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  1. Just giving a shout out to the 'cool' thread title. Slim Reaper
  2. Best political speech was by Tyler Perry accepting the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian award. THIS was unbarred the single best thing of the night. Tons and tons and tons of respect and attention to Perry's message. Respect to the best Academy speech in decades.
  3. 59. John Lennon - Beautiful Darling Boy Best of the unfiltered sentimental aspect of Lennon. Wonderful...
  4. I was 19 so if I hadn't made the Traffic connection then ofcourse I hadn't made or wasn't even aware of Blind Faith at that time. I did make a mixed tape a few years later and remember I had Can't Find My Way Home mixed with Low Spark and a few other Traffic tunes along with some tunes from Arc of a Diver so I did put some things together before my gig as a disk jockey. I had a ton of friends who were really into music and they all had great record collections so I had a lot of mentors.
  5. I honestly have no clue what we will do this year. Saw this tweet that Smith shared. Marc Sessler tweet mock pick
  6. 60. Michael Jackson - Thriller I can't tell you how much I loved American Werewolf In London, the only horror movie I love. John Landis would probably have gone stratospheric if not for the horrific accident making The Twilight Zone. MJ contacted Landis after seeing the movie to produce the most expensive music video in history, basically a mini-movie. Its been years since I have seen this and its still good. I mean its Michael Jackson, its Thriller.
  7. 61. Donald Fagen - IGY / Ruby Baby The Nightfly is another incredible album from the early 80s that everyone should know.
  8. Have heard this name and us trading up for him from the net. Nothing being leaked from the team or any connected sources. Haven't looked into him and I am completely baffled and have no idea what to expect. Just throwing this out there since I did hear 'something' recently with this name. MMQB mock Browns trade up
  9. 63. The Police - Invisible Sun The TROUBLES. In the early 80s war torn Northern Ireland was rife with hate. "And their only gonna change this place, by killing everybody in the human race." The video was banned on MTV
  10. May be the most deserving award and speech in decades. Per fashion. I haven't read the whole thread but no one has said a word about Luara Dern shooting and skinning two Bjork's to make that 'dress'?
  11. Impressive since Wikkid spaces out his predictions, once every 5 years. He started with the 22nd Academy Awards.
  12. 64. Stevie Wonder - Did I Hear You Say You Love Me You know when people say Stevie Wonder is a musical genius? Listen to Hotter Than July and you'll come to the conclusion... He is.
  13. 65. John Lennon - Watching the Wheels / Starting Over John started writing Watching the Wheels back in 1977 with an original title of Emotional Wreck. The song went through different iterations over the next few years till he put it down on track at the Hit Factory. It was released posthumously a few months after his death. Just Like Starting Over is ranked 62rd on the list of the top-100 songs of all time. Released on the day Mark David Chapman shot Lennon.
  14. Well, THAT was MY interpretation of Winwood back in 81 when I was 19. So I hadn't heard of him as a teenager other than Arc of a Diver. I had heard Traffic but hadn't made many musical connections at that time and I completely forgive my 19 year old self because I got up to speed over the next few years and I think we all know the joy of making musical connections over time.
  15. 66. Michael Stanley Band - He Can't Love You Like I Love You I said their would be an exception and I would explain when I got the song. Michael Stanley was THEE single biggest thing in NE Ohio when I was in high school and was generously played on the big radio station WMMS The Home Of The Buzzard who played local groups like Alex Bevan and basically built the buzz behind MSB. EDIT: to add one of the best versions of Skinny Little Boy From Cleveland Ohio by Alex Bevan I made an exception because MSB was huge, it only missed by a month, and Michael Stanley passed as I was making my list. He's deserving and such an integral part of the early 80s for me that I couldn't leave him off and have one more tune from him later.
  16. Yeah, no strong convictions at all with this draft and I bumped a previous mock because typically at this time of the year the pool is crawling with mocks so I was glad to see someone step up.
  17. 67. Steve Winwood - Night Train / Second Hand Woman When I first heard Steve Winwood in the early 80s I thought he was a brand new artist. MTV showed a few vids so I saw his fresh face then I was told he was the lead singer of the Spencer Davis Group and I thought no way but it turns out he was only 16 at that time. I saw Winwood and Robert Cray at Fiddler's Green. We got there late and Cray seemed to turn and sing right at us and the crowd turned back. It was pretty cool since I had always wanted to see Winwood and I loved Cray. Arc of a Diver is an exceptional album IMHO.
  18. 68. James Taylor - Her Town Too Written by JD. Souther and James Taylor. JD and Linda Ronstat were breaking up and James and Carly Simon were heading towards divorce so its been speculated that lines like. "She gets the house and the garden He gets the boys in the band." JD has refused to say who the song is about and Taylor has deflected saying the song was about his manager's wife as they were recently divorced. EDIT: Forgot to add this is obvious pandering to timshochet
  19. 69. Loverboy - Turn Me Loose It seemed like this song was always playing in the background anytime we went out to a club looking for girls. Great into to this song that starts with the synthesizer to bass before the guitar. They had more success than I thought but that name. They saw a magazine with the name Covergirl and changed it to Coverboy which transformed into Loverboy.
  20. 70. The Police - Canary in a Coal Mine My nephew turned 40 recently but back when he was three we would sing Canary in a Coal Mine together. Cool uncle memory, lol.
  21. WIKI LINK released October 31, 1980 I state in the first thread that I encompass both 82 and 81 but will go back to October of 80. Also I specially noted I make one exception going back to September of 80 and will explain when I get to that group.
  22. Mac Jones in the first would make some Browns fans day but I don't think its happening either.
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