the zeitgeist of the time when it seemed like weekly reports were coming out of things that were causing cancer. Odd we don't seem to get those weekly media reports any longer. Almost like the media is controlled to keep fear mongering till the ridiculous dire warning loose effect, lol. Love this tune.
  19. Back to MJ's tune. Supposed to be about the media feeding on him. He was quoted before the song came out saying. "They eat off you, you're a vegetable." And Michael is over looked for what he contributed musically. He is credited with creating a unique sound mix called 'bathroom stomping' where he combined multiple drum machines and synthesizers. Think Phil Spector's 'Wall Of Sound'. Then their was a bit of controversy over the chorus since Michael stole the 'Mama se mama sah ma mah moo sah' from Mana Dibango's 1972 song Funky Soul Makossa. They reached an out of court settlement.
  20. Gawd I hope that didn't reach Billboard top-100. Maybe top 1,000,000, maybe, lol.
  21. They're talented Doc. Currently ranked 11th best roster in the NFL. LINK Lowest ranked QB offsets a very talented roster. They 'could' improve if a QB falls or if they move-up.
  22. Jimmy Donovan with former Browns FO and current NFL draft talking head Daniel Jeremiah. LINK Great listen. Jimmy and Daniel know and knew each other since Daniel was with the Browns. Jimmy gives him #### for the terrible draft Jeremiah 'helped' with, lol. Remember LB Beau Bell? After ribbing each other they go cover the overall draft leading up to talking Browns pick. Go to the 6:00 minute mark to hear what DJ says, pretty interesting. He talks 'moving out/down' Jimmy counters by discussing CB and DJ didn't realize how big a need CB was which I found very interesting. Gives an insight as to why national pundits who don't know the team focus on LB so highly as a need for the Browns without really understanding but at the same time DJ does make a valid point for moving down which many following the club seem to overlook. Also a name to file away, the CB from Georgia who is reported to be rising. Lots of good info in this clip.
  23. 47. Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Starting Something I think I can safely say the line: You're a vegetable ... Has only been used in this song in the entire history of top-100 songs. Pretty sure but haven't gone through em all.
  24. 48. Joe Jackson - A Slow Song One of many tunes from Night And Day that populate this list.
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