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  1. I agree that it kicked off a renaissance of big band swing bands. Those bands are still going strong. Here is a uber ridiculous fantastic version of Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen that will blow your doors off. Its one of my all-time favorite songs EVA. I had to leave off a tune from Van Halen that would fit in this genre. Big Bad  Bill I used to play this tune but couldn't play anything from Jumpin' Jive because it didn't fit our format.
  2. So he was told that an NFL team moved-up to the #3 spot in the draft and has still not made up their mind as to what they will do with that pick? If anyone actually believes that ...
  3. 78. Joe Jackson - Jumpin' Jive (entire album) Talk about musical range, dexterity, and knowledge. Anyone who has heard Jumpin' Jive knows you cannot break out individual tunes as pretty much every tune is awesome. Joe had to beg his record company to put this out because they knew it wouldn't sell but Joe put a fresh and vivacious spin on classic tunes that fits any era. If you have not heard this album do yourself a favor and listen to the whole thing.
  4. 79. U2 - I Fall Down / I Will Follow This was 'very early' in the career of U2 with a two-fer of tunes that many not be familiar with. They were not polished as evidenced by hysterical photos shown on the Graham Norton talk show. Go to the 11:20 mark of THIS VIDEO Hysterical look aside both early tunes are really good.
  5. 80. Marshall Crenshaw - Cynical Girl / Mary Anne The next three will be multiples. I used to play Crenshaw back in my DJ days and like both of these stripped down raw 50 sounding tunes.
  6. Some things he's done that seem/sound so simple have well timed/placed Swiss watch craftsmanship.
  7. Not sure if anyone has stumbled upon this guy but he has a great Browns pod and a few hours ago had Jake Burns on who is someone everyone should know. Not a hot take, pretty well reasoned. Jake has some very 'tempered expectations on both Grant Delpit and Greedy Williams who he says could be on the bubble. Go to the 16:30 mark for his take on Greedy. LINK
  8. 81. Paul McCartney - Take It Away Calling @Krista to do a write up. All I got is I like this tune and actually miss Linda's backup vocals.
  9. 82. Ronnie Milsap - I Wouldn't Have Missed It For The World Another cross over country tune that takes me back to the time as a teenager in high school working as a bus boy with the juke box playing a sound track for the early 80s.
  10. Moots Custom made for you and your needs. I hadn't checked on prices, lol. Way above the price range but pretty cool to check out these guys. Used to go there back in the 80s when they were just getting started. Guess the word has gotten out since the cost for a custom made bike is what you'd expect to pay for top quality.
  11. 83. Prince - Little Red Corvette It was five years ago today that Prince passed away so this was moved far up the list to honor his day.🙏 Actually yesterday was the anniversary of Price's passing.
  12. 84. Glenn Frey - The One You Love Sax was over used during the 80s but great use/fit/hook on this tune.
  13. Wasn't really interested in the prospect but saw some things not mentioned in the thread. ================================ https://www.palmbeachpost.com/story/sports/nfl/2021/04/15/penn-states-micah-parsons-has-past-make-nfl-teams-pause/7221446002/ ... suspended and accused of trying to incite a riot. ... teammate Isaiah Humphries accused him of leading a hazing incident that triggered a lawsuit against the university. ================================= The 'hazing' incident consisted of Micah telling Humphries that 'this' (the locker room) was a prison and he was
  14. I used to live with a girl from New Zealand so its all coming together on why I LOVE this song so much. She must have played it and it went over my head but Split Enz are/were a NZ group and in this song one of the lines is: Aotearoa Rugged individual Glisten like a pearl At the bottom of the world Aotearoa is the native Māori name for New Zealand. The Māori were some of the most fearsome indigenous people on the planet. The NZ ruby team is world renown for being the all-time best and they begin every match with their famous haka (forgot to add that the haka was a
  15. 85. Split Enz - 6 Months in a Leaky Boat Have to confess a pleasant surprise, I had no idea Split Enz did this tune. I really like this song.
  16. 86. Terri Gibbs - Somebody's Knockn' Time for some country. I must have heard this song on the jukebox where I worked as a teenager in high school. I've got a handful of cross over country tunes and I really like this one. One of two sightless artists to make the list.
  17. I've kept the same rules to include everything because I go second after the top-100 are gone. Also noted in this list I make one exception and include an artist from September of 80 and I'll explain that one when we get to it.
  18. 87. ELO - The Way Life's Meant To Be I've loved ELO since New World's Record. My brother bought a top of the line Marantz stereo with excellent headphones and ELO was the best possible record to listen. Nice little under rated tune here.
  19. The single was released in 83 but it came from the album The Distance which was released in December, 1982. LINK - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Distance_(Bob_Seger_album)
  20. 88. Don Felder - Heavy Metal This song is a test to see if people really came from the 1980s. Me and my buddies caught the midnight debut of the animated R movie and it was pretty cool at the time. This tune got a decent amount of air play in the 80s so it should be familiar.
  21. Center has always been a huge staple of any Steeler offense and it makes a lot of sense to me as far as building for the future. Phillips was a name attached to the Browns earlier but not so much lately. Great measurables but as you noted the concussion history where he quit due to concussions is something to cause hesitation. I didn't notice much EDGE pass rush, he funneled his best stuff inside and he bit hard on play action so he wasn't great sealing the edge in the run game. That is just what I noticed. Farley is a guy who may drop for meds. Could be a bargain in th
  22. So do you guys have a clear-cut favorite name or position that you want or think the team will take? For the other AFC North teams I would have to imagine the Bengals take the OT to protect their franchise who got beat up and landed on IR last year. I 'think' the Steelers would go O-Line but keep hearing RB, EDGE/LB, CB. The most discussed positions for the Browns are CB and EDGE. Ravens 'probably' leaning EDGE. The only team I am 'fairly' sure of is the Bengals going with the OT to protect JB but Browns are not leaking a thing and the Steeler fans seem as unsure as
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